TikTok's 'Mouse Moments' Trend Is The Solo Salve Anyone Can Benefit From

In 2022, content creator Zach Hargadon posted a YouTube video of a mouse eating candy with a piano melody playing in the background. This footage first appeared in an episode of the claymation series "Creature Comforts," and though it's only in the episode for a few seconds, it was enough to start a viral online trend.


This clip began circulating on TikTok with the caption "POV: that one kid at lunch eating alone." So "mouse moments" came to refer to those times when we're eating a meal by ourselves. But not everybody views their mouse moments as being sad or lonely. 

"Most of the definitions that are used around loneliness refer to it as a deficit," the University of Wollongong's Dr Roger Patulny told Junkee. "So it's lacking the feeling of meaningful connections with others." By that definition, physically being alone doesn't have to equate to loneliness if you still have healthy relationships with people in your life. It just happens that they're not there at the time of your mouse moment. 

Instead of viewing mouse moments as negative experiences, the positive new take on this trend is reminding us to enjoy some time with ourselves.


Embracing time alone

This trend began as a way to express feeling lonely or left out. Users shared videos of themselves eating alone at a new school or, for TikToker @jacobkalashnikoff, working overnight and eating alone while the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. With millions of people sharing their mouse moments, it's hard to feel truly lonely, and so an increasing number of people are starting to embrace that alone time.


With this in mind, many TikTokers have approached mouse moments in a positive way, like user @jenhezza who shared a video of herself eating while traveling solo. She writes, "POV: you're having a little mouse moment, except you love your alone time and don't feel lonely at all." 

And sometimes, after a hectic day surrounded by other people, there are benefits to having alone time. Along with finding belonging and validation in the mouse moments trend, eating alone is a great way to practice mindfulness and appreciate the little things in life. 

Appreciating the simple things

Between work stress, family problems, and the scary things we see on the news, we can all use a moment of peace. Having a mouse moment to yourself lets you appreciate the small joys in life, like eating a chocolate bar and not having to share it with anyone else. You can take your time and focus on the tastes and smells, tuning out the rest of the world for a little while. 


In one TikTok video, @ardilaisyah included the words in her video, "When you want to have your mouse moment but your clingy boyfriend won't leave you alone."

Instead of viewing mouse moments as negative things, they're actually experiences that people are seeking out for the mental health benefits, regardless of their marital status.

The mouse moments trend seems silly at first glance, but it can truly be a positive experience when all you're thinking about is finishing your food. And it might make you feel less alone knowing that everyone has their own little mouse moments from time to time. When you think of that little mouse, you can't help but smile.