Tips For Styling A Coatigan, The Warmest And Coziest Item In Your Wardrobe

Have you ever struggled in the fall or spring with deciding between wearing a cardigan or a coat over your outfit? What if you didn't have to choose? Enter the coatigan, a cozy combination of a soft cardigan and a warm coat. This innovative piece of fashion is literally the best of both worlds. It's structured enough to dress up for more formal events and slouchy enough to dress down for your secret convenience store run — warm enough to wear as a coat and comfy enough to wear around the house.

If you've been unsure about jumping on the coatigan bandwagon, now is the time to make your move. As spring begins to spring, the back-and-forth, in-between weather continues across a large portion of the United States. Here are a few inspiring coatigan looks to give you the motivation you need to take the plunge and embrace this new outerwear staple. 

Little black dress

Are you attending one of those events where it's difficult to gauge how formal your attire should be? We all know a little black dress passes nearly every dress code, but adding a coatigan is the perfect way to include a touch of softness to keep your outfit from going over the top.

Sweater and ripped skinny jeans

Meeting the girls for coffee or brunch? Throw a coatigan over your typical sweater and jeans to add an extra layer of visual interest without the bulk of a full coat. As a bonus, you'll definitely be warm enough to sip your mimosas out on the patio.

Posh boyfriend jeans and plain white tee

If you were a fan of a classic white tee with well-worn jeans and an open flannel shirt back in the '90s, we've got an upgrade for you. Simply swap the flannel for a coatigan in a shade of light tan, taupe, or gray and add a pair of crisp white sneakers, and you're an instant modern classic.  

Casual jeans and hoodie

In the same way that a coatigan can tone down a look that's at risk of being slightly too formal, it can elevate a super casual look. Throw one on over your hoodie and jeans next time you're running errands, and note the extra pep in your step.

Pop of color

Has your wardrobe been accused of containing nothing but 50 shades of gray? A coatigan creates the perfect opportunity for adding a bright pop of color that can be added and removed as you wish — without requiring you to change your outfit. Coordinate the color of your coatigan with a piece of jewelry or a hair accessory to look extra put together. 

Shades of cream

If you'd prefer to stick with a monotone (or monotone-adjacent) aesthetic, consider mixing bright whites, creams, and beiges for a light, bright, and clean look. A warm, cozy cream coatigan can soften the harshness of the bright whites underneath and create a more glowing and inviting vibe. 

Comfy mixed neutrals

In case you haven't heard, fashion rules have gone out the window, and it's now perfectly acceptable to wear brown with any color you want. This includes combining it with other neutrals, including black, navy, and gray. Try adding a brown coatigan next time you throw on your dark leggings and tee shirt or hoodie for a look that's elevated but still just as comfortable.