Navy Sheets Are The Biggest Red Flag, According To TikTok

Stepping into a man's home for the first time can kind of be like stepping into his mind. You get to see another side of him you may have not witnessed while sipping drinks together at dinner. First, there are the obvious signs that he's likely unfaithful, like if there are two toothbrushes sitting on his bathroom sink or a hamper of underwear that surely don't fit him.


Then, there are the other subtle red flags. Comedian Carly Aquilino has joked on her podcast, "Secret Keepers Club," that men without bath mats are among "the worst" people she's ever known. On Reddit, daters say dirty toilets, an empty refrigerator, and futon-style sofas speak volumes about a guy (and not in a good way).

If you make it through a man's bathroom and kitchen without spotting any major warning signs, eventually, you might find yourself heading to his bedroom. But there's another potential red flag waiting there too: his sheets. Specifically, navy sheets are a sign that it's time to end your Netflix-and-chill night early and run home, according to TikTok. Here's why dark blue sheets might be a huge red flag.


TikTokers say not to trust men with navy sheets

After watching a few TikTok clips about navy sheets, the consensus quickly becomes clear: A man with navy blue sheets on his bed isn't relationship material. "Never trust a man with navy blue sheets," remarks one TikToker named Ali. Another influencer, Audrey Peters, explains in a video that men with navy sheets don't wash their bedding, push their bed in the corner of the room (another red flag, according to TikTok), and are usually finance bros whose favorite movie is "The Wolf of Wall Street."


Really, it's not the sheets themselves that are the problem — it's what they represent. Based on anecdotal evidence, the women (and some men) of TikTok have concluded that there's a stereotype associated with the navy-sheet aesthetic. A man's choice of bed linen, these creators argue, can suggest whether he's the responsible boyfriend type or an immature F-boy who's only willing to offer the bare minimum.

What navy sheets really say about a potential partner

If navy blue sheets are such a red flag, why do they seem to be so ubiquitous among young, single men? It likely has nothing to do with a guy's character or relationship goals. "I think navy sheets are popular among men because, and I'm generalizing here, maybe men don't feel the need to wash their sheets as much?" Mary Beth Barone, a comedian and creator of the show "Drag His Ass: A F***boy Treatment Program," told InsideHook. "Navy helps in this effort to strip the bed and wash the sheets as little as possible since navy is a dark color, it doesn't pick up stains and spots." So maybe navy sheets say more about a guy's hygiene habits than his relationship tendencies (though, depending on your personal deal breakers, that could be just as important).


David Quarles IV, an interior designer, also believes navy blue sheets may just be a safe, comforting choice for men who don't know much about color theory and bedroom design. "They're the most basic color that's offered," he shared with Apartment Therapy. "[Stores] will always have navy — it's just common and easy. [...] It makes the cut for the run-of-the-mill guy not really paying attention to the aesthetic."

If you're looking for a man who's into interior design and spotless linens, navy bedding may be a red flag. Otherwise, don't be so quick to judge a guy by the color of his sheets.