Why You Should Wear Your Crystal Rings On Your Left Hand (Because Yes, It Matters)

You've likely heard that each finger is symbolic of certain qualities and that wearing a ring on that finger greatly amplifies those powers — like the index finger representing Jupiter and boosting your self-confidence and leadership abilities (via Giardinoblu). But, perhaps you haven't given much thought to your crystal ring placement and simply go with whichever finger it fits. However, in order to harness the healing powers of the crystals you don, it actually does matter which hand you place them on.


According to energy workers, the left hand receives energy and the right gives it away. So, if you're wearing a powerful rose quartz ring on your right hand, the heart healing energy of that crystal is actually being sent outward — which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps you'd like to send those positive vibes into the world. But, if you're hoping to align your own heart chakra and cultivate the loving energy of the rose quartz crystal, then you want to wear the powerful stone on your left hand. Let's take a closer look at why you should wear crystal rings on your left hand.

The left hand represents creativity and receptivity

The left hand is considered to be the more feminine, yin hand and is deeply tied to the ways we create in the world. In some spiritual schools of thought, the left side of the body is how we attract — whether we are attracting abundance, opportunities, gratitude, relationships, or joy. Wearing crystal rings on your left fingers is all about attracting and receiving the immense powers of those crystals into your life.


And yes, this is relevant to the tradition of wearing engagement rings on the left hand. The ancient Romans believed a vein flowed directly from the left ring finger to the heart, making it the love vein, per Lamon Jewelers. If you're wondering which crystals in particular would be best to wear on the left hand, check out amethyst, fluorite, citrine, and malachite. These crystals are known to increase peace, harmony, and mysticism. So, in order to amplify the peace in your life, try wearing an amethyst ring on your left hand for a few days and take note of how you feel.

The left side of the body absorbs energy

Not only does this philosophy apply to rings; bracelets or anklets would also be best worn on the left side to increase receptivity. Our empathy is increased when healing crystals are worn on the left side as this is where energy flows to us. Wearing crystal rings and bracelets on the left absorbs the energy of whatever powers the crystals hold. It's said that our subconscious is more receptive when we're sleeping, so wearing healing crystal rings, bracelets, or anklets at night while sleeping would also increase the absorption of their powers (via Village Rock Shop).


The chakras can also be aligned and cleansed when we wear healing crystals on the receptive side of our bodies , as we're more sensitive to these frequencies than we might realize. Alternatively, if we need to release negative or stagnant energy, some say that wearing healing crystals on the right side of the body is an effective way to do so — which would make sense as this is the side that expels energy. Either way, be sure to listen to your intuition and take note of how your crystals impact your energy when you're wearing them, left or right.