5 Zodiac Signs That Have Two Ruling Planets & What That Means

If you're anything of an astrology fan, you likely know that each sign of the zodiac has a planetary ruler and is influenced by the characteristics of that planet. The ruling planets may be overlooked at times when it comes to the basic reading of the birth chart, but their impact on our cosmic thumbprints is actually highly important and should certainly be taken into consideration. While most of the zodiac signs have a solitary ruling planet, there are five that have two ruling planets: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces.


So what exactly does this mean? Essentially, these planets have an ancient ruler and a modern ruler. Originally, some signs shared a planetary ruler, and then as additional planets were discovered, they were assigned to the zodiac signs that embodied their essence.

If you're wondering which planet impacts your cosmic layout the most, it's the planet that rules your rising sign. If you have a Leo rising, for example, then your chart ruler is the sun, as it's the planetary ruler of Leo. "The ruling planet can show you how to fully embody your life with wholeness and purpose," transformational astrologer Corina Crysler told Well + Good. "Your birth chart can tell you so many different things about your soul's mission and who you are, but your planet ruler can be used as the starting point of understanding what that means for your journey."



The ancient ruler of the luxurious, feminine zodiac sign Taurus is Venus — however, when the large asteroid Ceres was discovered, it was assigned to Taurus as the modern ruler. The asteroid is considered a dwarf planet and is one of the most massive objects in our solar system's asteroid belt. What makes Ceres so fitting as a ruler of Taurus is its representation of the tangible world — mother nature, money, physical comfort, and possessions.


These qualities are also aligned with the sensual symbolism of Venus, so both planetary rulers sum up the energy of the sign quite beautifully. These qualities make Taurus one of the most sensual signs. Venus is also associated with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. If you're a Taurus rising, chances are high that you are the pure expression of earthy sensuality and luxuriousness. Those with this placement are also typically creative, resourceful, calm, reserved, stylish, and a bit self-indulgent.


While the modern ruler of Virgo isn't actually a planet, but rather a comet, Chiron expresses some key qualities of the down-to-earth zodiac sign. Virgos have a tendency to fall into caretaker roles, and that's just what Chiron represents: the wounded healer. The ancient ruler of Virgo is Mercury, the planet of communication. While these two rulers are quite different, you might find that many Virgo risings embody the qualities of both planets.


If you're a Virgo rising, you likely have healing abilities (serving as emotional support counts!), and others may turn to you for wisdom. Virgo is also represented by the goddess Demeter, who embodies harvest and fertility. This is symbolic of health, bounty, and wholeness, which the Virgo archetype also finds in Chiron, healing the wounds and making us whole again. Virgo risings are also detail-oriented and work diligently behind the scenes. They tend to be a bit serious and notice when something is off in their environment or relationship — likely courtesy of their excellent observation and communication skills, which is that ruling Mercury influence coming through.


The ancient ruler of Scorpio is fiery Mars, but the modern ruler is the planet of the subconscious: Pluto. Just as Scorpio is arguably the most mysterious and complex of the zodiac signs, its rulers are also a bit enigmatic. Scorpio is shaped by Pluto's innate depth and curious nature, as well as the drive and ambition of Mars. We may think we know the sign, but in reality, we can't be so sure. The Scorpio rising placement comes with its challenges, as it represents transformation through obstacles and conflict. However, people with a Scorpio rising sign are often able to assist others in their own rebirth and are also magnetic personalities with great allure.


Pluto and Mars are powerful rulers, and having their influence in your birth chart makes for a complex cosmic makeup. When it comes to the ancient gods and goddesses, Scorpio can be summed up by the Hindu goddess of death and sexuality, Kali. Symbolizing both creation and destruction, Kali is a fitting symbol for Scorpio, who is on the same path, embodying both the destructive capabilities of Mars and the transformative rebirth aspects of Pluto.


The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, the planet of restriction and discipline, and if you know anything about astrology, you can likely guess why that didn't last too long. Rebellious and original Aquarius was better suited to a more forward-thinking ruler — Uranus, which is known for being unpredictable. Aquarius risings are eccentric beings who can't help but challenge the status quo. They're the activists and changemakers of the zodiac wheel, leading us into a new world.


They are innovative and essentially living in the future while the rest of us try to catch up. Aquarius is embodied by the titan god Prometheus, who rebelled against the Olympian gods to bring the innovation of fire to humankind. You'll see shades of that in people with an Aquarius rising: This visionary placement has an innate ability to see how we can best evolve — which does take a certain amount of self-discipline, so a ruling planet of Saturn isn't a total miss for this one. Saturn also happens to be the ruler of Capricorn, and most would agree that's a far better fit for the hardworking, stoic earth sign.


Pisces is one of the signs with two planetary rulers who truly embodies them both; Neptune is the modern ruler of the sign, and Jupiter is the ancient ruler. Pisces is known for its dreamy, spiritual nature and psychic abilities — which happens to be almost exactly what Neptune represents. Meanwhile, Jupiter is the planet of luck and spiritual growth, which certainly encapsulates ethereal Pisces also.


The symbol of Pisces — the two fish swimming in opposite directions — is quite key here. It's said this shows the duality of the sign; one fish is swimming toward fantasy and the other toward reality, one toward the internal and the other toward the external, or one toward heaven and the other to the underworld or deep into the depths of the psyche. This could be interpreted as metaphoric of the two appropriate ruling planets assigned to Pisces: expansive, present Jupiter and mysterious, dreamy Neptune.

People with Pisces rising signs are pure and oftentimes a bit naive. They may struggle to stand their ground and become enmeshed with whoever they're in the presence of. They may seem a bit sleepy or confused, but they also tend to be adored and respected, a perfect mix of the energies of Neptune and Jupiter.