Is It Ever A Good Idea To Get A Tattoo With Your Beau? An Expert Weighs In

Of course, it's a story nearly as old as time. A couple meets, falls in love, gets tattoos together, falls out of love, and then lives with a painful, regretful reminder of their failed relationship for the rest of their life. But does it really have to be this way? Is there a way to experience getting a tattoo with your partner that isn't as likely to end up causing distress if the relationship ends years down the road?


Glam asked professional tattoo artist Chris Hernandez of NumbMyTattoo for his take on couples going under the tattoo gun together. After years of observing, advising, and serving couples who wish to commemorate their unique relationship with matching tattoos, he had quite a lot to say on the matter. Here's everything you need to know about what a professional really thinks about clients who decide to get a tattoo with their romantic partners.  

Consider the meaning

When it comes to getting a tattoo with your significant other, Chris Hernandez says that the likelihood of experiencing serious regret over your choice boils down to the design. "Before you and your sweetheart rush into getting inked together," he advises, "take a step back and consider the long haul. I always advise my clients to choose a design that's not only meaningful to both of them, but also one that can stand proudly on its own if things don't work out."


Rather than choosing a symbol that has a specific significance to your relationship — like the type of flower featured at your wedding — select one that holds both shared and individual significance. For example, if you discovered on your first date that you're both lifelong Star Wars fans, you could ask your tattoo artist to draw up matching Yoda tattoos. Even if the relationship eventually ends, the tattoo will still have relevance to both of you — and serve as more than just a reminder of your relationship and breakup. 

Try out a temporary option

If you and your partner are toying with the idea of getting tattoos together, there's no reason to rush into such a permanent decision. "If you're still keen on commemorating your connection," Chris Hernandez suggests, "why not try a temporary tattoo? These beauties give you the chance to revel in your love story without the lifetime commitment." Semi-permanent tattoo technologies can now last up to two weeks and are basically indistinguishable from the real thing.


In the end, the choice to tattoo or not tattoo is up to you — and your partner, of course. "The decision to get a tattoo with your beau is deeply personal," Hernandez advises. "Just make sure you're both on the same page and remember that inking your love is a choice that should be made with your eyes wide open." You do you, folks. Just make sure you're being completely honest and realistic, with both your partner and yourself.