Crunette Hair Is The Ultimate Way To Ease Into The Copper Dye Trend

Move over, smoky brunette, there's already a trendy new spring hair color in town. This one's skipping over the cool and neutral tones and heading right into the warm, sunny glow of rich coppery brown. This cross between copper and brunette is being referred to around the beauty community as crunette and it's got everything a great summer hair color needs without all the maintenance required by a full red or a typical warm-weather blond.

If you're ready for a change this spring but are feeling a little wary of high-maintenance colors, take a look at the variety of options crunette has to offer — there's one that suits every skin tone and every lifestyle. Here are some of the best variations of the crunutte trend for your consideration. Grab your favorite and head out to the salon or beauty supply store to get started on your coppery new spring look. 

Medium crunette

A medium copper brown is the truest version of the crunette hair color — half brown, half copper. If you're looking for a warm, red brunette hue that isn't too light or too dark, this is the perfect color for you. Its warmth shines through no matter how light, dark, cool, or warm your skin tone is.

Dark crunette

If your hair is naturally a shade of dark brown, you can easily achieve a dark crunette hue by just adding a simple copper tint or glaze. Of course, even if your hair is naturally light, there's nothing stopping you from coming over to the dark (crunette) side. 

Light crunette

Light crunette is the closest variation to pure copper. If you're looking for a slightly tamed version of rusty red hair, this is the shade for you. Do take note, however, that it will require some lightening to achieve if your hair is currently darker than a very light brown. 

Crunette highlights

Not quite ready to fully commit to a solid crunette color just yet? Consider getting some copper highlights instead of a full head. Leaving parts of your hair brown can lessen the impact of the sudden change of hue, and highlights can provide a more natural look when carefully placed. 

Crunette balayage

Looking to incorporate crunette in a way that's gorgeous but also easy to grow out for the next season of hair color trends? Go for a balayage, which will seamlessly blend heavy copper highlights at your ends into sparser ones mid-shaft and then eventually fade into your root color without a harsh line.