Clowncore Is TikTok's Newest Trend And It's A Fashion Doozy

Blokecore is the sporty new fashion trend you'll be seeing everywhere in 2023. The corporatecore fashion trend is all about looking chic and professional. Meanwhile, Regencycore is a royally fun new fashion trend thanks to "Bridgerton." As you may have noticed, subtle trendy details have been replaced by full-on aesthetics, as these themed outfits are taking over as some of today's hottest fashion and makeup looks. But just when we thought we saw every eccentric "core" we could think of, we found one that couldn't get any weirder: clowncore. Nope, this is not a joke; clowncore really is trending. 

Along with many other trending cores, you can thank TikTok for birthing clowncore. Oddly enough, you can find people rocking clown-inspired outfits and makeup in videos they post on the app, and looking adorable. "Clowns and their bright, rainbow-coloured outfits always made me so happy as a kid, and that's exactly how I feel about clowncore in fashion today. I absolutely adore the clashing prints, fun makeup, and circus-like collars that are so prevalent in this aesthetic. It's nostalgic and expressive in the best way possible," TikToker Sara Camposarcone told Bustle. Of course, clowncore isn't for everyone, but it can be a lot of fun if you're willing to try it.

Wear lots of neon clothes

Clowncore is about embracing bright, bold fashion, so now's the time to break out your neon pieces. Flaunt your favorite neon tops, bottoms, dresses, footwear, and accessories. You should never worry about your look being too much if you're trying to achieve the clowncore aesthetic, as this trend encourages loud, maximalist fashion.

Rock a rainbow-inspired look

Garments featuring rainbow-inspired prints or patterns are perfect for the clowncore trend. Clowns typically wear many colorful pieces to exude happy and upbeat energy, and rainbow fashion does just that. So, you should experiment with playful rainbows hues and embrace color blocking in your wardrobe for youthful, eye-catching vibes inspired by a stylish spin on clown clothes.

Explore colorful hair

In addition to wearing bright, bold outfits, clowns often wear loud, colorful wigs. So, if you truly want to unleash your inner clown — with a stylish twist — you should have fun with wigs or hair extensions. Choose a wig or extensions in your favorite unconventional hair hue, such as neon red, green, purple, or blue. Or, opt for a multi-color wig featuring various colors from the rainbow!

Lean into clown-ish makeup

Have you ever done your makeup and then worried that maybe you put on a little too much blush, overdid the lipstick, or had overly bold eye makeup, so you asked a friend or roommate if they thought your makeup looked too clown-like to wear out? Thanks to clowncore, you won't have to worry about your makeup being too dramatic anymore! When it comes to clowncore, bolder is better, so you should embrace maximalist makeup.

Try a darker variation of clowncore

If you prefer an edgier look and don't want to wear bright or rainbow-inspired clothing, you can still experiment with clowncore. While you probably think of neon everything when you hear about this trend, if scary movies taught us anything, it's that not all clowns are upbeat and happy-go-lucky. So, consider exploring clowncore with a goth or emo twist by wearing dark garments with bold patterns, clown-inspired hair or makeup, and edgy accessories.