How Long Is The Healing Time For A Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is a great piercing to have. Originally looked at as something for edgy punk rock kids, it was known as a bull piercing. However, with time (and celebrity endorsement) it has quickly become the perfect piercing for anyone to have. A septum piercing lives by its name and is simply a piercing located between the nasal septum. The jewelry available is gorgeous and comes in different sizes, colors, and even designs.


Believe it or not, there's a lot to know before you get a septum piercing. The most common questions asked are usually about how long it takes for a nose piercing to heal. Surprisingly, septum piercings, unlike some other body piercings, are very low maintenance. The septum piercing actually heels very quickly, even faster than the traditional nostril piercing. While all piercings require care, this is the perfect option for those who want an easy piercing that looks amazing.

A septum piercing is the fastest healing face piercing

For those who want an easy piercing, the septum piercing is the best piercing to have. Perry Doig, a professional piercer from California explained to Byrdie that the healing process usually takes 8-10 weeks. This can vary from person to person depending on how you take care of your piercing. The reason why the piercing heals so fast are because it is in what Doig refers to as a low irritation zone. This means that it is not exposed to nearly as much bacteria as other piercings, causing it to heal in a very short time.


Getting this piercing done is quite simple. While every piercer has a different technique, it only takes two minutes. According to Healthline, almost anyone can get a septum piercing as long as their nose has a columella, a soft tissue in front of the cartilage. It's also important to note that if you have a deviated septum, the piercing might not be as symmetrical as you might have hoped.

How to care for a septum piercing

In helping the healing process, aftercare is very important. Healthline states there are a few simple steps to help your septum piercing. The best thing to do is use a saline solution to clean the area. When cleaning it, it's best to wash your hands thoroughly in order to not infect the piercing. It's also okay to use warm water to break up any crust surrounding the piercing before cleaning it — that way you don't have to worry about bleeding or additional irritation.


It's important to note that how you clean the piercing makes a big difference. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or soaps to clean your piercing. This is way too harsh for the piercing, and it's best to stick to a saline solution to help the healing process. Also, make sure to not overclean the piercing and stick to washing it no more than three times a day.