5 Ways To Nail Your Wedding Style When You're A Groomsmaid

When two people get married, they've likely taken care to select the ideal location, the kind of style they adore, and their loved ones for their wedding party. As for the latter, the pair should be allowed and encouraged to choose the people who they truly want to stand next to them on their special day. Senior planner for Taylor'd Events Alex Chalk told The Knot, "You get to be surrounded by the ones you want to be by your side. It becomes a truly personalized experience that you can look back on and feel thankful you chose what felt right to you."

That means that along with the traditional maid of honor and best man, as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the couple might want to change things up a bit. In that case, you might see a male bridesmaid attending the ceremony. You might also be a woman who has been asked to stand with a man who might be a family member or good friend. Known as a female wedding attendant or a groomswoman, you might also find yourself referred to as a groomsmaid. Whatever term is being used, you'll be expected to fill the role as usual, which means wearing a suitable ensemble.

Of course, there are a few different options when it comes to what you might wear on the big day. At the same time, there are a few ways to absolutely nail your wedding style as a groomsmaid.

A classic dress

Bridesmaids are usually expected to wear dresses during a wedding and you can definitely do the same as a groomsmaid. This leaves you endless options when it comes to styles, and the same can be said for the potential shades. A dress would be the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to the wedding party. If there's also a groomsmaid on the other side of the aisle, then you can either wear matching dresses or ones that complement each other as well as the couple who are saying "I do."

A coordinated dress

A coordinated dress is another fabulous option for a groomsmaid that will suit a fashionable wedding. For instance, if the groom and the other fellas are sticking with classic black suits along with crisp white shirts, then you can opt for a dress in the same pair of shades. A white top and black skirt will also do the trick. On top of that, you can take the carefully coordinated vibe even further by holding a bouquet of flowers that is basically a larger version of the men's boutonnières.

A fitted suit

Skip the dress and instead slip on a suit. Although it's important to opt for one that is perfectly fitted, which means finding a talented tailor, the result will definitely be worth the time, effort, and cost. You can also put your own little touches on the look by swapping out a suit shirt with a square collar for a thinner blouse with a collar that has a gentle curve. You can also pop on a pair of high-heeled shoes which can help if you're relatively short and don't want the men to tower over you.

Suit with a slight change

Just because you wear a suit like the groomsmen in the wedding party doesn't mean that you can't show off a slightly different outfit. For instance, check out this stylish group. While the groomsmen are wearing the full formal shebang — meaning black suits, white shirts, maroon vests, and matching bowties — the single groomsmaid has the same suit yet without the other additions, along with shoes that boast a bit of a heel. Granted, they're all wearing suave sunglasses, which we're sure they took off when it was time for the ceremony.

Matching suit and tie

Choose to put a modern twist on a traditional look by wearing the exact same outfit as the men. From the simple suit to the tie that will likely match the bridesmaids' dresses, you'll fit right in with the rest of the wedding party. Along with making it easy to ensure that no one feels like they've been left out, the matching ensembles will also make the resulting photos look perfectly composed and balanced. That means you'll have yet another reason to look back fondly on the happy memory.