The Undone Blowout Gives You Low-Maintenance Yet Stunning Volume

With the rise in popularity of beauty tools such as hot air brushes and old-school Velcro rollers, the blowout has become a major hairstyle trend. For the past year, TikTok and Instagram feeds have been filled with images of bouncy, voluminous, dramatic blowouts. Although the big blowout isn't going anywhere any time soon, another iteration of the style has been turning up more and more: the undone blowout.

The undone blowout is a relaxed, tousled version of a blowout. This style still gives you plenty of volume, but the effortless look of the loose waves says, "Oh, my hair just air-dries like this." Since shag-inspired haircuts and other '70s styles are already having a moment (thank you, "Daisy Jones and the Six") it's no wonder that the undone blowout has been making more appearances on both the red carpet and in street fashion. If you want to try out an undone blowout and unleash your '70s rock-star alter ego, all you need are a few basic items and a laid-back, cool-girl attitude.

Prep with product

Before you begin your blowout, apply a volumizing product to your damp hair. If you seek an undone blowout with extra volume, use a lightweight product with a lot of hold, such as mousse. If you prefer texture over volume, try a hydrating product instead, such as a light curl cream. Focus primarily on your roots when applying products, scrunching around the roots and crown rather than the ends of your hair.

Rough dry

Since this is an undone blowout, you don't have to be as precise as you are with a traditional blowout. Using a blow dryer, rough dry your hair on cool or medium heat. Remember, rough blow drying isn't the same as bad blow drying. Avoid extreme heat, don't hold the blow dryer too close to your hair, and aim the blow dryer along the grain of your hair (root to ends) to prevent frizz.

Shape with a round brush

Once you are done rough drying your hair, you can go in with a round brush. Use either a hot air brush or a round brush and your blow dryer. Then, with a medium-sized brush, brush small sections of hair at a time. Unlike the bouncy curve of a traditional blowout, an undone blowout should have small waves.

Set with rollers

After round brushing, you can set your undone blowout with Velcro rollers. Keeping your hair in rollers will help preserve the style while you finish the rest of your getting-ready routine. When you're all set to go out for the day, spritz your hair with a light-hold hairspray and then remove the rollers. With a quick fluff, you'll have a sexy, casual, voluminous undone blowout that should last you all day.