A Deep Dive Into TikTok's Hair Theory & If It Really Works

Whenever we want to entertain ourselves by watching random yet on-trend content, we watch videos about all the newest TikTok theories. While some are just plain weird — like the oddly popular theory that many TikTok users believe Hailey Bieber's face looks like an ear (via TikTok) — other TikTok theories are about fashion, beauty trends, and advice. For instance, we've seen many videos about TikTok's red nail theory and how it relates to the male gaze. But now, the white nail theory counters the idea that red manis attract the most attention.

Now, thanks to a popular video trend, "Hair theory" seems to be gaining as much attention as those nail theories on TikTok. To take part in this hairstyle-focused trend, TikTokers typically present ultra-brief clips of themselves in the same pose and outfit — but with varying hairstyles, such as down, up, swept to the side, and with hair accessories, including headbands. It's fun to see people flaunt so many different hairstyles in one video, but why are so many TikTok users doing this?

This theory is about how your hairstyle can affect your whole vibe

Overall, people are exploring this trend to see how rocking various hair-related looks can help them exude different vibes, even when they wear the same outfit and makeup and have the same facial expression. The trend supports the idea that your hairstyle is a crucial aspect of your look — and even your energy. Thanks to this TikTok theory, more people recognize that you can use your hair to convey a specific style or presence. "Hairstyles can reflect your personality, style, and confidence, and all of these factors can influence how people view you ... Hairstyles can also be a way to express ourselves and talk about our own personality and style," Caroline Brooks, founder of a salon/spa, told Glamour UK.

Believe it or not, many TV shows and movies have been using the idea behind hair theory before there was a TikTok trend dedicated to the concept. One TV show that brilliantly uses hairstyles to distinguish characters from each other is "The Vampire Diaries." On the beloved show, the evil, mysterious, alluring Katherine and the emotional, fearful, sweet Elena are portrayed by Nina Dobrev. As Katherine, the actress flaunts full, dramatic curls and waves. But as Elena, she has straight hair (via YouTube), making it easy for viewers to distinguish adorable Elena from mischievous Katherine.

Hair theory can also be about hair color

While the primary hair theory trend is about hairstyles, we've seen some interesting videos about how hair color can affect how you look and even how people treat you. For example, TikToker @noseriouslypleaseleave posted a video explaining a theory that light hair usually best suits people with round faces, while dark hues typically look better on people with more angular faces. The TikToker then went on to explain that her face appears somewhat round but a bit more angular from the side, and while she currently has light blonde locks, many people preferred her with darker blonde highlighted tresses.

Moreover, @sabrinasallum, another TikToker, posted a video where she discussed a hair theory involving the male gaze and found that guys acted differently toward her based on her hair's hue. She explains that she explored numerous hair colors and has received notably different reactions. She starts by saying that she found more male validation with blonde locks than with any other color. She didn't receive too many compliments on her copper tresses until after they were no longer copper. Furthermore, depending on the specific hue, she received mixed responses to her unconventional hair colors. Lastly, she didn't get much male validation with black and brown locks. However, one viewer commented, "I don't think it's the hair color. It's what fits you. I'm sure blond and copper went well with your skin color and eyes. Enhanced your features."