The Zodiac Signs That Are Best At The Art Of Seduction

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Seduction is exciting — some people even view it as invigorating. There's arguably nothing as satisfying as putting on a hot outfit and knowing all the right words to say to turn on your partner — or a consenting stranger — leading to fun or passionate sexual activity. Of course, everyone has different turn-ons and methods of seduction. For some people, seduction is mostly about looking sexy. For others, it's more of a game, and they might enjoy spicing the situation up through clever dialogue or even role-play. Society is fascinated by seduction, to the point where many people obsess over "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene; the book covers the various seduction styles and techniques.


But no matter how many tricks you may study, some people are naturally better seducers than others — it just comes easier to them. For instance, confidence is crucial for powerful seduction, so confident people tend to be better seducers than insecure individuals. Someone's zodiac sign can also determine how seductive they are, and these signs are naturals at the art of seduction.

Charming, irresistible Libra

Libras rarely even have to try to seduce anyone, as people belonging to this sign will likely succeed in seduction by just being themselves. "They are expert listeners and conversationalists, and really know how to get other people to open up ... Charming, clever, and fun, they use their wit and charm to seduce anyone who crosses their path," Lauren Ash, an astrologer and culture writer, told Best Life. So if you meet a Libra at a bar tonight and they seem to be attracted to you, don't be surprised if you end up in bed with them by next week; no one can resist that lovable Libra energy.


You should note that we keep using the word "charming" rather than "sexy" when talking about Libras and seduction. Libra's seduction is typically more about charm than sex appeal. When a Libra seduces you, chances are, you won't be thinking, "They're so hot, I can't wait to see their body." Even if that Libra is smoking "hot," you'll probably be thinking something more along the lines of, "This person is so fun to be around that I don't want this night to end; I'm already super ready to be intimate with them, even if we just met." Thus, rather than using good looks, sexy clothes, or provocative dance moves to captivate you, a Libra will likely seduce you with an adorable laugh and a great conversation.


Scorpios, of course

You probably saw this coming from a mile away, but Scorpios must be on this list. If the first word that pops into your head when you hear "Scorpio" is "sexy," you aren't wrong. "Traditionally, each zodiac sign is connected to a part of the body and Scorpio rules the genitals ... It's also traditionally ruled by the planet of passion and primal energy, Mars; and its modern ruler is Pluto, the planet of magnetism," Tamerri Ater, an astrologer and founder of Gift of the Nile Wellness, told Bustle. Scorpios naturally exude sexual and attractive energy; it's just how they are. They're those characters in the movies who can give someone the right look to turn them on in seconds.


Seduction is powerful, so it's no surprise that Scorpio is one of the most powerful zodiac signs. Sometimes a Scorpio will flirt with you a tiny bit to get one thing from you, and you'll end up obsessed with them. And after sex with a Scorpio, you might never again experience such a passionate, satisfying night. If a Scorpio seduces you, it'll likely be an experience you'll never forget — like, ever.

Strategic Capricorns

Everyone knows that Capricorns are ruled by their ambition, as people belonging to this sign are famously determined and hardworking. Thus, Capricorns won't slack off in any department of their lives, including seduction. If they want to seduce someone, you can expect them to pull out all stops to turn on their crush or partner, whether that includes witty banter, romantic gestures, or wearing sexy lingerie. Capricorns might not be as naturally seductive as Libras, but Capricorns are intelligent and unstoppable at anything they put their minds to — including seduction. Therefore, people belonging to this sign typically end up strategically and successfully seducing their romantic interests or one-night stands.


"Capricorn is a very sexy dominant sign ... Just like with work, they bring that same level of dedication to their bedroom activities," Maria Sofia Marmanides, an astrologer and author, told Well + Good. And don't expect a Capricorn's devotion to seducing you to stop once they get you into the bedroom. Capricorns won't stop working hard — if you know what we mean — until you're satisfied, making them fun and exciting sexual partners.

Affectionate Aries

The wild, intense, sex-positive Aries sign typically loves a challenge, so it's no surprise that people belonging to this sign enjoy seducing people. "This sign is all about the chase ... Not to be outdone by any potential suitors, Aries love over-the-top displays of affection ... lavish dates, surprise gifts, and flowers," Lauren Ash told Best Life. People belonging to the Aries sign often have a competitive side, so if you have an Aries in your romantic roster, you can expect them to vie for you as if they were a contestant on "The Bachelorette." Be sure to let the Aries know if their daring seduction techniques make you uncomfortable, as that wouldn't be their intention; it's just a typical Aries instinct to go all out. Moreover, you must remember that just because an Aries puts a lot of effort into seducing you doesn't mean they'll stick around forever.


Aries usually aren't the type to be shy or nervous, so expect them to be confident in their seduction techniques, whether that includes confidently asking you to spend the night or giving you a private strip tease in your room. An Aries can use their competitive confidence to win anyone over, and they might treat seduction like a game of cat and mouse.