Summer Solstice: The Spiritual Meaning Behind The First Day Of Summer

It may feel like the spring equinox was just yesterday, but the 2023 summer solstice is already quickly approaching and will arrive on June 21. The solstice marks the halfway point in the year, which also happens to be both the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. Astrologically, the summer solstice is represented by the element of fire, marking the beginning of a season filled with heat and unadulterated sunlight. This is why solstice celebrations around the world tend to include bonfires and other fire-based ceremonies.


Summer is inherently a time of fun, social gathering, and renewal of body and spirit. As the warmth of the weather outside embraces your body, it seems to spread inside to your very soul. If you've ever wondered why it is that you always seem to feel such a jolt of energetic rejuvenation as soon as summer arrives, here is the explanation you've been waiting for. 

Invigorated energy

The winter was a time for inner healing, reflection, and planning your next steps. The spring equinox then marked the point when it was time to transition from planning into action. By the time the summer solstice comes around, those new changes and habits should already be in place and ready to be leveled up. This is the time to go from simply making something a habit to putting your all into mastering that thing. For example, if you spent the winter planning a fitness journey and then formed a solid habit of taking a daily walk in the spring, the summer solstice marks the time to kick that habit up a notch and start hiking or jogging.


If you were inspired by the spring equinox to embrace nature and start a garden, the summer solstice is the time to make sure all your seedlings have been planted in the ground. Over the summer, you will work together with Mother Nature to nurture these plants with water, sunlight, and weeding and in return, you'll be given radiant crops of food or flowers to enjoy. Think of yourself as a plant during this time. Relentless, active self-care is what's needed to take you through to the next season of rest. 

Beauty, joy, love, and vibrancy

The summer solstice is when the sun enters Cancer. This water sign is all about love, home, nurturing, and the pure joy of connecting with other people and with Mother Nature. Bask in this maternal energy by spending as much time as possible with people who bring you genuine joy — preferably in an outdoor setting. If you've been struggling to find a friend group all winter and spring, now is the time to step up your efforts. Join a gardening club, seek out a hiking group, or search for mom friends on Peanut to go for stroller walks with.


You may find yourself especially drawn to cooking, entertaining, and home improvements for the first month of summer, as the sun moves through nurturing Cancer. Embrace this nature of love and care and then prepare to shift it onto yourself during Leo-ruled July. Throughout the season, embrace rituals that center around fire, like candle meditation or burning sage or other herbs for smoke cleansing, to keep yourself balanced and engaged.