What Happened To Jessica Simpson's Edible Beauty Line, Dessert?

Jessica Simpson reigned as one of the pop princesses of the early 2000s. The blonde bombshell was all over movies, television, billboards — and the tabloids. With her massive and sometimes harrowing success, it is no surprise that she would engage in different business ventures. Simpson decided the best fit for her was to take a stab in the beauty industry with her company Dessert.

Dessert Beauty Inc. officially launched in 2004 with a line of edible creams, fragrances, shampoos, lip glosses, and so much more. At the time it was one of the beauty brands that should have been on your radar. In the original press release (via Pop Crush), she said, "Dessert girls are full of sweetness and desire, and they don't mind getting their hair a little messed up in the name of seduction ..." The company was heavily endorsed by Simpson's then-husband, Nick Lachey, who told "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" that he tested every product. However, all good things come to an end, and after two years of production, the line was discontinued. While it seems to be a cut-and-dry scenario, with the scandals that constantly rock the beauty industry, the line's demise was far from as sweet as its beginnings.

Jessica Simpson vs. Cosmojet

Shortly after Dessert's debut, the brand Cosmojet sued Jessica Simpson, Dessert Beauty Inc., and Sephora. In the lawsuit, as reported by People Magazine, Cosmojet claimed that they were owed more than $200,000 in manufacturing fees. The manufacturer asserted that it created $1 million-plus worth of products, but received only $800,000 in payment. From there, Simpson began to distance herself from the brand. Her representative explained to People, "Jessica Simpson is a spokesperson for Dessert products and has no involvement in the day-to-day operation of the company's business. Ms. Simpson has no knowledge whether Cosmojet's claim has any basis, nor does she have any responsibility for the company's accounting and billing procedures or payment obligations."

Despite the lawsuit, Dessert introduced its second line, Sweet Treats, in 2005. It launched its next — and last  — line, Sweet Kisses, later that year. However, its troubles did not stop there.

Dessert Beauty vs. Mara Fox

Sadly, more lawsuits followed. In 2006, Dessert clashed with former Precious Metal guitarist Mara Fox, founder of Love Potion Perfume. In the lawsuit (per Blabbermouth), Love Potion Perfume claimed trademark infringement, arguing that Dessert Beauty used the name "Love Potion" for two different products. According to Fox, she owned the trademark for Love Potion Perfume — and had owned it for more than 10 years at that point.

Fox further asserted that she "does not have sufficient funds to repair the damage caused by Defendant's infringement and advertising campaign." She also stated that the launch of Dessert Beauty created a major decline in revenue, with a sales loss of 96 percent. 

The argument boiled down to who could or couldn't use the words "love potion," with Dessert Beauty asserting that no one could copyright a phrase as common as "love potion." Dessert Beauty ultimately won the lawsuit, but this and other factors apparently proved too much for the brand. That same year, 2006, they closed their doors and ceased production. Dessert was finished.