Clogs Are The Quirky Shoe Trend Sticking Around For Spring 2023

2023 is all about the rebirth of past trends, and clogs have been making a comeback in a big way. The Dutch wooden shoe became popular in the '70s, especially when the megastar pop group ABBA embraced the style, making clogs favorites of both men and women. Since then, clogs made a resurgence in the 1990s and were worn with everything from grunge wear to babydoll dresses.

Because of their popularity, designers took the original functional design and made clogs fashionable. High fashion labels such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton put their spins on the wooden-soled shoe. Clogs soon became a fashion statement and a comfortable alternative to heels. With a variety of styles, it's easy to choose a pair that suits your style. Get fancy with embellished clogs or laid back with simple slip-ons. Whichever you choose, a pair of clogs will totally revamp your spring 2023 wardrobe.

Color block with your clogs

Step into spring with a pair of pretty pastel pink clogs. You can let the shoes be the star of your outfit and combine them with an all-neutral outfit, or you can have some fun and hop on the color-blocking trend. Pink contrasts nicely with neon green, or you can stick with the '80s theme with an electric blue hue.

Wear your clogs with ankle socks

Clogs are known for their bulky look, but you can opt for a slimmer, more feminine silhouette. Pair your clogs with ankle socks in a retro pattern. Not only will it spruce up your shoes, but it will also keep your feet from hurting. Wooden soles have no give, so a little extra cushion will have your soles thanking you.

Dress down casual Friday with clogs

Clogs can be a great addition to your casual office wear. They're not as dressy as loafers or pumps, but they're definitely more work-friendly than open-toed sandals. Make sure you keep the pattern simple and opt for a leather or suede finish — faux if you're vegan. A pair of black slacks and a neutral sweater will have you comfy yet professional.

Get down with checkered clogs

Go for a retro 1970s look with a fun black and white checkered pattern for your clogs. Since the pattern is so bold, keep your pants simple with a pair of wide-legged jeans, or go full out with bell bottoms. Add a brown suede jacket with some fringe for the perfect Spring outfit.

Clogs can be an elegant addition to your spring wardrobe

Clogs were once one of the most controversial shoes for fashionistas, who turned their noses up at their utilitarian look. However, over the years, designers have created versions that are elegant and stylish. Buckle and grommet accents add flair to an otherwise casual pair, which can either be dressed up or down. Pair your clogs with jeans and a simple button-down shirt or a floral maxi for a special occasion.

Platform clogs with chunky heels are a modern take on this old style

One of the best things about clogs is how easy they are to slip on, especially if you're in a hurry to run out the door. Have fun with a modern silhouette. Chunky platform shoes are all the rage for 2023. Dress up your shoes with a skirt and a light sweater in the same color family for a soft neutral Springtime look.

Ankle straps help stabilize clogs with high heels

Clogs with heels are a great way to add some height without having to teeter on stilettos. However, if you're worried about rolling your ankles, choose a pair with straps for extra security. A platform sole will add inches while also creating more stability. Fashionable and functional is a win in our book.