The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Fashionable

You know those people that just seem like they're born a fashionista? They naturally have incredible taste and can put together an impeccable outfit without so much as batting an eye. Everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to clothes, but truly fashionable individuals also have an innate sense of style that makes them trendsetters and fashion icons.


Now, if you are confused about where you stand on the fashionable scale, you can look to your zodiac sign to learn more about what could be dictating your fashion choices. There are 12 zodiac signs, and your individual sign is dictated by your birthday. Each sign has its own unique personality that can influence what they love and hate, how they act, and even how they dress.

Of course, fashion is in the eye of the beholder, and taste can vary from person to person — but some zodiac signs were just born to be fashion rulers. While for others, let's just say fashion isn't exactly their priority. Here's how the different zodiac signs rank from most to least fashionable. 

Leos are the ultimate powerhouse of fashion

Leos are definitely trendsetters, not followers. Ruled by the sun, this zodiac sign's outfits are always on fire with the latest trends and styles that secure them the number one spot on the most fashionable list. Just like their personalities, when it comes to fashion, Leos are not afraid to be the center of attention with funky colors, over-the-top arrangements, and bold and daring prints.


"Their ruler, the sun, serves as their natural spotlight," says astrologer Lisa Barretta in an interview with Best Life. In order to bask in the limelight, Leos are also drawn to elegant and high-end clothing. They simply can't resist all the glitter, fine fabric, and intricate details and will definitely shell out extra in order to stand out. The world is simply Leo's runway.

However, don't be fooled by their effortless style, as Leos love to put a lot of effort and planning into their outfits. Their wardrobe's color palette revolves around incorporating hues like red, gold, or yellow, and essentially, any striking colors that will draw attention toward them and earn them applause. They also love a sexy silhouette and a fancy outfit that screams "supermodel." Yet, regardless of what they wear, even their wildest outfits will always look stunning due to their innate confidence and incredible eye for fashion.


Libras are born to be fashion icons

It's no wonder that celebrity icons like Kim Kardashian and designers like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan are all Libras. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libras are a close second to Leo in terms of fashionable ranking. Just like the zodiac sign's symbol of the balanced scale, Libras have a balanced style that is equal parts casual and glamorous.


They also share a passion for creating a well-balanced look and understand just how to mix trending styles with classic looks, making them one of the most stylish and chic dressers. This makes their fashion taste very desirable as they know exactly what people want to see. Plus, their investment in long-lasting pieces allows them to mix and match clothes and create a diversity of outfits which is a direct representation of their quick-thinking and resourceful characteristics. 

What makes Libras the most iconic is that they romanticize everything that they wear. Perhaps this is why they're often seen in soft and romantic hues of pink and blue. Yet, regardless of whether they're wearing a pop of color or sticking to classic neutrals, you'll always want to replicate a Libra's outfit because their style is simply a work of art. 


Taurus lives for shopping luxury and high-end fashion brands

Taurus is the ultimate material girl. In other words, they love to invest in themselves, and this reflects in their impeccable fashion taste and tendency to indulge in high-quality items. It's not the Venus-ruled sign's fault that luxury and wealth consistently make them feel at ease. Perhaps this is why this sign is so drawn to brand or designer names. Their passion for all things grand and fabulous leads them to put money into all the finer things in life, especially their wardrobe.


When it comes to the style of outfits that Taurus wears, you will notice consistency. Whether edgy or boho, each Taurus will tend not to stray too far away from their individual sense of style. This bull sign might seem materialistic, but being an earth sign, they're equally as grounded and know that quality over quantity is what truly matters. This is why you can count on them to ditch fast fashion for slow fashion and splurge on a designer handbag or an expensive and long-lasting shoe rather than items that they can't get much use out of.

Aquarius invests in statement pieces that elevate their wardrobe

If there's anyone that has an eye for a standout wardrobe piece, it's Aquarius. "Quirky and ambitious trendsetters, it seems as though Aquarius can make just about anything work: loud neons, demure pastels, and everything in between," says astrologer Charlotte Kirsten in an interview with Best Life. Their unique sense of style is what earns them the fourth spot on the most fashionable scale.


You can count on this water-bearer to stay true to their curious and adventurous personality when it comes to fashion. Rather than setting or following mainstream fashion trends that Leos and Libras are on top of, Aquarians follow their own unique fashion taste.

They could care less about what's trending. Instead, you'll see them elevating a simple outfit with some standout jewelry or a one-of-a-kind handbag. In fact, this air sign is always on the search for something that no one else has. Aquarius's statement pieces truly set them apart and make them seem more fashionable than some of the other signs.

Capricorns will always look put together

Capricorns like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama are the perfect examples of how this sign is the ultimate representation of grace and elegance when it comes to fashion. Think tailored suits, classy dresses, and just about anything that will make you look grown up and like you have your life perfectly together.


This Saturn-ruled sign prefers to rock that old-money aesthetic. Through their fashion choices, Capricorns can make the world think they bring in millions of dollars with their successful, wealthy business (even if it's totally the opposite). However, this Saturn-ruled sign is never flashy or dressed in garish colors. You will most likely see them gravitating toward flattering silhouettes that are pretty conservative.

If there's one thing you should understand about Capricorns, it's that they are very traditional. So, when it comes to style, they will always prefer a classic or timeless look. A valued family heirloom like a necklace passed down for generations holds a very special place in their closet, along with tried and tested neutrals that they can mix and match for just about any occasion. Whether sporting a casual look or wearing their favorite black dress for a cocktail event, you can trust this sign looks tasteful 24/7.


Aries isn't afraid to wear a daring outfit

It's no surprise that Aries is a fire sign. This zodiac sign is not one to shy away from making a bold fashion statement. And while this on its own is worthy of applause, there are some trends (we're looking at you shoulder pads) that are better left in your closet. The good news is that you can always count on them to carry their outfit confidently.


In astrology, Aries is marked as the first zodiac sign, which helps us understand Aries' leading attitude when it comes to fashion. They are definitely the first to experiment with different fabrics and textures because of their boldness. Yet, what stops Aries from ranking higher on the fashionable list is that they deliberately choose to ignore mainstream trends.

Rather, they lean more towards a grunge or edgy aesthetic that showcases the fire within them and helps display their angst. This fashion risk can often yield them great praise due to both their fiery personality and a natural eye for sharp details. However, with this sign being a wildcard, their vision doesn't always translate into groundbreaking trends or outfits.


Pisces release their inner child through their outfits

Let's just say that the Pisces' inner child is delighted when it comes to their fashion choices. However, their outfits can run wild with different colors and patterns. For Pisces, their main aesthetic is definitely kidcore, which is essentially a playful and laid-back look that resembles the colorful patterns and vibrancy of childish clothing. For this reason, you can find the light-hearted and fun Pisces in bright colors, cartoon tees, and overalls. This directly reflects their easy-going personality and indicates that this sign never takes life (or their clothes) too seriously.


While this aesthetic can be fun to look at, it can also be overwhelming. Pisces can get extremely adventurous with their outfits — and let's just say that this isn't always the most fashionable look. The dreamy Neptune-ruled sign isn't always in touch with reality, and their spacey nature tends to carry into over-the-top bright outfits. They also often prefer to go barefoot and tend to wear some extremely childish outfits. Yet, we do admire their free spirit. You can count on a Pisces to make everything more fun, including their wardrobe.

Virgos are scared to take a fashion risk

Virgos tend to be traditional, with a gravitational pull towards classics like a pristine dress or a fitted blazer. Yet, unlike Capricorns, who always look put together in traditional outfits, Virgos don't share the same eye for fashion. They do love to look neat and orderly and prefer neutrals and tailored pieces, but often, their outfits come across as a bit boring. Plus, their fear of taking risks inhibits them from exploring various fashion styles.


The Mercury-ruled sign can be a bit uptight; however, they have the power to dress better if they simply add a bit of flair to their style. For instance, they can stay true to their feminine energy and wear a dress with some fun umbrella sleeves. Since the earth sign's power color is brown, they can stick to their neutral staples while adding colorful accessories like a bright necklace or shoes to liven up their otherwise mute wardrobe. Neutral clothing with patterns or embellishments is also a great way to add that extra something without taking a giant fashion risk.

A Sagittarian's closet is full of flashy pieces

While everyone loves a sparkly disco dress, it can get to be a bit much for everyday wear. However, this doesn't curb the Jupiter-ruled sign to start breaking all the rules of conventional fashion. Whether it's a neon green suit or a loud orange dress, they'll be the first to rock it. In order to mirror the Sagittarius fashion style, you just have to be willing to break the rules. This means not being afraid to mix and match bold patterns, indulging in all things leather, and being prepared to dress like a true daredevil. Bonus points if your outfit allows you to be sporty and adventurous to complement Sagittarius' fast-paced personality. 


While they love to dress as loudly as possible, they also love their comfort. For example, Billie Eilish is known to be a Sagittarius who embraces the casual-chic look with her oversized neon outfits. It takes a true rockstar to sport a striking look, and Sagittarius steps up to the plate. While signs like Virgos or Capricorns wouldn't be caught dead in half of a Sagittarian's closet, this sign is just too playful and fun not to sport their flashy closet.

Cancers don't consider fashion to be a priority

Cancers are the ultimate homebody. This means that comfort and coziness are their utmost priority. You can often find these moody crabs cozying up in their sweatpants or pajamas. Sentiments are also of high importance to the emotional water sign. This is why that favorite sweater that is just hanging on by a thread is still a go-to piece in their closet.


"They can emotionally attached to just about everything — look how hard it is for Cancer Selena Gomez to let Bieber go!" the Astro Twins, Tali and Ophira Edut, told Glamour in 2014. "If they have an item for more than 15 minutes, it'll have sentimental value for them." 

Despite their knack for comfort and difficulty throwing out sentimental outfits, there's still hope for Cancers to be fashionable. Their love for all things traditional can shine with a cozy quality sweater and some matching boots. They can also opt for a cozy matching set or some silk pajamas to feel right at home. But if it's between heels and Crocs, trust that a Cancer will choose comfort any day.

Geminis can often have mismatched outfits

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini's fashion sense is an extension of their twin personality. They consistently bounce between being eccentric and functional. Yet, their indecisiveness often leads to them being torn between two different outfits. The result is a mismatched outfit that is just not so fashionable. However, Geminis are understood to be intellectual, creative, and imaginative. And this unique personality is definitely reflected in their fashion choices.


The good news is that this sign can live off of a pair of jeans and sneakers. Thus, Geminis are not too preoccupied with appearances. Yet, they can also easily utilize their creativity to rank higher on the fashionable scale if they simply make up their minds on what type of style they want to adhere to. The problem is that this zodiac sign hates repeating their clothes and can never compromise on the "right" outfit.

But you can count on a Gemini to not restrict their fashion choices or individuality. Instead, they love trying out emerging designers, vibrant colors, and whimsical patterns. Accessories are always a must for this air sign, and since they can't decide on one, they will simply include them all. So, even when their outfit seems off, we do commend them for always being so adventurous.


Scorpios wear whatever they want whenever they want

Last but definitely not least is the fearless Scorpio. If there's one thing you should know about this sign, it's that they are fiercely independent. This means doing what they want whenever they feel like it. They will wear ripped denim shorts to a formal event if it means staying true to themselves. This sign truly does not care about following trends, or even setting them. Their unconventional style means that they can often be regarded as part of the least fashionable bunch. 


"Scorpios freak out others with their ability to land on their feet no matter what happens," says astrologer Linda Berry in an interview with Best Life. And this sign's scary and misunderstood reputation also translates into their closets. It's often as though a Scorpio is wearing a Halloween costume on a daily basis. They try to be sleek and sexy with their silky fabrics and daring silhouettes, yet their eerie and gothic style can be a little too intense and, as a result, scare others.

Intense makeup looks or accessories are almost always added to match their clothes. They also have an air of mystery about them that is dramatized through their dark and eccentric clothing. Luckily, this confident fire sign could care less about their intimidating outfits and decide to always stay true to themselves and their style, regardless of what anyone thinks.