You Should Never Wear A Brand-New Outfit On A First Date. Here's Why

Nothing feels more exciting than when the cutie you've been crushing on for weeks finally asks you out on a date, or when they say "yes" after you finally gather the courage to ask them out. First, you probably tell all your friends the good news. Then, you and your upcoming date start planning, figuring out where the date will take place, what day works best for each of you, what time the date will be that day — or night, and whether you'll be meeting up somewhere or carpooling. But once you think you have all the details covered, an age-old question pops into your mind, filling you with stress and nervousness: what should you wear?

We all know that there are some mistakes to avoid on a first date, such as oversharing, looking at your phone too often, lying, and setting your expectations too high. But oddly enough, there's one more mistake that many people often make without realizing it's not a good idea until too late: buying and wearing a new outfit.

You might not be comfortable

Of course, purchasing and wearing a new outfit for your first date with a potential love interest isn't one of the worst mistakes you can make. But it's still not the best idea. The primary reason why you shouldn't do this is comfort. When you first buy new clothing or footwear, you typically need to break those pieces in and let them get used to the shape of your body, especially if the clothes/shoes are fitted pieces or heels. 

So, it's better to wear something you know you'll be comfortable in so you won't have to awkwardly squirm in your seat while sipping on your coffee or trying to enjoy your ice cream. Even worse, imagine how embarrassing it would be if your new jeans or leggings ripped while taking a walk or bouldering with your date! All in all, you should spend your date focusing on getting to know your crush, not constantly running to the bathroom to make sure your new outfit looks right.

This rule is crucial for a casual first date, as showing up to a low-key setting overdressed might make your date feel uncomfortable. "If it's a casual first date, I'm not looking for the girl to, like, go crazy coming up with a killer outfit. Casual means casual ... I might feel a bit weird if the girl's out-of-control put together," Sam, a 27-year-old, told Elite Daily. In other words, being extra will likely backfire.

You don't know how or where the date will go

Real-life first dates aren't typically like the dramatic one-on-one first dates on "The Bachelor," where the potential "couple" goes on an extensively planned-out expensive, elaborate adventure that typically ends in fireworks or a private concert. In real life, genuine dating is often more spontaneous; even if you and your date have a plan, that plan could always change depending on how the day or night goes. So, you should save the new outfit and wear something you'll be comfortable in for various settings — just in case. 

For example, let's say you and your crush are having a great time on your dinner date, and you both don't want the night to end yet, so you and your date decide to go out to a nightclub after the restaurant. Far too often at nightclubs, people spill their drinks while dancing — and no one wants a drink to get spilled all over a brand-new outfit.

Moreover, maybe you and your date are having a lot of fun, feel super comfortable around each other, and have electric physical chemistry. So, you both decide to take the date to the bedroom. When you're going to have some sexy time with anyone for the first time, you should feel as comfortable as possible, and you're likely to feel more comfortable wearing something you're already familiar with than something brand-new that you haven't taken on and off much yet, if you know what we mean.