Summer Shoe Trends Just Dropped & They Promise Fun For Your Feet

Whenever warmer weather and summer are in sight, updating your shoe collection always seems like a good idea. Of course, chances are you already have enough shoes in your closet, which is why you'll be happy to hear that some shoes we expect to see trending this year are styles that have been around for a while.

This summer is all about being bold with your choices and using shoes as a fun way to add color or texture to your look. If you're a minimalist who loves basics, this might stress you out. But worry not, you can always go for less dramatic versions of a trending shoe. And there are also some timeless and classic options that we expect to be big this summer, too, which is perfect for anyone who likes to stay on the safer side. However, if there is a perfect time to step out of your fashion comfort zone, it's definitely during the summer. Besides, you can't really know if you like something until you've styled it and one of these shoes might just add a fresh and exciting touch to your wardrobe that you didn't even know was missing.

Metallic heels

While metallics never really go out of style, this summer, they are bigger than ever. An easy way to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe is to go for a metallic sandal or — to add even more drama — a metallic heel. And while most of us tend to think of gold and silver, a metallic shoe can be rocked in any color you like — like a fun, eye-catching turquoise!

Loafers with socks

Loafers are definitely classic shoes, and a fun way to style them this summer is by rocking them with a pair of socks. You can play around with this style as much as you'd like. Go simple with a pair of classic white socks or go all out by picking funky patterned ones to add some extra quirkiness.

Funky cowboy boots

Just because boots are great for colder weather doesn't mean you can't rock them in the summertime too. In fact, a fun pair of cowboy boots work great with dresses, skirts, and shorts, and this year it's particularly trendy as it adds that touch of vintage Americana alongside a '70s vibe.

Hot pink strappy sandals

With Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" premiering this summer, it's no surprise that a hot Barbie pink is already trending. If you're looking for a fun summer sandal, may we suggest going for a hot pink one? It pairs well with most colors and instantly adds more drama to a basic outfit.

Flat denim sandals

Denim is having a major moment this year, and the more denim you can rock at the same time, the more fashionable you'll look. Of course, not everyone loves the whole denim-on-denim trend, but if you do, a great show trend to test out this summer is a pair of denim sandals.

Iconic 2000s sneakers

Y2K fashion has been trending for a while, and this year is no different. Because of that, rocking a pair of sneakers that were popular in the early 2000s is super on-trend. So if you can get your hands on sneakers like New Balance 574s, Reebok Classics, Vans Old Skool, or Puma Suedes, this summer is the time to show them off.

Red Mary Janes

Mary Janes are a classic shoe that many might already own, and this summer, they are having a comeback. If you don't have a pair and you're looking to get one, consider opting for a bright red high heel instead of the classic black option — just to make the shoe feel a tad bit more modern.

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals were very popular in the late 2000s, and even though a more minimalist style of sandals has been popular since, the gladiators are back for this summer. A pair that laces up all the way to your knee will take any outfit to the next level. Just be aware that you can get tan lines on your legs from them, so maybe don't pick them for those sunny days when you know you'll be outside a lot.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats used to be the shoe for a girly girl, but this year that's changing. After all, they are super comfortable and very subtle, which actually makes them perfect for any fashion style. If you want them edgier, go for a simple black pair; if you want them to match your vintage maximalist aesthetic, pick a patterned pair in earthy tones; and if you want the drama, go for a fun metallic pair.

Platform flip-flops

Platform flip-flops are another late '90s and early aughts trend that is slowly coming back, and honestly — there's no denying that they make standard flip-flops way more fashionable. For a look like this, the bigger and more exaggerated the platform is, the better. After all, this style is all about achieving Bratz Dolls' proportions.

Bulky pastel clogs

Clogs are the type of summer shoe that you either hate or love, and that is totally okay. If you do like the look of them, going for a fun pastel color is an easy way to make clogs look more daring and playful and less nurse-like.

Chuck Taylors

'80s punk and '90s grunge fashion and beauty are currently having a revival, and what shoe fits both aesthetics better than a pair of classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars? Even though any color or style of this shoe is an option, the classic black ones are the most versatile choice.

Glitter slides

No summer shoe wardrobe is complete without a comfy pair of slides that you can rock while sightseeing in a city or chilling by the pool. Since 2023 is all about bold choices, a great way to upgrade your classic slides is to go for a glittery pair. Besides, a bit of sparkle will make even the most casual outfit seem more dressed up.

Chunky white sandals

This winter, chunky boots were a popular choice, and the chunkiness trend seems to have continued into the warmer days. A pair of chunky flat sandals are comfortable and unexpected, and they look particularly great with black soles and white straps, as that color combo creates a striking contrast.

Timeless pointy heels

Pointy heels are a timeless shoe that is super chic and sophisticated — and they pair just as well with pants as they do with skirts and dresses. Since they have a sharp, pointed-toe design, they also visually elongate your legs, which makes them a great choice for summer.