What Is A Crystal Grid, And How Can It Be Used To Set Intentions?

If you've been working with crystals to bring your manifestations into your physical reality and are ready to take it up a notch, it may be time to try out a crystal grid. Combining the powerful energy of sacred geometry and crystals, these grids are thought to amplify our intentions and bring about rapid change. Sacred geometry is a mathematical pattern found all around us — in snowflakes, shells, flowers, music, and more (via Two Wander). When we arrange crystals in a specific formation following the shapes of sacred geometry, we are increasing the magnitude of our manifestations.

"A crystal grid is when you take different [stones] and set them up to help focus [their] energies for a specific intention," crystal expert Sadie Kadlec, who teaches and practices at Maha Rose Wellness Center in Brooklyn, told Well + Good. "You're magnifying the energetic properties of [the crystals], and getting them to work together in a synergistic way." Some formations are quite simple, while others are increasingly complex. Even the triangle, for example, is a powerful shape as it represents the sacred number three or the body, mind, and spirit. Depending on your particular manifestations, whether it's to increase the positive energy in your home or boost the abundance in your life, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Let's take a closer look at how to use a crystal grid.

Select your crystals and grid layout

When choosing the crystals and grid shape you'd like to follow, trusting your intuition is always advised. Most grids include a center stone that grounds the grid. This crystal is typically the most powerful and largest in the grid — but again, use your inner guidance. The surrounding stones are known as satellites and send out your intentions into the cosmos. Whether you're using a triangle, circle, or square layout, the complexity of your grid is up to you. It's also recommended to place your grid near a window so that it can receive the extra charge from the sunlight.

The square grid is great for manifesting structure and stability in your world. Circles represent rebirth and can amplify your intention for a fresh start or to bring a new project into creation. Spirals are representative of balancing the chakras and are ideal for energetic alignment. When it comes to selecting your crystals, use what you have on hand and what speaks to you. Rose quartz is ideal for heart expansion and amethyst can be used for clarity of the third eye. And don't feel limited to using only crystals in your grid — flower petals, pinecones, or anything else from the natural world that speaks to you can be used. Small trinkets of significance are also great additions.

Activate your grid with your voice

Once you've laid your grid in a safe place, it's time to activate it. Remember your intention for the crystal grid — abundance, romance, alignment, healing, creativity, etc. Whatever it is, speak your intention out loud in the present tense, as though it has already arrived. Use visualization to imagine yourself experiencing your manifestation and zero in on how it would feel in your body to be in that moment. Imagine the grid becoming illuminated and connect the crystals with the motion of your hand above it.

Thank the crystals for the work they're doing for you and each time you pass the grid, take a quick moment to visualize your manifestation once again. "Crystals are from the earth," Kadlec told Well + Good. "They're healing. They're supportive. They're there for you. We're walking on them all the time. They're with us in our cell phones and our computers. We don't realize they're so prevalent in our lives already."