So, How Long Does A Spray Tan Typically Last Anyway?

The spring and summer seasons are just around the corner, so get ready to spend plenty of hours outside. Many people love spending time outdoors during peak sun to work on their tans and to add warmth to their skin. Although sunbathers should always apply sunscreen, many still opt for a natural bronze via the sun. The danger associated with sunbathing is exposing your skin to the sun's rays. Even though it can provide the bronze you seek, it isn't the safest way to enjoy your summer. Thankfully, there are safer ways of adding a bit more warmth that don't involve hours in the sun. Spray tans are one of the easiest and safest methods of achieving that vacation glow without risking your skin's health.


If you've never gone through the process of getting a spray tan, it can be a little confusing, even overwhelming. You can spray tan at home or in a professional setting. How long your spray tan lasts will depend on many factors you need to consider. If you are planning an event or vacation and want a warm tan to complement your travel clothes, consider scheduling a spray tanning session closer to your departure date. A spray tan will help you look your best for your event without errors or flaws.

Typical duration of a spray tan

Depending on various factors, the average spray tan lasts about a week. St. Tropez Tan explains that if you're only getting a slightly warmer shade, it could start to fade in about five days. If you're aiming for a darker shade, it could last around 10 days. Those seeking that summer glow for a vacation should lock in their spray tan appointment a day or two before departure. This extra period gives you sufficient time to let the spray tan set before leaving and the opportunity to fix any spray tanning mistakes. The length of your spray tan will also depend on your skin and how well it clings to the tan.


Typical factors like humidity, sweat, and oily skin can cause your spray tan to last a shorter period of time. There are changes you can make to ensure that your tan lasts longer. For example, avoid showering for the first eight hours you have your tan, as this is when a tan will set into place. Be careful with over-exfoliating or aggravating the skin when showering. Exfoliating the skin will cause your spray tan to start shedding and fading. If you're getting another skin treatment like waxing or a facial, you'll want to get those before your spray tan to avoid them affecting each other.

How to maintain your spray tan

The lifespan of your spray tan also will depend on how well you care for your skin before and after your tan. Before a spray tan, prep your skin so it's ready for treatment. 5 Dollar Tan recommends exfoliating your skin the day before your appointment to ensure your skin is clean and ready. By removing your dead skin cells, your spray tan will attach to newer skin cells. If you plan to wax or shave, this would be the best time. Hair and leftover wax can affect the efficiency of your spray tan and cause streaks or spots. Moisturize your skin before and after your spray tan. Moisturized and healthy skin will help your tan last longer and prevent dead skin cells from naturally fading the tan.


Achieving an even tan is the beginning of the spray tan process. Your post-spray tan care will determine how quickly it fades. Avoid anything, like exfoliating, that could separate your tan from your skin. This list of factors includes long showers, steam, and oils. Avoid lengthy showers, as the hot water and steam will loosen the tan from your skin. Oils in your skin, makeup, and body products will also contribute to a shorter tan as they break up the ingredients in your tan. Once ready to remove your tan, then you can exfoliate enough to wash any leftover tan.