The Dark Planet Pluto Can Tell Us A Lot About Our Subconscious In Astrology

While scientists debate how Pluto should be categorized, whether as a planet or as a dwarf planet as NASA classifies it, Pluto remains a strong force in astrological birth charts. Perhaps because it's so elusive and the farthest away from Earth, Pluto has a deep effect on our subconscious identities and has a lot to tell us about ourselves if we sit still long enough to listen. Small but very mighty, Pluto is ready and willing to unleash devastation within our inner worlds, though such destruction can bring with it rebirth and underlying positive intentions for our lives. The New York Post compares Pluto to Professor Severus Snape in the "Harry Potter" series, who is a seemingly sinful character with protective intentions that are ultimately revealed beneath his surface appearance of a wicked demeanor.

Just how every generation is defined by its shared cultural phenomena, industrial and technological innovations, and social values, each generation is also defined by Pluto's placement. This is because Pluto, being so far from Earth and even further from the sun, takes a protracted journey to make its way through the stars and constellations. Since 2008, the tiny-yet-intense planet has been enjoying its time in Capricorn, but on March 23, 2023, it is expected to make its way into Aquarius. Yahoo News reports that this one-in-a-generation shift Pluto is about to make will shake things up in an unprecedented way. Here's what Pluto can tell us about our deepest subconscious.

Pluto gifts transformation and rebirth

For another "Harry Potter" reference, Pluto is frequently referenced as creating change akin to the awe-inspiring, mesmerizing phoenix rising from the ashes. Astrology Zone shares that Pluto captivates your life with transformation that can direct your energy and innermost desires, thus providing you with the experiences that will reveal the person you're meant to become. Pluto's complete cycle through the zodiac takes approximately 246 years, meaning that it's on track with the birth of the United States in 1776. More importantly, Pluto's transition through the zodiac can take between roughly one and three decades, therefore the sign in which Pluto was in at the time of your birth has a longstanding effect on who you become as you grow up.

If you feel like you're on the brink of massive change in your life, such as a career change; embracing a new relationship or ending a long-term friendship; beginning a fresh start in a new city; or mourning the loss of a loved one, then Pluto is probably exerting its energy into your subconscious and driving your courage to endure the transformation successfully, even if it feels excruciatingly difficult in the moment. Since Pluto's placement in the zodiac is identical for your generation, shared experiences cause significant change amongst your peers as a collective, per Cafe Astrology. The deep questions about society, life, and values your generation grapples with are likely driven by the destructive-yet-transformative Pluto, as are the ways your generation changes the world.

Accept Pluto's transformative energy

Pluto holds decades, if not centuries, of energy before it comes back around and affects a sign in your birth chart. Sometimes called the dark planet, Pluto has energy that is received as you perceive it, equivalent to being in the eye of the beholder. If you believe Pluto's energy to be dark and its transformation negative, then you're likely to focus on the pessimism of change. However, if you're open to Pluto's powerful forces and willing to make yourself vulnerable in receiving tumultuous transformation, then you can see firsthand the lessons this spunky planet can teach us, says LiveAbout. When Pluto's forces touch your life, you'll be challenged to let go of your psychological ego, otherwise described as your conscious. The journey through destruction isn't necessarily iniquitous, which is important to remind yourself of as you experience Pluto's intense teachings about your inner and subconscious identities. Framing and mindset are everything when experiencing Pluto's transformative powers. With patience and courage to invite change and transformation into your life, you'll be amazed at the person Pluto can help you become.

The secrets you hold, like your dream career path or things you only share in therapy, are the very target of Pluto's intentions, per YourTango. Pluto encourages you to listen to your inner voice and embrace the person you wish to be. Sometimes, Pluto reveals secrets so deep within your subconscious, you don't even realize they exist.

Navigating Pluto's destruction and transformation

The secrets revealed from deep inside your heart and mind by little ol' Pluto can provoke wide ranges of emotions in the process, so caring for yourself should be a top priority. Examples of emotional, intimate change stemming from Pluto's destructive and transformative energy include the loss of a job that opens doors to pursue the career you've always wanted to chase, realizing you aren't happy in your current relationship and taking a leap of faith in ending the relationship, or taking an even greater leap by moving to a new city for a completely fresh start. The destruction Pluto creates may help you resolve longstanding, deeply rooted feelings about a family member that have gone unresolved for years, and transformation could come in the form of accepting that you'll never receive an apology or resolution and deciding to move forward so you can enjoy living your best life.

Mindfulness is a great tool to use during times of intense change and transformation. Calm advises refraining from resisting the change in your life, which is the first lesson Pluto places in front of you. Replacing resisting with validating your feelings and experiences will allow you to positively lean into the transformation. Pluto may appear nefarious, but is actually supportive and wants for you to embrace your courage, resilience, bravery, and vulnerability as you navigate the endings and rebirths happening in your life. Pluto encourages reaching deep into our hearts while simultaneously practicing self-love.