Mercury Is Going Retrograde Again April 21 - Here's What That Means For Your Love Life

Even if you don't follow the ongoings of the cosmos too closely, you've likely heard that mercury retrograde is not exactly a fun time. Miscommunications, spaciness, bouts of chaos, and confusion are typically blamed on the planet as it slows down and appears to be moving backward in the sky — which happens three or four times a year and lasts about three to four weeks.


Mercury represents communication, technology, and travel, so that's why vacation plans and signing important documents are generally no-gos during Mercury retrograde. But how does the slowing of this planet manifest when it comes to our love lives? Mercury will be in Venusian-ruled Taurus on April 21, meaning we can expect some old feelings for past lovers to resurface. You may receive a seemingly out-of-the-blue text from an ex or have dream visitations from the one you haven't thought about in ages. Here's a closer look at what that means for the zodiac signs.

Mercury retrograde for fire and air signs

As tempting as it will be to say yes to the proposed coffee date catch-up that might arise during this Mercury retrograde, it's likely wisest to decline. Choose release rather than reconnection. Aries will be guided to choose self-validation and self-love first during this retrograde and as counterintuitive as it may be for these rams, they need to pause and think before they speak. Openness is the theme for fiery Leo this April. They should expand their horizons and options when it comes to romance. Sagittarius can expect some humorous — if not slightly embarrassing conversations — when it comes to love during this retrograde.


Geminis would be wise to be selective with their company during this retrograde and only exchange energy with those who are uplifting when it comes to the dating pool. Libras can expect some heavier emotions around April 21 that will ultimately lead to more independence but could stir up some drama in matters of the heart and relationship. Aquarius is called to tune in to their receptivity and allow others to take the stage in conversation — home and hearth could also be illuminated at this time.

Mercury retrograde for earth and water signs

This retrograde is all about boundaries for Taurus and they'll be called to examine how quickly they give others access to their world. These bulls will also be tempted to retreat into cocoon mode, but striking a balance is key. For Virgo, the ups and downs of a romantic meeting may feel chaotic, but addressing anything that seems out of place will bring clarity. Familiarity and comfort will be of the utmost importance for Capricorn during this retrograde, so while distractions may arise, it's best to maintain alignment.


Cancer, in particular, can expect a tempting reconciliation or two from old flames but should use discernment when exploring the option of letting anyone back in. Scorpio should remember to rely on themselves more than others during this retrograde and an ex may have them questioning their current relationship, but it's best to resist any major decision-making until Mercury is more itself again. Pisces is another sign called to consider home and family during the April 21 retrograde and the major theme for this water sign is a sense of open-mindedness when it comes to communicating with loved ones, especially if deeply emotional topics arise.