Rock The Maxi Skirt Trend As A Short Girl With These Tips

It's no secret that shopping can be challenging and frustrating for short girlies. When you're 5'4" or less, it's often difficult to find clothing that isn't too long, flatters the shorter-than-average frame, doesn't make you look too much younger, and isn't too expensive. Plus, the absence of short models on runways, clothing store websites, and magazines can make it even more challenging for short women to feel confident when shopping; the lack of height diversity in the modeling industry is a significant issue.

While some garments naturally look stunning on short frames, such as minidresses, sleeveless tops, and shorts, other pieces are harder to pull off. For instance, it can be a challenge for short girls to master coating season because coats tend to be bulky and long. Other difficult garments for short girls to pull off are long dresses and maxi skirts. But just because it can be hard to find a flattering maxi skirt for a short frame, that doesn't mean that short girls can't look gorgeous in them; all it takes is good styling. We have some tips for short women who want to explore long skirts.

Rock a crop top

Maxi skirts can make short girls look even shorter because those long skirts don't typically show any leg, drawing attention to a shorter-than-average frame. However, a crop top will instantly help your torso appear longer, so wearing a crop top with a maxi skirt will make you look taller rather than shorter. Try pairing your favorite crop top with a long skirt for your next girls' night out!

Vertical stripes are your best friend

This tip doesn't only apply to maxi skirts, but it also works for dresses, tops, pants, and pretty much every type of clothing. Vertical stripes will always make you look taller! The long, up-and-down stripes on a maxi skirt will elongate your legs, as those vertical lines trick people into thinking that your frame is longer than it is in reality. But don't assume that all stripes will make you look taller — horizontal stripes provide the opposite effect, making your frame appear shorter and wider.

Wear heels or pointy shoes

Everyone knows that wearing high heels — or even kitten heels — is an easy way to look taller. Heels typically pair well with skirts, so you can't go wrong with wearing heels and a maxi dress, as long as you won't mind if your feet start to hurt as a result. If you're not so into heels, shoes with a pointy toe can create the illusion of longer legs.

Keep it sophisticated

Of course, you should always wear what makes you feel happiest, but solid-color or minimalistic maxi skirts usually work better on short bodies than skirts with loud patterns, ultra-neon hues, or pastels. Youthful prints on maxi skirts can look playful and flirty on tall girls but tend to make short girls look childish, so it's better to wear more monochromatic or sophisticated pieces if you're short. If you love cutesy patterns, try wearing them on your socks or purse instead of on your maxi skirt for a playful detail rather than a childish outfit.

Don't be afraid to get it taken up

If you fall in love with a beautiful maxi skirt at a store or online but try it on and realize that it's too long, that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep it. When a skirt is too long on you, but you enjoy the product, bring it to a tailor, and they can typically use their skills to bring the item to a more appropriate length for your body.