Maximalist Denim Is Having A Moment - Here's How To Rock The Look

Are you ready to say goodbye to less-is-more fashion trends with maximalist outfits? Maximalism is back with a bang in 2023; people are no longer trying to appear understated and low-key with their clothing and are instead going ultra-bold. How could maximalism not be trending in a year where clowncore is TikTok's newest fashion trend? So, 2023 is the year to get wild and wear your brightest colors and loudest patterns — rather than being judged for showing off the most intense sides of your personality with your most eye-catching garments, you'll be considered trendy.

"In 2023 the vibe will be creative, adventurous, and most of all, fun. Colorful clothes, dramatic shapes, and fun prints will be essential in everyone's closet," Katia Barros, a cofounder of the fashion brand Farm Rio, told Glamour. Not only is maximalism popping up for overall ensembles, but it's trickling into jeans, too. Jeans are getting wackier, bolder, and more creative this year.

Glamorous sparkly jeans

We can't think of a more glamorous spin on denim than jeans with sparkles. These sparkly details will make your outfit look perfect for a night out, and those jeans will instantly turn heads. Try a pair of black or dark blue jeans with small shiny sparkles that look like shimmering stars in the night sky.

Wild colorful jeans

Who says all jeans have to be traditional denim blue? Not us, because jeans don't have to be classic denim blue — especially in 2023! If you enjoy wearing denim in unconventional colors, consider going for neon denim. A pair of bright red, orange, yellow, or green jeans will never fail to make a statement. For an even more maximalist look, wear jeans featuring many colors from the rainbow.

Jeans with colorful embellishments

Anyone who likes sparkly details and enjoys colorful jeans can get the best of both worlds by wearing jeans with colorful sparkles. Light jeans with sparkly rainbow polka dots can be exciting for nighttime activities or fun for daytime events, depending on how you style them. And this style isn't limited to only jeans; if you can find a denim skirt with colorful sparkles, you should add it to your wardrobe for an ultra-cute outfit!

Denim covered in large embellishments

While many embellished jeans with sparkly details feature tiny dots of sparkles or sequins, you shouldn't be afraid to go bolder by flaunting denim covered in larger embellishments. Jeans and denim skirts that feature so much embellishment that you can barely see the denim blue perfectly fit the maximalist trend and will appear louder than just petit sparkles.

Dangerously destroyed denim

Of course, distressed jeans are nothing new. But we're not talking about jeans with the little slits in the knee areas or jeans with slightly frayed ends. We mean jeans with such huge, noticeable rips and shreds that you'd be cold if you wore them in the winter. Not only will this look intense and dramatic, but it will also fall under the trendy grunge category.

Jeans with wild patterns

There's no doubt that we have to include jeans with patterns on this list, as patterns are a prominent aspect of maximalism in the first place. 2023 is the year to explore jeans with polka dots, stripes, and floral details for creativity and maximalism. You can even go super wild with pink zebra print jeans!

Daring shapes and silhouettes

Maximalism isn't just about patterns, colors, and embellishments. Unapologetically unique, daring, and quirky shapes and silhouettes can transform a garment or ensemble from ordinary to maximalist. Try shapes and styles you wouldn't usually explore and see how you feel — you might be intrigued or pleasantly surprised. For instance, super baggy jeans and flares are excellent for maximalist outfits.