The Hurtful Reason Scorpio Is One Of The Most Powerful Zodiac Signs

Mysterious. Intriguing. Intimidating. Brave. Scary. Sexy. What do all these words have in common? They all describe the Scorpio zodiac sign. With birthdays from October 23 to November 21, people belonging to this water sign have quite an intense reputation. Some people assume Scorpios are violent; others believe all people belonging to this sign are freaks in the sheets, and others just think Scorpios are hot as hell but would be too scared to talk to them. Along with the Gemini sign, people often dislike Scorpios without genuinely getting to know them. But unlike with Geminis, much of that hate toward Scorpios comes from fear, as Scorpios are famously powerful and hard to read.

One TikToker with the username @i.amaziza posted a video where she leaned into her Scorpio intensity by listing actions she never wants to do as a Scorpio, including repeating what she's already said or forgetting anything from the past. And some of the most fascinating, dangerous, and influential people throughout history boast a Scorpio sun sign, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Charles Manson, and Frank Ocean. So why are Scorpios so powerful?

Scorpios stop at nothing to get their way

We know that Scorpio isn't the only sign known for being super determined — yup, we're looking at you, Capricorn. But Scorpio's desire to get their way is more intense than mere determination. People belonging to the Scorpio sign can become dangerously obsessive. TikTok user @gptwa_ posted a video on some scary Scorpio traits, not only explaining that Scorpio is one of the zodiac signs most likely to seek revenge, but that they also have a tendency to obsess — which can include unhealthy behavior, such as stalking. Plus, the TikTok user talked about how people belonging to this sign can get very bossy, which anyone should know before getting into a relationship (of any kind) with a Scorpio.

As ridiculous as this might sound to people who don't have Scorpio placements, you can expect a Scorpio to stay up all night scheming up a plan to achieve their current desires, even if people get hurt. A Scorpio "will go to the depths of the underworld to see their vision come alive," Lumi Pelinku, a transformation life coach, told Well + Good. So if you have something a Scorpio wants, there's no way to sugarcoat this: You should be scared. They're coming to get it, no matter what it takes.

They're aggressive and can be manipulative

Another reason Scorpios are so powerful is that they can get super aggressive and even dangerous when most other signs would know to step back and calm down. Some people belonging to this sign aren't above using manipulation, unkind words, or intimidation to benefit themselves. "Scorpios tend to show their temper in ways that are manipulative, passive aggressive, or underhanded ... They might not show their temper outright but may act out by doing something [...] to undermine the person they are angry at," Susan Shumsky, a Vedic astrologer and author, told Bustle. Therefore, Scorpios often gain power through aggressive and manipulative tactics.

A fun way to understand the enigmatic yet volatile Scorpio personality is to analyze fictional characters who exude that terrifying Scorpio energy. For instance, the "bad boy" Hardin Scott from the infamous "After" series gives off super Scorpio vibes with his passive-aggressive comments, intense temper, and manipulative approach to relationships (many of these moments are collected on YouTube). Another fictional character who seems as Scorpio-like as possible is the ultra-intense Georgina Sparks from "Gossip Girl." While the show features a lot of mean girl behavior, betrayals in friendships and relationships, and questionable decisions, Sparks goes above and beyond with extreme manipulation, intimidation, blackmail techniques, and ruthless comments — all while looking super sexy, being the epitome of the Scorpio sign. Are these characters a little (or a lot) power-hungry? Sure — but take a look at how they navigate and control the worlds in which they live, and you have a good model for how a Scorpio can use their own real-life environment in their favor.