TikTok's Latest Blush Hack Promotes A Plumper Makeup Look

Beauty trends are full of contradictions, and blush is no exception. While buccal fat removal and chiseled cheekbones have been getting a hefty dose of attention lately, full cheeks are also having a big moment, especially on TikTok.

Plump, hydrated cheeks are flattering for a few reasons. A fuller face evokes youth, particularly when paired with glowing, hydrated skin. The extra blush also brightens your complexion and makes you look healthier and well-rested. Plus, giving yourself pink, sparkly cheeks indulges in some childish fun.

While TikTok has plenty of blush tips to offer, the latest viral blush trend diverges from the typical cream blush and highlighter to create unique and long-lasting rosy cheeks. The trend is called "dewy dumplings" — and no, this makeup hack doesn't end with you eating a savory treat. The dewy dumplings blush method only takes a few minutes and gives you cheeks that look as plump and fresh as the trend's namesake.

The dewy dumpling hack

The dewy dumplings blush hack has all the elements you want from a good TikTok beauty trend: It's quick, cheap, and easy to pull off. The method was introduced by professional makeup artist Nam Vo, whose TikTok on the subject caught the attention of several other beauty content creators.

This makeup tip requires three products: red lipstick, liquid concealer, and petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline). In her viral video, Vo starts by applying a line of lipstick to her cheeks. She then follows with a bit of liquid concealer and a dab of petroleum jelly. Next, she vigorously blends it out with a synthetic brush, using a mix of sweeping and circular motions. The end result is bright, ultra-shiny cheeks.

Vo's dewy dumplings method is quite clever in that it essentially has you mix your own cream blush using the pigment from the lipstick, the creamy texture of the concealer, and the glow of petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly is also amazing for keeping your makeup in place, guaranteeing you a rosy glow all day long.

How to make dewy dumplings work for you

Dewy dumplings is an easy makeup trend to try out, but there are a few pitfalls to look out for. Firstly, petroleum jelly isn't great for everyone's skin. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, the petroleum jelly could clog your pores and cause breakouts. To prevent this, clean and prep your skin before applying petroleum jelly. You can also swap out the petroleum jelly for a gel moisturizer, although you probably won't get as glowy a look as the original dewy dumplings method.

You should also avoid putting foundation on your cheeks if you plan on using the dewy dumplings hack. As Vo advises in a comment on her video, it's best to leave your cheeks bare before starting your dewy dumplings, since all the blending will rub off any makeup you already have on.

The only other concern with the dewy dumplings method is blush placement. Unlike other blush techniques, the placement of the red lipstick is slightly less crucial since you'll be blending it out so aggressively. You can always apply blush based on your face shape, but when in doubt, focus on the highest part of your cheekbone.

As the dewy dumplings hack proves, you don't need advanced techniques to get gorgeous, plump cheeks — with some simple products and a blending brush, you can have perfect blush every day.