Treadmill Strut: The Viral TikTok Workout You Need To Know

In a world full of new-fangled exercise equipment, the treadmill may feel a little bit basic. However, innovative new technology and emerging trends make it clear that running in place isn't going anywhere ... literally. In 2020, consumers flocked to the treadmill as a way to complete easy, at-home workouts. By the end of the year, its market share was valued at over $3 million, and things are only expected to grow. 


The COVID-19 pandemic wasn't the only factor helping this exercise oldie to have a resurgence. The "workout routine" hashtag on TikTok has garnered nearly six billion views, with influencers and everyday users alike sharing their favorite ways to get some movement in. The treadmill wasn't left out of the equation, with the 12-3-30 workout method informing TikTok users how to build muscle and get the ultimate burn. Another creator sought to craft routines that were simple, customizable, and entirely empowering. 

Thus, the "treadmill strut" was born ... and people of all fitness levels, with all different music tastes, are getting their groove on. 

TikTok user Allie Bennett created the viral trend

In early 2022, TikTok user Allie Bennett began sharing her "treadmill strut" workouts. The instantly viral exercises are surprisingly simple: Bennett shares a playlist (typically ranging from 30-45 minutes of songs) that encourages listeners to get up and strut their stuff. The songs increase in tempo as you listen, prompting participants to slowly increase their strutting speed and keep in time. The final three songs of each playlist include two running anthems and one cool-down jam. 


Her first strut video, which gained over half a million likes, was set to some of Taylor Swift's top hits. But the struts aren't just a fun excuse to listen to your favorite songs. Experts say that they really work. 

In a conversation with Everyday Health, personal trainer Ramona Braganza said, "It follows the principles of warming up, walking to a slower-paced song, and then increasing the pace gradually." In this way, the workouts are highly customizable and ensure that those who are new to exercise don't push themselves too hard, too fast. While Bennett provides recommended speeds in her TikTok tutorials, she notes that these can always be tweaked depending on the lengths of your legs. The final running songs, she assures, can be swapped out for a fast walk.


Followers and celebrities have fallen in love

Allie Bennett's TikTok account, @benntheredonethat, has gained over half a million followers. While she creates day-to-day lifestyle content, her immense explosion in popularity can be largely attributed to her status as the "CEO of the treadmill strut" (as her bio puts it). Bennett's Spotify profile, where she shares the strut playlists, has a following of over 130,000. 


Clearly, Bennett has struck a chord with those looking for a fun way to exercise. Her influence has expanded far beyond TikTok, with many singing her praises on other social platforms like Twitter. "Once again," one user tweeted, "I owe the treadmill strut playlist girl my LIFE." 

Even celebrities have joined in on the fun. TikTok went wild when Lizzo shared a video of herself trying out Bennett's strut to her music. In her caption, she reiterated the treadmill strut's mission of making exercise fun and accessible for everyone. "I started at a 2.5 ... then jogged at a 3.6," Lizzo wrote, noting her deviation from Bennett's speed. "Not everyone's journey is the same but we all can STRUT LIKE A BADDIE HEAUX." 


The strut has gained widespread media attention

While the treadmill strut TikTok trend has inspired many spin-offs (including one by the official Whitney Houston account!), it has also gained attention in more mainstream places. Although Allie Bennett does not work in partnership with Spotify beyond using the platform to host her playlists, the music streaming service picked up on the trend and began curating its own "treadmill strut" music recommendations. Notably, Bennett has expressed frustration at Spotify's failure to credit or compensate her for the idea, especially as many of her fans have told her they invested in the service for the sole purpose of listening to her playlists. 


Fortunately, some outlets are still keeping Bennett's work in the spotlight. The creator was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest about the routine, and outlets like Parade picked up on the popularity as well. 

Of course, even as the workout spreads, Bennett is committed to clarifying exactly why it exists. In a video recapping her "surreal" 2022, she shared that the routine was featured on the "Today Show" ... but the segment kind of missed the point.

The trend is about confidence, not calories

In discussing her interview and subsequent feature on the "Today Show," Allie Bennett made it clear that the hosts got one key detail wrong. She noted that, while the hosts discussed a treadmill strut's ability to burn calories, that's "exactly the opposite of why [she] made them." Indeed, in "Today's" write-up of the interview, they included a quote from Bennett which expressed her true intentions. "It's a workout without any 'burn X amount of calories' or 'get yourself bikini ready' sort of messaging," she said. "I think fitness should just be about finding a form of movement you enjoy and look forward to, not about the way you look." 


Throughout all of her content, Bennett continues to spread this encouraging messaging that's been missing from many parts of the platform's fitness community. Above all, Bennett and her treadmill struts remind us that exercise does not need to be exhausting, intimidating, or a chore. As she puts it best: "Forget about the numbers and move whatever makes you happy and sip your silly little drink and get those silly little endorphins." We'll cheers our silly little drinks to that.