Bright And Poppy Chartreuse Is Having A Manicure Moment

Spring has fully sprung and that means the grass and trees are finally returning to their beautiful state of vibrant, living green. During early spring, this natural shade of green features a mixture of yellow running throughout, creating a lovely shade of chartreuse. Whether it's due to the seasonal appropriateness or the influence of HBO's hit show, "The White Lotus," chartreuse nails are now having a moment.

If green is a little bolder than you tend to go with your manicures, there is no better time than the present to take a risk on a new look. Chartreuse comes in a multitude of saturations and finishes and you can definitely find one that works for you. Here are a few of the best examples of chartreuse nails to inspire you to step out of the box the next time you visit the salon or head out to shop for a new nail polish. 

Classic solid

If you're ready to jump headfirst into the chartreuse pool, grab your favorite shade and go for a solid manicure in your favorite shape and length. Once you get an idea of how you feel about the color against your skin tone and wardrobe, you can consider more adventurous versions (or not — classics are called timeless for a reason!) 

French tips

If a classic full chartreuse nail isn't for you, consider a modern chartreuse twist on a French tip instead. You can rock this style in any shape or length you choose, but this particular combination of a long length and coffin shape is truly and undeniably all-day slaying.


Afraid of bold colors but finding yourself uncharacteristically tempted to jump headfirst onto the chartreuse trend bandwagon? Go for a muted pastel version of the color. The hue is perfect for spring and an excellent way to ease your way into more unconventional nail colors if you so choose. 

Floral overlay

Looking to really honor the rebirth of the spring greenery with your manicure? Consider a shimmery shade of chartreuse with delicate floral or plant-themed nail art accents. Tiny vines, leaves, and flowers are the perfect accompaniment for such a color that is so inspired by Mother Nature's beauty.  

Spring pastel palette

If you're the type who believes that more is more, it may suit you to incorporate shades of chartreuse into a multi-dimensional spring manicure that features a mixture of solid nails, marble techniques, ombré color blending, and green floral accents. If you're really looking for that extra pop, add in a few gems and some gold leaf. 

Short and sassy

Short nails are making a major comeback in 2023. You can make up for a short nails' limited surface area by showcasing a different chartreuse look on each nail by incorporating some nails with solid color, some with solid glitter, and a combination of solid chartreuse and glitter chartreuse French tips on others.

Gold accents

Chartreuse is a beautiful, nature-based color that can sometimes lack the aspect of luxury and glamour. It's easy enough to add this element, though, by adding a simple glam accent nail on each hand. Thanks to the yellow tones of chartreuse, gold makes the perfect warm, uplifting accent hue. Go with a chrome or glitter finish for extra pizazz.