Dreaming About A Wedding Can Tell You A Lot About Your Stance On Commitment

If you've hopped on the dream journal trend in recent years, chances are you're having an easier time remembering and interpreting your dreams — which as we all know, are rarely literal. Dreams tell us a lot about our subconscious landscapes and desires. Sometimes they may even serve as a guide, cautioning us to pause and get in touch with our inner wisdom before a big decision.

When it comes to dreaming about a wedding, the details can reveal a lot about your stance on commitment. If you're already planning a wedding and you dream of mishaps occurring on the big day — a stain on your dress, guests not showing up, or someone other than your partner standing at the altar — chances are this is symbolic of your desire for everything to run smoothly and you are, indeed, very much committed, per Brides. On the other hand, if you're already married and you dream of a wedding, it could indicate you aren't content and may potentially benefit from taking a deeper dive into what you feel is lacking in your relationship (via The Pleasant Dream). Just remember, you are the top authority on what your dreams truly mean and it's important to trust your intuition first and foremost.

Wedding dreams when you aren't in a relationship

If you dream about walking down the aisle when you're single, the dream might not be a snapshot of your desire to get married but could be symbolic of your commitment to another area of life, like your career or a friend group. "Is there a lifestyle change you need to commit to? Are you suddenly feeling like you are 'married' to your job? What is it that you need to stick to or that you're feeling stuck to? Your subconscious may be trying to help you decide if this is something you want to be a part of your life 'till death do you part," Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a certified dream analyst, told Brides.

Alternatively, if you have a dream about someone else's wedding — whether or not you're single — it could mean that a friend is going through a life-changing event and needs your support or for you to step into a more active role by their side (via Shut Eye). Your emotional experience in the dream is also indicative of its meaning. Are you at ease during the ceremony? Anxious? Panicking? Dive deeper into what your personal mood is during the wedding and tune into your gut feeling to decode the message.

Dreaming of the worst case scenarios at your own wedding

It can be tricky to put words to some of our feelings surrounding what many consider to be the most important day of their lives, but that's where our dreams step in to help paint the picture. For example, "If you dream you are trying to walk down the aisle, but a bear is sitting on your train making it impossible to move forward, you could interpret it as a physical nod to the feeling like someone (your BFF, your mother, or your sister perhaps) is being too overbearing about your dress decision," Loewenberg told Brides.

If you're having dreams — or rather, nightmares — about your big day, you could be having a very normal response to making a huge commitment. Your dreams may be there to help you process the commitment and this new stage of life. They don't necessarily indicate that you're making the wrong choice. From smaller details to the larger, overarching themes of commitment, wedding dreams are extremely common, and again — trust your gut when it comes to deciphering their exact meaning.