Here's How To Make A Money Bowl To Manifest Wealth And Abundance

If you've been dialing in on your manifestations this spring and feel called to bring in some abundance and prosperity, doing so with a concrete ritual could really amplify your power. Sometimes we need a physical symbol to keep us tethered to what we're aiming to create in life and a money bowl is the perfect way to do just that. Making a money bowl or prosperity bowl is incredibly simple and can typically be accomplished with household items.

Perhaps you're saving up for a vacation or would like to bring in more clients to help your small business prosper. Or maybe you would simply like to pay all your bills with ease. Whatever the case may be, nurturing our relationship with wealth and abundance is a healthy practice and this ritual can also be a lot of fun. Here's a closer look at how exactly to make a money bowl to manifest wealth and abundance.

Gather your supplies

Before you begin to gather your supplies, take a moment to envision your manifestation. If you're manifesting a certain number in your bank account, focus on that with gratitude while you make your money bowl. Hold your vision with clarity in your mind's eye throughout the whole process.

In order to create a money bowl, you'll need a small bowl — green or gold are best as those are the colors symbolic of wealth and abundance. If you don't have green or gold, clear will be just fine. Next, you'll need a few items from the kitchen. Rice is symbolic of good fortune and will act as your base. Bay leaf, mint, basil, and a few cinnamon sticks are also representative of abundance, so gather some of each from your spice cabinet.

A few coins, citrine crystals, a green candle, and some incense or sage are next on your list. Once you've collected everything you'll need for your money bowl, you can begin to fill it. Keep your intention in the forefront of your mind as you create your abundance bowl. Pour in the rice and herbs and then place your crystals, coins, and candle on top. Cleanse the bowl with your sage or incense — again, while focusing on your vision.

Mantras and meditation

Light your candle and write down your clear manifestations. Be sure to write in the present tense, as though what you desire has already arrived. Place the writing in your money bowl and repeat the manifestation, while focusing on the flame of the candle. Botanical H2o recommends adding the angel number 888 to your money bowl by engraving it into the candle to magnify your manifestations.

According to Green Witch Living, the back left corner of the house is the prosperity corner in feng shui and this is the optimal spot for your money bowl. Keep it there for as long as you see fit, nourishing it with intentions and even additional crystals and trinkets every couple of days. Once your intention has manifested in your physical reality, you can take apart your money bowl, and when you're ready to call in a new desire, build it up again, making whatever changes or tweaks feel right for your purposes.