The First Solar Eclipse Of 2023 Is Fast Approaching And Bringing Life Changing Chaos With It

Solar eclipses come with an air of powerful intensity, and the first one of 2023 is no exception. The light of the sun will be blocked by the moon as the sun, moon, and Earth align on April 20 at 12:12 a.m. ET, resulting in a solar eclipse. Amping up the already commanding energy of this solar eclipse is a fiery new moon in Aries, so we had best brace ourselves for a big rebirth, as eclipse energy typically marks the beginning of a fresh cycle full of new opportunities and challenges.


According to Cafe Astrology, while we can all expect to feel the tumultuous shift of this cosmic event, those with personal planets in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will feel it the most, as will the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Here's what to keep in mind with the fast-approaching chaos of April's solar eclipse.

This solar eclipse encourages self-sufficiency and authentic expression

The intense Aries energy of this solar eclipse invites us to reclaim the power we may have placed in the hands of others through blame or external validation (via Cafe Astrology). Aries embodies bold self-expression — sans the mask. You are being called to show up as your authentic self and reap the benefits with the energy of this cosmic happening. If you have Aries placements in your birth chart, expect an emphasis on your identity to surface. You may also feel inspired to look at romance from a new angle, too. Similarly, those with Libra placements will feel their closest relationships rising to a new level of intimacy.


The new moon in Aries during this solar eclipse is all about the assertive reinvention of the self. So if you've been hanging back in hibernation throughout the winter, the spring eclipse is the perfect time to come out of your cocoon and initiate that new creative project or make way for the personal goals that were placed to the side. Your efforts will only be amplified with this energy, and while it may feel a bit overwhelming to switch gears like this, the benefits will be well worth it.

We'll be challenged to resist impulse

In true Aries fashion, we may feel a surge of confidence and the all-encompassing urge to take action and to take it now. But, there is a but here. Exercising caution and weighing our options is key. The solar eclipse energy might be chaotic, but if harnessed properly, it could propel our manifestations into reality fairly quickly. Remembering to consider others' hearts before we leap could save us a lot of regret and confusion (via Cafe Astrology). Those with Cancer placements can expect a pat on the back for applying these lessons in the areas of work and career. They may even be called into leadership.


The energy of this eclipse has the potential to shine a light on flaws and mishaps, which could trigger the urge to hastily make big life changes. Rather than giving into feelings of anxiety around these situations, if we can surrender to the ever-flowing change of life and be comfortable with its mystery, we could level up profoundly. Those with Capricorn placements are called to nurture their emotional well-being during this chaotic time and zoom out to see the bigger picture. All in all, April's solar eclipse should be nothing short of transformational.