Here's When You Should Throw Away Your Old Sneakers (Trust Us, It's Time)

While we sometimes wish that clothing could last forever, it's not possible. Some clothes simply run their course, while others endure tears, stains, and other issues which shorten their lifespan. With your footwear, this lifespan can depend on your usage and care. Sneakers are some of our go-to footwear for comfort and style. Because of this, they usually get the most wear out of them. Even though it's hard to part with our favorite pieces, there comes a time when every item needs to be said goodbye.


Not only are torn sneakers unstylish and not aesthetically pleasing, but they can cause significant damage. Old sneakers can be uncomfortable on your feet and cause blisters and other foot issues that can worsen over time. Although some old sneakers can find fixing through cleaning and washing, there are moments when the easiest solution is just to toss them into the trash. Knowing when to part with your items is essential for creating a complete and well-kept, keeping each of your outfits groomed and polished.

It's time to let go

Throwing away your old sneakers is a definite sign that you need a new pair. Premier Podiatry explains that one of the first signs you want to watch out for is wear and tear in the middle of the inside soles. Once this area starts showing tears or wear, the midsole loses its comfort and cushion. This section is essential as it is part of the sneaker that keeps your foot stable and cushioned while walking. Without this part, your sneaker loses its support and protection. When you see wear on the outside soles of the shoe, it also signifies that your sneaker is beginning to lose fabric and material. Once this part loses its cushion, it's a matter of time before your sneaker unravels. When the shoe has reached this mark, it's time to grab a new pair.


Another sign you want to watch out for is an uneven sole. When your shoe warps and not laying flat on the surface, this problem is a classic sign that your sole has lost all its cushions. Although it may be challenging to detect while wearing the shoe, noticing if it sits flat on the surface is the best visual confirmation that it's time to throw them away. There are also more obvious signs like holes and broken pieces that are a definite sign to toss your shoes. While you may think they still have a few more wears out of them, they aren't worth the pain and suffering your feet will endure.

Taking care of your sneakers

Although there always comes a time when your sneakers will need replacing, there are some ways you can revitalize your favorite shoes. These methods will help them appear fresh but won't help against clear signs of wear and tear. Cleaning your shoes by hand regularly will ensure dirtĀ and stains don'tĀ become permanent and your shoes always appear new. While you can throw your shoes in the washing machine, this can often cause more wear and tear on the item. Handwashing will help you clean them gently and without any extra damage. Washing your shoes can also help combat odors, something that can make old sneakers unbearable to wear.


Tools like water-protectant sprays and wooden shoe trees can help protect the pristine condition of newer shoes. Once you've just unboxed a new pair, spray your sneakers with a protectant that can help shield them from the effects of water and sun. While it's normal for shoes to face the elements, constant exposure to water and sun can break apart the shoe much quicker than expected. Shoe trees are also perfect if you want to retain the form of your shoe and prevent it from being warped over time. These tools can make the difference between replacing your shoes earlier and getting their lifespan.