The '3 Things' Routine Can Help You Get In The Right Mindset Before Bed

From beauty hacks to wellness tips, TikTok trends are known to take users by storm, and for good reason. The well of knowledge on this app truly runs deep. Sometimes these recommended lifestyle changes require spendy trips to the spa or an abundance of spare time, but occasionally an incredibly simple suggestion can make all the difference in your day and that's what seems to be happening with this soothing, wholesome advice. Enter: the "3 Things" bedtime routine from user @bad_art_everyday which encourages a peaceful mindset before going to sleep.


It may seem obvious at first glance that implementing a few new, healthy habits before bed would improve the quality of your sleep – and ultimately your overall well-being — but sometimes we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we need a healthy routine spelled out for us in an easy, digestible way. Here's what the "3 Things" routine entails.

A task for your future self

You may have heard the buzz phrase "future self" around the wellness community in the past couple of years. Essentially, taking care of your future self means planning ahead and setting the stage for yourself tomorrow, in order to align and be the most prepared that you can be. This can look super simple. Perhaps you have a difficult time finding clothes that boost your confidence in the rush of the morning and tend to wear reiterations of the same outfit, hastily thrown on. Instead, try laying out your clothes the night before, iron anything that may need attention, and take your time styling an outfit you'll enjoy wearing.


Or maybe you've been spending too much on lunch and have been meaning to pack yourself one instead. Take some time during your nightly routine to prepare a lunch for your future self. The idea here is to lighten the load in the morning and slowly make shifts in your life that'll have a bigger impact over time. You may already be prepping for your morning the night before, but try adding any tasks that'll make your future self feel a little extra special.

Connection and play

This one shouldn't feel like a chore — but it's possible that it could for those who have a tricky time slowing down. Connecting with your loved ones in the evening through play or a shared hobby is what this step is all about. Card games, living room yoga sessions, family walks, baking cookies together, making art, craft projects, video games, or even cozying up on the couch to chat with some warm tea.


Whatever fills your cup and engages you and your partner, children, or housemates is what we're after here. Facetiming a friend to check in and catch up totally counts too. It can be tempting to slump into the couch and zone out on social media at the end of a long day, but resist the urge! Even thirty minutes of connection and play will change the energy of the house in subtle, but noticeable ways. And it will certainly lead to an improved mindset before bed.

Rest and revive

Once you've prepped for the morning and taken the time to connect with those you care about, it's time to recuperate. This could look like a hot bath, some cozy pajamas, and a few chapters of a novel in bed or binging your favorite show with your partner on the couch under a fuzzy blanket. It's likely you already do some version of this each night, but doing so with a little more intention and setting the stage for some true, deep rest is the goal. Avoiding sugar and caffeine within a couple of hours of bedtime will also help your body prepare for a good night of sleep and optimize your dedicated rest time beforehand (via Healthline).


Using this time to do a guided sleep meditation in a comfortable position is recommended to put any anxious thought patterns at bay and truly sink into a deep relaxation. Spotify has plenty of options for easing into the nighttime hours with mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation.

Ways to go from routine to ritual

You may have found that the "3 Things" bedtime routine solidifies a lot of what you already do at night and reinforces some positive habits that may fall to the wayside after a particularly stressful day. But, if you're feeling like you need a little more sparkle to romanticize your nightly duties, here's how to take it up a notch. As soon as the sun goes down, try dimming all the lights in your home — or even lighting a few candles for ambiance. If you have bright white light bulbs in your house, consider replacing them with softer, amber lights. This will help your body register that bedtime is approaching.


If you have an aromatherapy diffuser, put in a few drops of lavender or cedarwood essential oils to encourage the sleepytime vibes (via Healthline). Fresh, clean sheets or a new set of pajamas can also add a luxurious element of calm to your nighttime ritual that may have been lacking in the past.

Additional tips for a positive mindset at bedtime

Since the "3 Things" routine is all about getting in the right mindset before bed, let's take a closer look at a few of the ways you can nourish some positive thought patterns before you slumber. Repeating a mantra once you shut off the lights and settle in for sleep can keep you on track and weed out any anxious ideas that try to worm their way into the mind. It could be something like "I am deeply relaxed and safe," or "I will wake up revitalized in the morning."


Doing a body scan in your mind's eye, focusing on each part of your body — from your toes to the top of your head — feeling heavier and heavier, as you drift to sleep can be really beneficial (via Healthline). As you begin to nod off, visualizing your hopes and dreams as having happened in reality is another uplifting trick to keep the mind focused on the positive.