The Bullet Bob May Be The Trick To Getting Androgynous, Low-Maintenance Hair

Bobs have always been a classic style. When you take the step to chop your hair, a bob is always an option that most people have in the back of their minds. According to E! News, the style originated in the 1890s, debuting with the French actor Polaire. While it didn't have a positive reception at the time, by the 1920s many women have chopped off their hair as an act of style and rebellion.

Since then, there have been so many variations of the stylish bob, from a short pixie bob to lob haircuts for the perfect in-between length. However recently there has been a new trend known as the bullet bob. Hairdresser, Ian Harrold described the bullet bob to HJ Magazine as the perfect gender-neutral haircut that is cut short on the side and longer in the back. He goes on to explain it is the perfect hybrid between the normal bob haircut and the mullet, which NYFW revealed will be the hair trend that will own in spring 2023.

The haircut is for everyone

The bullet bob is one of the few haircuts anyone can do. The look is made to suit any face shape, due to its flattering layers and tousled look. This look is also not limited to hair texture. Whether your locks are straight or curly, it is easy to cut your hair to get the coveted look.

How to get the look at home

For those who want to get the style, it is a lot easier than you think. Bullet bobs require two layers to give the texture we all desire. Hairstylist Emma Simmons of Salon54 explained to HJ magazine that it's best to cut your hair into a blunt cut all the way around. From there, she recommends using a razor to create layers in the front to enhance texture and create the coveted look.

What to tell the salon

If you don't trust yourself with scissors, the best move is to make your way to the salon. Tom Smith, hairstylist, and Evo creative director explained to Pop Sugar that the best way to ask for this look is to request a choppy layered bob. From there, have your stylist add a shorter piece around the cheekbones to contour your face.

Use the right products

While this is an easy style to have, the products you use are key. Simmons explained that after washing this style, the best thing to do is let it air dry with texturizing products. This gives the hair the coveted tousled look we are all aiming for. From there, take a curling wand and curl loose ends to finish the look before heading out.

Maintenance is key

When it comes to bullet bobs this might be as easy as it comes. Once you have the right products it is pretty simple to maintain. However, this still requires basic-level maintenance to get the best results. This means going to the salon every 6 weeks to keep the bob from growing out past its signature shoulder length.