Architectural Heels Are Walking Art This Spring

Fashion is art. Coperni creating a dress from a liquid spray can, brands making statements using their clothing, and even outfits changing colors mid-way down the red carpet — fashion is full of artistic expression. As times change, so does the fashion world. Fashion month proved that more than ever, people are practicing escapism in how they dress, wearing pieces that seem surreal. Many of us live not knowing what will happen from one day to the next, and are using fashion to escape this feeling.

One of the unique wardrobe items people are using to express their feelings is architectural heels. These heels aren't just your everyday pumps but instead heels with flare. From unique shapes to seemingly impossible designs, we are seeing it all this season. The biggest names in fashion, such as Kylie Jenner, have already been seen in unique heels and we don't expect the trend to die down anytime soon. If you are looking to try out the architectural heel trend yourself this season, we have curated six heel styles that will help you get the look.

Logomania heels

The logo doesn't stop with cloth during this season's logomania. Top designers are actually creating heels out of their brand's logo. Saint Laurent is known for their iconic "YSL" logo being the heel of some of Opyum sandals, where new to the scene are the Ferragamo Elina sandals that feature the brand's iconic Gancini as the heel.

Unique heel shapes

A straight pump no longer cuts it in the heel world, so many designers are switching to more unique heel shapes. Amina Muaddi is a 2023 winner of the Neiman Marcus Award for Innovation due to her namesake shoe brand "balancing impressive sales with the importance of innovation, authenticity, and brand longevity," according to CEO Geoffery van Raemdonck in an interview with Forbes. The brand's heels are a standout because of their unique pyramid shapes, proving that a cool heel is truly making all the difference this season.

Real-life objects

We will never forget Twitter's reaction to Loewe's egg heels last spring season, but fear not, there are more real-life objects being used as heels this season. Loewe is currently featuring heels that are shaped like birthday candles, nail polish bottles, and soap. They are not the only ones hopping on the trend, with up-and-coming designer Brandon Blackwood also launching shoes with heels that look like miniature taxi cabs.

Ballsy heels

Stacked round balls, similar to the shape of a snowman, are making an appearance as heels this season. First popularized by Cult Gaia, other brands are now following in their footsteps creating their own versions of ball heels. These sculptural heels are a great way to take your spring outfit to new heights.

Gravity-defying heels

Have you ever wanted to defy gravity? Now you can at least look like you are with architectural heels. These heels feature no true heel at all, but instead the curve of a traditional pair of high-heels along with a flat bottom that extends beyond the toes. This leaves the illusion of an invisible heel. The Rene sandal created by the artistic designers at Cult Gaia is the perfect example of how shoes can be an art form.

Curved heels

Curves in traditional wedges are creating buzz in the shoe world. While similar to the gravity-defying look, it differs in the fact that there is a noticeable heel, but instead of going straight down the back of the shoe, it curves inwards. Tom Ford is a master at creating these shoes, as their wedge sandals have recently become a hit in the fashion scene.