Mixing Foundation With Polyglutamic Acid Serum Is Big On TikTok. Here's Why

Foundation truly lives up to its name. It is the base of every makeup routine and, depending on who you ask, the most important element. For those new to makeup, L'Oréal Paris describes foundation as the "groundwork for your entire makeup look." The goal of the product is to hide imperfections, cover pimples, and give you an even complexion over which to do the rest of your makeup. There are many different forms of foundation, but it mainly comes in cream, liquid, and powder.

If you don't have the right foundation, it can truly put your whole makeup look in jeopardy. Often, foundation can look cakey and dry when it doesn't suit your skin or hasn't been applied properly. For most people, this creates the need to try a bunch of new foundations until you find the best one that works for you. However, the answer might come down to one simple complementary product. TikTok has recently discovered polyglutamic acid serum, and it might be the key to beautiful-looking skin. When this is mixed with foundation, it creates a new, thicker consistency that provides the ultimate dewy coverage to your face. 

What is polyglutamic acid serum?

Even without a foundation routine, polyglutamic acid is the product you might not know you needed. Makeup icon Charlotte Tilbury compared it to a "hydration powerhouse" while talking to Byrdie: "Polyglutamic acid is an incredible humectant that holds four times more moisture than hyaluronic acid (HA) — my skin just drinks it in!" This is because the product attracts moisture from the air, as well as the deeper layers of skin, and allows it to absorb directly into the top layer of skin (via MedicalNewsToday).

"Polyglutamic acid helps seal the moisture in your skin, and enhances the skin's elasticity," Tilbury told Byrdie, explaining how effective polyglutamic acid is at slowing the signs of aging. "Part of the aging process involves the loss of HA in the skin, which is broken down by an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Products that contain PGA help to inhibit the action of hyaluronidase, resulting in more HA in the skin, and giving an overall moisturized, rejuvenated, and hydrated appearance to the skin."

While some have been led to believe that hyaluronic acid is the skincare superstar, with the level of moisture it's able to supply the skin, products with polyglutamic acid might deserve a coveted spot on your bathroom shelf. And when mixed with foundation, the ingredient turns from a skincare game-changer to a makeup game-changer. 

Bringing foundation into the mix

Adding polyglutamic acid serum to your makeup is a great step to making it look like you aren't even wearing foundation. TikTok star Kylie Larsen explained in a recent video that it's one of her favorite affordable products. Not only does it thicken up her foundation, but it also feels "so smoothing and hydrating" and makes her face "look like a filter." Larsen reported that she felt like it helped her skin in general, which is always a plus when wearing makeup.

To get the best result, take an equal amount of polyglutamic acid serum to add to your foundation. From there, mix it on the back of your hand until you experience a new smooth consistency. Afterward, apply using your normal foundation brush or sponge. Once applied, you should notice your foundation has a beautiful, glowing finish. If you have a dry skin type, you should especially consider putting this in your foundation to keep your skin supple for the whole day. Just be sure to patch test the polyglutamic acid first to rule out the possibility of any irritation.