Which Hair Texture Types Should Avoid A Medium Wolf Cut?

You may have noticed a hair style that pays homage to some of the boldest styles of the '70s and '80s coming around for another trend trip. The wolf cut is an edgy look that combines a bit of the shag from the 1970s and a dash of the mullet of the 1980s. It has become popular with 20-somethings and mega stars; Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Miley Cyrus have embraced this rock and roll look, and TikTok and Instagram are relishing in the different variations of the new wolf cut.


This hair style is for the bold and the adventurous, and it is not for those who do not want the attention that comes from the style. No matter your hair length or your face shape, you're more than likely to find a type of wolf cut that will give you that wow factor when you walk in the room. Because it is a style that relies on heavy layering, there are some hair textures that are better than others when considering a medium wolf cut.

Texture matters

A medium wolf cut is all about the layers. From bangs to short layers in the front to longer layers in the back, the way a wolf cut sits on the head is completely dependent upon the thickness and texture of the hair of the person rocking this look. While almost any type of hair can make this cut work, this hybrid style looks best if you have thick, naturally curly hair. The layers will make the curls stand out in a marvelous way. In addition, if your hair is thick and even a little coarse, the wolf cut works well because thick hair gives natural volume to the multi-length layers.


The type of hair that doesn't work as well with a medium wolf cut is very thin and fine hair. Hair lacking volume will need a lot more product and styling to create that type of texture at home. Even if you do style your fine hair, it may have a hard time holding up to the events of your day, eventually falling flat. In addition, thinner hair can frizz more easily in this style. Although a person can work very hard to keep up a wolf cut, the best type of hair for this trend is thick and curly.

How to style it

If you'd like to give a wolf cut a try on your thin hair no matter what you've heard, there are ways you can style it at home to create that volume you've always desired. For those with thinner hair, Viviscal recommends purchasing a thickening shampoo and conditioner. After you wash your hair, work a brush from the roots to the ends and round it through as you blow dry. This will allow for your hair to gain volume and appear thick. Finally, style your medium wolf cut by using volumizing products. Volumizing powder will do wonders for your style, and it will make your fine hair look like the perfect texture for this cut.


Anyone can rock a wolf cut, but those with fine hair should be aware that it will take work to keep the style going strong all day. If you're willing to invest in some good hair products and some time for styling, you can enjoy this bold and edgy look.