Waveformers: The Wacky-Looking Hair Tool That Gives You Perfect Heatless Curls

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Thanks to pop culture and alluring fashion magazine covers and ads, voluminous hair is highly sought after. But what if you have dull, lackluster hair devoid of body and bounce? Or pesky curls that are an unmanageable fizzy mess? Very fine strands that have no movement appear limp and lifeless. Similarly, unruly hair is hardly the epitome of lusciousness.


If you fall into either of these categories, you may have tried everything to give your hair a bouncy look you desire – a hundred years of curly hair history show that curls are indeed all that jazz. From temporary curling methods like hot rollers and curling irons to long-lasting options like a perm and a more dernier cri procedure like a Brazilian blowout, your hair has gone through a lot to tame it and increase its volume.

Even if you get the desired results and your hair magically turns into a replica of that stunning, head-turning hairdo you saw on TikTok, it won't be long before the damaging effects of heat show up on your delicate, brittle strands. So what do you do? Do you settle for uninspired hair in lieu of unhealthier ends? Well, not so fast. Enter Waveformers: the wacky-looking hair tool making waves in homes worldwide.


This tool is so fantastic that it's rapidly gaining ground as a go-to heatless method to achieve the perfect curls and add volume to your hair sans the destructive effects of traditional curling methods. 

Waveformers? Do tell

In 2007 the hair care arena was shaken by the appearance of Curlformers. HairFlair Ltd in the U.K. developed this patented heatless curling tool. While it was intended for professional use alone, it soon found its way into domestic use by bouncy curl aficionados worldwide. The success of this tool was immense and not without good reason. As the creators of Curlformers tell Naturally Curly, "The uniqueness is that Curlformers do the work for you, giving perfect curls every time. There is no burning, no wrapping, no weakened hair and no disappointments. We know from the feedback we get from girls who have tried every other gadget in the name of curls—there is nothing else like them!"


Given the unprecedented success, shortly after that, Hair Flair introduced the Curlformers spin-off: the Waveformers! Unlike Curlformers, which result in tight ringlet spiral curls, Waveformers have a more relaxed, beach-wave look. So, much like its predecessor, the waveformer does not require any heat to achieve the lustrous waves, and all that is needed is a rather wacky-looking tool to do the trick.

How do Waveformers work?

The simplicity and ease of use make this hair tool so beautiful. It consists of a wave-shaped or continuous S-shaped sturdy mesh and a nifty little long stick with a hook at one end. These tools come in vibrant colors, so you can choose the one that catches your fancy. On both ends of the mesh, a rubber band keeps it closed, creating a tube that your hair strands go into and tighten to prevent it from falling off your hair.


To use the tool, you first divide semi-dry hair into smaller sections, with the number of sections depending on how thick your hair is and how tight you want your waves to be. You can experiment with the number of strands and their thickness until you achieve the desired look. Once you have your hair strands ready, you pass the stick through the mesh with the hook turned towards the roots of your hair. Using the hook, you attach the hair strand to the stick, and as you pull it outside of the mesh from the other end, your hair passes through the mesh, where it stays until it is completely dry.

You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process, wait for the hair to dry on its own, or leave them overnight if you are not a picky sleeper. Once your hair is dry, pull out the mesh by pinching the rubber end to widen the opening, and voilà! 


Types of styling with Waveformers

The inventor of Curlformers, HairFlair, currently offers three different types of Waveformers depending on the style you want to achieve. While each type will give you a gentle wave look, some distinct differences exist between them. So, according to their website, you can have the Beach Flair, Ocean Flair, and Ripple Flair styles.


The Beach Flair Waveformers will give your hair a loose beach wave, ideal for straight and curly hair. If you are looking for soft tumbling tresses as opposed to tighter locks, the Beach Flair is your best choice. On the other hand, the Ocean Flair promises to give your hair more body and movement. While suitable for all hair types, it is highly recommended for taming naturally curly hair and giving them a softer wave. Lastly, the Ripple Flair is tailored to the needs of naturally curly hair, giving them a subtler, less pesky curl pattern.

The upside of using Waveformers

One of the great benefits of Waveformers is that they are very kind to your hair. Whereas your typical wave or curling methods lack in the tenderness department, Waveformers are here to give your hair the much-needed heatless TLC it deserves.


Switching to Waveformers will protect your hair from the damage heat causes and will give you the beach waves you crave without the fizzy dryness. Their universal appeal is also one of their highlights. Whether you have pin-straight lifeless hair or voluminous unruly coils, Waveformers will still do the trick. Regardless of length (trying to grow out your curls sometimes feels like mission impossible), texture, and hair type, this wacky-looking hair tool will become your go-to friend when it comes to your haircare regimen.

Even though the process seems a bit complicated at first, it is pretty straightforward and fast once you get used to it. Moreover, Waveformers cost significantly less than curling irons, with prices ranging from as low as $15 on Amazon and $50 on HairFlair. Finally, as a last bonus point in the list of advantages, you can transform your hair while you sleep, thus saving you time!


But the drawbacks?

There are some drawbacks to Wavefromers, though. For example, some users have reported experiencing scalp tension due to pulling hair with the hook to pass it through the mesh. Moreover, others have noted the rubber end getting tangled with the hair and causing hair breakage. And, until you get the hang of it, your hair may get tangled with the Waveformers and hook, rather painfully, at the root.


Even though Waveformers promise a frizz-free result, some users have reported less than optimal outcomes as their hair ends up more like a wild mane than a suave beach-style coiffure. Finally, if you want an utterly heatless process, you will have to wait a long time, meaning that this is not something you can do in the morning before heading out for work.

Of course, results always depend on the type of Waveformers you choose and the products you use for your hair. Conditioning creams and oils, such as mongongo oil, will minimize the risk of fizziness, and professional shampoos will strengthen your hair, making them less brittle and less likely to break as you hook them through the mesh.

Picking the right one for you

While picking the ideal Waveformer for your hair is an entirely personal choice, there is a parameter that dictates which ones to use: your hair length! Waveformers come in different sizes, so before rushing out to buy this fantastic hair tool, you need to measure your hair length while your hair is wet! The mesh length needs to cover your hair length; otherwise, you will end up with a hybrid version of semi-straight-wavy looks.


Once you have that covered, you must divide your hair into strands to decide the number of meshes you need. While some Waveformers come in boxes of 50, others come in packs of 12. So, knowing how many you will need will help you make the right choice.

From that point onwards, it depends on your hair texture and desired hairstyle. Some Waveformers cater to naturally curly hair, while others are more versatile and can be used on pin-straight sleek locks or tight barrel curls. Do you want to add a little volume and a hint of waves to your hair? Or do you want the full beach-wave look? What about keeping your curls voluminous without adding extra product to them? This will also determine the type of Waveformers you pick, as each type will have a different look. Bottom line? Major curls and volume are in, and this wacky-looking hair tool has you covered!