Tips For Making The Most Out Of Sparse Eyelashes

Imagine yourself without eyelashes: those eyelids closing without flair, and having to come up with pick-up lines because you can't simply bat your eyelashes anymore, yes, life would be tough. In addition to giving you flair and a convenient dating life, your eyelashes do so much more.


Biologically, they were designed to protect your eyes from dust and other particles, but in today's society, they are an indication of feminine beauty and wealth (that's right, eyelash implants are going to cost you the big bucks).

Eyelashes that are full and luscious have become almost a requirement for the perfect eye makeup. So if you are finding yourself overwhelmed by all the beauty gurus telling you that your eyelashes aren't long enough, we are here to help you. From home remedies to implants, we've got all the tips and tricks the beauty industry has to offer when it comes to saving sparse eyelashes.

What causes sparse eyelashes?

Like with many things about ourselves, the reason for your sparse eyelashes could be your genetics. Genetics determine the volume, color, thickness, and even the length of your eyelashes.

Aging definitely ranks first when it comes to causes of hair loss, and that's not just from your head. With age you'll find that you no longer have the same vibrant eyelashes you had when you were 20, this is due to something called cellular senescence and it is perfectly normal.


Genetics and aging are natural causes for thinning eyelashes, so you have nothing to worry about. However, in some cases sparse eyelashes are an indication of an underlying medical condition, so if there are drastic changes in your eyelashes, we recommend discussing it with a healthcare provider.

Sparse eyelashes can also be caused by the makeup products you use, not always taking off your makeup before bed and manhandling those delicate lashes. These habits are total no-no's if you want to get those thick, voluminous lashes.

Home remedies for lash growth

If you are on a budget or you prefer going natural, or if you're just overwhelmed by all the products out there, you're in luck, because home remedies allow you to economize without compromise.

Massaging your eyelids with oil goes a long way. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, or castor oil. Castor oil is the most reputed and recommended for lash growth, but olive oil and coconut oil are close substitutes.


You can apply the oils using a cotton bud. Dab the bud with the oil of your choice and apply to the lashes using the cotton bud as you would a mascara wand.

Green tea is another easy and cost-effective home remedy to sort out sparse eyelashes. Rich in antioxidants, green tea induces hair growth, helping you grow out your lashes in all their glory. However, if you really don't like the taste of green tea, you can still use it externally. Dip the green tea bags in warm water and let them steep for a few minutes. Gently squeeze to remove excess water, then place the tea bag, now also a hot compress, on your eyelids.

Serums for sparse lashes

Serums are a hassle-free, relatively cheap, permanent solution for sparse eyelashes. But there are just so many of them out there, so how do we pick the best one?

In an interview with Forbes, Dr. Fatima Fahs, a Michigan-based board-certified dermatologist, advises us to look at specific ingredients: "If you're looking specifically for a growth-inducing serum, check the ingredient list for bimatoprost, isopropyl cloprostenate or some other prostaglandin analog — a group of fatty acid compounds that extend the phase of hair growth."


Latisse, which is FDA-approved, is the most common lash serum in use today. Be it over-the-counter serums or prescribed serums, it is important to look out for side effects such as itching, burning sensations, or any other discomfort when using serums.

If serums are your choice, then you need to commit to it. It will take some time for you to see a difference (about 8 weeks) so it's important to be consistent.

Makeup can be a quick and easy solution

Going out? Need those long, luscious lashes instantly? With these steps you can achieve the perfect eyelashes that'll have everyone thinking they are falsies. Coat your eyelashes with Vaseline petroleum jelly, the OG moisturizer. You can use your fingertips or a mascara wand for this. Before applying the petroleum jelly, make sure your lashes are damp. The jelly will trap this moisture and your eyelashes won't dry out.


Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. This will give you lifted eyelashes. Then, apply your mascara. We recommend not using waterproof mascara as they tend to dry out your lashes. When applying your mascara make sure there are no clumps by doing a back-and-forth or zig-zag motion with your brush. You can apply up to three layers of mascara and if you really want that extra volume, apply baby powder in between layers.

Makeup is a temporary solution to sparse eyelashes but master the technique and you have a cost-effective and fairly quick solution in your arsenal.

Extensions for sparse eyelashes

If having to go through the above makeup routine every day seems like a lot of work, and you're looking for a more permanent solution, then, extensions are the way to go. This solution, however, is on the expensive side and requires maintenance and some self-discipline.


Getting your eyelash extensions done by a professional is a must since it is a long process, as individual lashes are attached to each natural lash. So, asking your quasi-professional friend to do it is a risk you shouldn't take. When your natural lashes are in the phase of falling out so will your extensions, during this period cultivate the self-discipline not to pull the lashes out, and avoid touching them as much as possible. Your extensions will last for about 2 months, and for those two months, you'll be rocking a pair of customized eyelashes, because when it comes to extensions you can pick everything from length to the curl of the eyelashes.

Implants for a long-term fix

If you really want to commit to full and voluminous lashes, implants will do the trick. Getting eyelash implants will mean you never have to worry about mascara or pasting falsies. Lash implants, though popular among the rich and famous, is not the go-to solution for sparse eyelashes. It is definitely a more permanent solution to the problem but also a very expensive one.


The procedure is performed by a surgeon, and it involves taking hair from a different site of the body and surgically attaching it to your lashes. Implants will allow you to have longer, natural eyelashes, however, there is a risk of an unsuccessful surgery. Plus, there is the burden of post-surgery maintenance and post-surgery complications such as infections and bleeding.

If you are deciding to get implants, it's important to weigh the pros and cons, interview a medical professional on the subject, and to do your research.

Taking care of your eyelashes can go a long way

Yes, there are so many serums you can apply, so many different makeup tutorials you can follow to convert your eyelashes from looking thin and dull to full and luscious, but there are also so many things we can do internally.


To start with, a healthy diet will make a significant change in your appearance, and this includes your eyelashes. Try to incorporate eggs, and other proteins such as salmon, nuts, fruits, and vegetables into your diet.

Taking care of your lashes should be the most important task in your lash journey. Remember to always remove makeup before going to bed and to be gentle with your lashes. After you get your extensions, remember to not get them wet for 24 hours and to avoid steam.

These small actions go a long way and will help you achieve thick, long, and healthy eyelashes effortlessly. The ultimate trick is to take care of them.