Hands Down The 7 Nail Trends That Are Outdated In 2023

Nail trends might not receive quite the excitement or fanfare that fashion trends do, but they operate on a similar cycle, often rotating in and out of style based on the season. Also similar to fashion trends, some nail styles manage to hold onto popularity for so long you'd think they were skinny jeans, while others end up just a tiny blip on beauty history's radar. All good (and bad) things must eventually come to an end, however, and nail trends are no exception.

It appears that 2023 is the year to finally retire several longtime nail trends that have been holding on for so long, we thought they might never loosen their grip. Before you decide on the style of your next manicure, take a look at these seven nail trends that are now officially considered outdated, so you can steer clear and expand your horizons toward a more modern choice. 

Accent nails

Accent nails have been a popular way to customize a manicure for the past two decades. Rather than spending large amounts of time and money on intricate nail art or embellishments, a single nail in a rogue color or pattern on each hand provides a shortcut to a unique look. Today, more cohesive and minimalist styles are taking over. 

Extra-long nails

What started as a symbol of a person who was wealthy enough that they didn't have to do manual labor quickly morphed into a style that represents feminine charm and sex appeal. Thankfully, shorter, more sensible nail trends are on their way back, which tend to be much more comfortable for everyday wear. 

Stiletto nails

Stiletto nails, much like the high heels, stretch out into a very sharp point at the end. While this might make for an excellent high-fashion photo op for social media, they are rather uncomfortable, impractical, and sometimes even a little dangerous in real life. Save this one for photo ops and Halloween. 

Chrome nails

Chrome nails have been cycling in and out of style since the 1990s. After a brief resurgence in 2022 — thanks to Hailey Bieber — they're already on their way back out. Their super reflective pigments tend to be finicky anyway and show every flaw in your manicure like it's under a microscope.  

Matte nails

Matte nails have been fading in and out of mainstream favor for almost as long as chrome nails have been. Devoid of a manicure's typical glossy finish, matte nails have a unique look that can stand out in a sea of traditional nails. Unfortunately, they're also more prone to chips and discoloration. 

Animal print nails

There seems to be a pattern when it comes to the popularity of animal prints. During periods of maximalist fashions, the busy excess of animal prints is in. When minimalist trends rule the day, these prints take a sharp turn toward tacky and outdated. We have once again reached the point where they are considered too much. 

Glitter nails

Much like animal prints, glitter nails are the representation of excess. As 2023's clean, modern, minimalist aesthetic moves in, glitter nails must move out. Unless you're preparing for a rocking New Year's Eve party, we suggest taking a pass on this one in favor of a go-to manicure that's a bit simpler.