Satin Typically Trends In Fall, But We're Rocking It Early

Satin is one of those timeless fabrics that will never go out of style. Clothing made in the material typically trends in the fall and winter, as satin looks particularly great in black and rich dark jewel tones. However, this year, we encourage you to incorporate satin pieces into your wardrobe every season.

Satin is famous for its shiny finish and soft feel, which makes it an excellent choice for almost any clothing item. Of course, the satin slip dress is perhaps the most famous piece of clothing made in this material, but if that isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other pieces to consider. Keep in mind that satin, which was initially made to resemble silk, should also be hand-washed and air-dried. Of course, always check the label for specific instructions, as some pieces might be okay with a cold cycle in your washing machine. If you take proper care of your satin pieces, they can last for years to come.

A satin button-up can be dressed up or down

If you have no satin clothing in your closet and you want to get some, we recommend investing in a slightly oversized satin button-up shirt in any color you like. A piece like this is highly versatile as it can be worn on its own or over tank tops and dresses.

Black satin pants are a closet staple

A pair of black pants looks so much more expensive and glamorous when it is made in satin. A clothing piece like this can be paired with pretty much any top you already have in your closet — a casual graphic tee for running errands or a dainty lace top for a night out.

A white satin skirt is perfect for spring

Since summer is pretty much right around the corner, a fun piece to rock this season is a white satin skirt. Trust us, once you realize how comfortable a satin skirt feels on your skin on warm summer days, you will find yourself wearing a lightweight and breezy piece like this all the time.

A satin slip dress works for plenty of occasions

Obviously, we had to include a satin slip dress — the ultimate satin clothing item when it comes to popularity. A satin dress hugs you in all the right places, and since it has that shiny finish, it perfectly accentuates your figure. Pair it with some heels and a cute clutch, and you're ready to conquer the night.

Brightly colored satin pants are comfy and bold

Even though black satin pants are a gorgeous piece to own, those who already have black pants should opt for satin ones in a fun and bright color. If you pick a jewel tone like green, red, or purple, you'll be able to easily rock them during colder weather as well.

Satin boots are a showstopper

An unexpected way to add satin to your wardrobe is to get a pair of satin boots. Yes, those exist, and they look fabulous. A pair of satin boots will dress up any outfit, and if they are in a bright color, they will instantly run you into a showstopper.

A satin blazer is unexpected and cool

Blazers are not a clothing item we typically see made in satin, which is why a piece like this is very unique. If you're someone who loves a monochromatic black outfit, a satin blazer is a must-have. After all, a classic black blazer is great, but one made from satin adds so much more texture to an all-black look.

A black maxi satin skirt is a timeless piece

Satin can often look a bit too soft and girly, especially if it's a piece made in a lighter color. Dark satin is much easier to incorporate into different fashion styles, and a satin maxi skirt like this looks super edgy when paired with chunky boots and a leather bag.

A rose gold satin bag adds softness to any outfit

Satin bags are currently having a major moment as they are bringing back that 2000s nostalgia. A pink bag like this will dress up any outfit, and the best part about it is that you can probably find an original one from the 2000s at your local thrift shop.

A satin kimono is boho-chic

If you love boho fashion, a satin kimono should be right up your alley. A piece like this works with any outfit, and it's the perfect thing to throw over your shoulders on breezy summer nights. While a black kimono is timeless, we encourage you to go for a bright color or even a bold pattern, as those are way more fun.

A satin bodysuit hugs you in all the right places

Even though satin pieces look amazing when they're oversized and loose, as the fabric has beautiful movement, a skintight satin piece is a perfect way to add some spice to a basic outfit. This brings us to the satin bodysuit — a clothing item that will always look stunning. You go for a classic tank top-like cut or look for a satin bodysuit with a built-in bra.

A glamorous satin dress is perfect for a fancy occasion

Since satin fabric looks amazing when light hits it, it's perfect for any formal events such as proms, weddings, and fancy parties. A rich, red satin maxi dress with a thigh-high slit will definitely make you the spotlight of any event. To ensure you're letting it shine, keep the rest of your look rather simple.

A satin bralette is great for a summer vacation

A satin bralette is a perfect piece to rock during your summer vacation when your skin is slightly tan and your hair is still a bit damp. Whether it's a satin piece meant to be worn as clothes or a satin lingerie top, summer vacation is the time when you can get away with minimal clothing.

A satin scrunchie is not only cute but also healthy for your hair

If you're looking for a satin accessory, you should absolutely get a scrunchie. In fact, if you have long hair, this is the only type of hair tie you should wear as it helps keep your lock healthy. Satin won't cause any friction, which is why a scrunchie like this won't break your hair as much as others would. Apart from looking cute, a scrunchie like this is also something your can wear to bed.

A satin top + skirt combo is perfect for warmer weather

Rocking one satin clothing item is great, but rocking two at the same time is even better. If you already love wearing satin, consider pairing two pieces together. A funky patterned maxi skirt and a top in a bold color are always the right choice no matter the season.

A black satin miniskirt can be worn year-round

Miniskirts are popular for a reason; they are cute, immediately make you look dressed up, and show off your legs. A satin miniskirt in black is a great piece to add to your collection if you love wearing them. Even though it is an amazing piece to rock on bare legs, it looks super chic when worn over dark tights on colder days.

Satin pants don't have to be wide

When we think of satin pants, most of us think of flowy and wide designs. However, if you prefer skinny or straight cuts, that doesn't mean you can't explore satin pants. A pair of black satin pants will elevate any outfit, and while you will look stunning, you will feel as comfortable as if you were wearing pajamas.

Satin gloves are an easy way to explore this trend

A fun satin clothing item for the quirky gals, lads, and non-binary folks is a pair of retro-looking satin gloves. And before you scroll further, hear us out. Gloves like these can look a bit costumey, but there's no denying that they add a bit of pizzazz to modern fashion looks. They work just as well with a black bodycon dress as they do with an edgy tank top and a pair of jeans.

A satin wrap tie top is sultry and chic

Satin is the perfect material for a wrap top that ties either in the front or the back. And if you haven't explored wrap tie tops yet, what are you waiting for? They are so easy to pair, look super flattering, and can be worn in a bunch of different ways.

A satin midi skirt is perfect for transitional weather

Anyone who loves wearing skirts knows just how magical and easy to throw on midi skirts are. They provide the comfort of a maxi skirt, but they also allow you to show off your shoes — and they are definitely no tripping hazard. A black satin midi skirt with a fun slit can be edgy, sexy, or casual depending on what you pair it with.

A satin bomber jacket is light and fun

Bomber jackets were a huge hit in the '80s pun scene, and in the early 2000s, they had a renaissance, though they were in fun colors and shiny fabrics this time. Since fashion tends to return every 20 or so years, it's safe to say that bomber jackets are coming back, and those made from satin are the perfect spring and summer jackets.

Satin doesn't have to be boring

A lot of satin clothing pieces tend to be in a solid color, as that usually allows the satin finish to be most visible. However, those who prefer patterns can absolutely rock satin pieces. In fact, the shiny finish tends to compliment any pattern, almost bringing it to life.

A satin vest adds a touch of luxury

Sometimes you need that bit of extra warmth, but putting on a sweater is too much. When that happens, vests are a perfect choice, and apart from giving you that additional thin layer, they are also ultra-stylish. A satin vest in a fun color easily elevates a classic white button-up, making you look like a true fashionista.

Satin shorts are so underrated

Even though satin pieces usually look glamorous and sensual, the fabric is also often used for comfy clothes. A pair of satin shorts will keep you breezy and cool all summer long, and while it looks sporty with a bikini top and sneakers, pair it with a lace bodysuit and heels to be ready to hit the dancefloor.

A satin scarf channels old-school glamour

A classic satin accessory that anyone who loves fashion should own is a scarf. Whether you rock it on your head like an Old Hollywood diva (the oversized sunglasses are obviously a must) or you tie it around your neck to add a pop of color to your outfit, a scarf like this will take your look to the next level.

A hot pink satin mini dress is perfect for summer

Satin and hot pink are a match made in heaven, and with Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" coming out this summer, it's safe to say that this shade of pink and sensual fabrics will be all the rage. A mini dress like the one above is bound to be the "it" dress of the summer!

A satin coat is perfect for every fit

Satin definitely isn't the fabric we immediately think of when it comes to trench coats, but oh, boy, do they look incredible in a satin finish. Whether they are earthy beige, chocolate brown, or midnight black, a shiny trench coat is the epitome of elegance.

A satin corset top is giving Bridgerton vibes

Since satin is sexy, it's the perfect material for a corset top. However, a black one is a tad bit too predictable, but a pastel pink one, on the other hand, is soft and perfect for spring. And if you love the whole "Bridgerton" fashion craze, this piece is perfect for you.

A satin skirt and top set is an easy thing to put on and look fab

Dressing in satin from head to toe is the easiest if you get an already matching set. And the best part about getting a satin set is that while it looks incredible when you wear both pieces together, you can also rock them separately, which means the combinations are endless.

A satin pajama set can be rocked outside too

When it comes to loungewear, satin pajamas have been popular for decades. However, in the 2010s, pajama-like satin sets became a trend, and, no, they weren't worn only to bed. Regardless of whether a satin set is meant for sleep or is actually made to be worn outside if you like it wear it wherever you want. So, yes, a cute satin pajama set looks incredible with fancy heels and a cute purse.