The Best Crystals For Love And Relationships

Different crystals have different benefits, but they all seem to work through vibrations, or by how our body and mind connect to them. They are used for healing, both physical and emotional. But there's more to the use of crystals than just feeling their energy. Colors have meaning as well. The color psychology of crystals aligns not only with our chakras but also with the feelings and energy that colors — even those not found in the rainbow — evoke, such as protective black.


When it comes to love and relationship crystals, there are a few colors to focus on, which include red, pink, green, blue, and even orange or yellow. Red is for love and passion, pink is for self-love, green is for the heart chakra, blue opens the throat chakra and betters communication, and orange and yellow are both passionate and creative colors. Let's look at some beneficial crystals and how to use them to enhance your love life.

Where to use your crystals for love and relationships

When it comes to using crystals in your life, there are all sorts of things you can do with them. Some crystals work best when you keep them close to you or they are touching a certain part of your body, such as using heart chakra healing crystals on a necklace pendant. You can also hold crystals in your hands and meditate with them — or even hold your partner's hand with the crystals to better connect together.


Some crystals work best in certain rooms of the house, so when it comes to love and relationships, you want to use them in spaces where you want to enhance the love. These include bedrooms, where a crystal meant to enhance romance and intimacy would do well; and family rooms and shared vehicles, where a crystal that works to open communication may be helpful.

Rose quartz

When it comes to love, rose quartz is the first crystal that pops into many people's minds. Not only is this a great stone for relationships, but it is also excellent for self-love. Rose quartz also helps with emotional healing, which means that you can use it to heal emotional issues within your relationships. This healing crystal also helps bring joy into your heart, which can be beneficial in many ways.


Consider meditating on rose quartz together during times of struggle in your relationship. Keep it in the bedroom to promote more love between you and your partner and for yourself. If you are in need of some calm time alone, take rose quartz with you to focus on more joy and love in your heart and your relationship. You may even want to wear a rose quartz jewelry piece or carry a heart-shaped stone as a reminder of your love.


Amazonite is kind of a bluish-green color, very much looking like the water it represents. As a watery stone, it's excellent in love and relationships because it reminds us to be more fluid. The more flexible you are in a relationship, the easier it is to come to agreements and balance things. Because of its color, this stone is very much connected to the throat chakra, which is all about communication.


If you and your partner are having trouble talking to each other, or if you struggle to get your point across, keep a piece of Amazonite on you. Use it in meditations to help clear your throat chakra, even when you and your partner are meditating together. You can keep your Amazonite in a place where it is visible as a constant reminder to work on being open and speaking about what you need in your relationship to feel happy and equal.


Another delightfully pink crystal (though it does come in some other colors) to help you embrace your inner love as well as share love outwardly is Rhodochrosite, an energizing heart chakra stone. If your relationship (or your heart) is filled with emotional clutter, this is the crystal that can help you clear all of that baggage away so that you can find peace and happiness again. Keep it in your pocket as a worry stone or wear it on a necklace to embrace its heart-happy effects.


When you're feeling down, whether it's from a bad day or because you and your partner aren't getting along, holding a chunk of Rhodochrosite is a sure way to vibrate with positive energy – and we know positivity can be contagious. When it comes to increasing positivity, keep your Rhodochrosite crystal where everyone can see it in your home to help spread the joy far and wide.

Green tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a stone many choose to turn to when it comes to needing protection, but this crystal comes in a few different colors, too. The green option is beautiful and it's hard not to smile when you look at this shiny gem. With its earthy green coloring, it's an excellent heart chakra stone.


A true heart-healing crystal, green tourmaline will help you connect with nature and find growth. It will help open your heart more, and heal any heartaches you're dealing with. Because it's a masculine stone, it can assist in issues with men — so be sure to enlist it when you are having problems with a male partner. Keep this green crystal close to your heart or carry it somewhere on you to reap the most benefits. It will enhance your senses, and help you feel more connected to the natural world around you.


Kunzite is a pretty pink stone, which is more expensive the pinker it is. Darker pink kunzite kind of looks like bubblegum. Whether pale or perfectly pink, kunzite is an apt stone for both physical and emotional heart health. Keep kunzite near the organ to help strengthen it. It also connects to your crown chakra, since it comes in pale pink colors that nearly look white. 


For emotional healing, kunzite is said to be great for unconditional love. If you struggle in this department, keep Kunzite nearby to help open you up more. Kunzite is also a calming stone, so it's worth having around when there is turmoil in your relationship. This stone can help you and your partner speak more from the heart and be more understanding of one another. It's worthwhile to keep kunzite in your bedroom where it can keep your heart warm and open to yourself and your partner.

Green aventurine

The stone of opportunity, as green aventurine is known as, is very much linked to money and the heart chakra, but it also brings the owner good luck. Good luck doesn't have to be just in one avenue of your life, and if you're hoping to manifest love and a healthy relationship, this is definitely a crystal you should have in your arsenal. If you're older and looking for love, this crystal also helps draw love in our more advanced years.


Meditate with green aventurine to both open your heart chakra to self-love and external love, and also to use its manifesting abilities. This soothing stone can also be beneficial when you and your partner are butting heads. Keep your crystal in the room(s) where you most often have your spats (including in your vehicle). Focus on the crystal to allow its calming essence to ground you until you can both speak rationally again and work things out.


Venus is the Roman goddess of love, and Chrysoprase is known as her stone — in putting two and two together, you can see why we've included this crystal in our collection. Its beautiful green color made it a popular choice for jewelry during ancient times and it was also very popular during the Art Nouveau movement. It almost gives off a sense of royalty.


As a green stone, Chrysoprase is connected to the heart chakra, but it is often used as an aid in healing broken hearts. If you've been through a breakup and are yearning for healing and moving on, keep this crystal with you. Where do you find yourself crying the most about your loss? Keep your crystal there to help you cope. This emotional stone will help you feel more open to others, and it is great for increasing self-esteem. Enjoy the self-love that will open you up to more happiness.


If you think that moldavite looks like a stone from an alien planet, you'd sort of be right. Moldavite was created by a meteor that hit millions of years ago, and because it isn't super common, it's a bit of a pricy stone to own. The good thing is, this crystal is good luck, so perhaps you'll get your money back once you add one to your collection. As far as love goes, this green stone will bring you luck there as well.


Its heart chakra connection makes it an excellent choice for emotional healing. Moldavite will chase away negativity in your life and help you find happiness in your relationship. Be aware, if you use this powerful healing crystal during meditation, it could bring up some trauma from your past that you will want to work through. Luckily, this crystal will keep you protected while you find your balance again.


Peridot is a delightful green crystal but sometimes has a yellow hue. This heart chakra-centered stone can also help open your solar plexus, which will help boost self-esteem. Peridot helps attract abundance to your life, which can fill it with love. It is also associated with joy, which is tied to its yellow hue and the grounding energy of green.


If you're feeling closed off to love, Peridot will help you open up. Expect your love to grow in leaps and bounds when you start keeping Peridot near your heart. As a stone believed to ward off negativity and evil, you can expect it to help protect your heart from people who may not have your best interests in mind. It can help you deal with jealousy, that green-eyed monster, as well. Carry Peridot in your pocket to get all of its wonderful benefits and keep it where you get ready for dates for a boost in confidence.


Sodalite is referred to as the logic stone and may help you be more logical when it comes to matters of the heart. Allow it to let you see things in a clearer light and tap into your intuition to help you stay on the page as your partner. Plus, because of sodalite's gorgeous blend of white and blue, it is not only good for the throat chakra, but also the crown chakra. Open your mind to bringing in love and compassion on a higher level.


Use sodalite with your throat chakra to make it easier to speak with and understand those closest to you. By learning to communicate with more compassion and understanding, it will be easier to work through issues that arise in your relationships. Communication is by far one of the most important things to master in any romantic or platonic partnership, and keeping this crystal on you or in your presence will help.


Aquamarine is a watery stone that will help you find luck and love, and perhaps be more easygoing too. This stone has a few interesting stories behind it, from turning enemies into friends and allowing safe journeys at sea, to being used as scrying balls in divination. It is also believed to be a treasure of mermaids.


If you are looking for love, this lucky stone is sure to attract someone to you. If you're having problems in a current relationship, it can evoke harmony between the two of you. As a stone connected the throat chakra, aquamarine is excellent for opening up the lines of communication, no matter how heated things have become. This fluid stone looks gorgeous in jewelry, but you can also carry it in your pocket or keep a crystal in spaces where you need more clarity for communication. Consider placing one on your coffee table or even your nightstand.

Moss agate

Think of how you feel when you go for a walk in the mossy woods — the refreshing fresh air and the clearness that comes to your head as you breathe in the scents of nature. This is what moss agate does, from the vibrations of one small stone. It is a soothing crystal that has a deep connection to nature.


Because it's a green stone, moss agate is fantastic for healing your heart chakra, whether you're in need of mending past trauma, finding self-love, or opening yourself up more to love from another. Its calming abilities make it great for balancing moods, so keep it in the bathroom to reflect on during relaxing baths after a long day. Or you can wear it to keep yourself feeling loved and feeling grounded. To aid in finding peace in your relationship, keep it in shared spaces or even gift it to that special someone.


Azurite is a strikingly beautiful blue stone that will open up your throat chakra so that you can not only communicate better with those around you but also with yourself. This crystal is a breath of fresh air , allowing oxygen to flow through your body and brain after a deep dive into your own soul. It's a crystal that was loved by the Ancient Egyptians, who often used various blue and gold crystals in their jewelry and art. 


Azurite's rich blue hue makes it a great stone for your third eye chakra, as well. That means that it connects you on a deeper level, which could help you grow a stronger bond with your partner or open up communication on a soul level. Meditate with azurite to get deep down into the core issues of your own trauma to help fix things that may be affecting your current relationships. This stone is also used to clear chakra energy breaks and can open you up more on many levels.

Fire opal

When you think of a raging fire, deep down within the soul, you likely think of passion. Passion drives us in so many ways, from pushing us to business success to throwing us into the arms of love. Fire opal is just the fiery crystal you need to push you to grab the reins and go. Ready for new love? Grab this stone. Need more passion in your current relationship? Stick some fire opal in your bedroom.


With red, orange, and yellow all blended together, you get a triple hit on your lower three chakras, which is great for sexual energy, balanced emotions, and increased self-esteem. Fire opal is a great choice to wear when you're out on the town looking for a new love — it's sure to draw attention. Perhaps you can even increase your chances of getting hits on dating apps by wearing fire opal jewelry in your photos.


With a name like Bloodstone, it's easy to imagine this crystal will get your blood pumping. It is another healing stone that has been used for centuries, from healing remedies to protection in battle. Bloodstone is green, perfect for the heart chakra, but the red splatters on it look like blood (hence the name) and give it a connection to the balancing root chakra as well. 


This stone of courage will help you find the strength you need to work through the most difficult challenges in your relationships. A cleansing stone (and not just for your blood), Bloodstone will also help you get through any misunderstandings without things blowing too out of proportion. Keep Bloodstone on you or keep it in an area where you and your significant other spend most of your time together, even in the bedroom to keep the heart pumping. It's also great during meditation for balance and self-love.

Shiva lingam

We saved the best for last. Shiva Lingam's shape lends it to some jokes, but it definitely has its place on this list as a stone of fertility and love. It is also a healing stone that lends itself to balance in all aspects of life and helps increase self-esteem. Because it is smooth, it's also great to use as a worry stone.


Shiva Lingam got its name because of its connection to Indian god Lord Shiva in Hinduism and is believed to be a symbol of his phallus, which is why it is such a powerful fertility crystal. On top of that, the Lingam part of the name is representative of the cosmic egg, a creation story in multiple cultures. Use this crystal to help you create the relationship you want, from both emotional and physical standpoints. Whether or not you're trying to have a baby, this crystal can birth all sorts of good things in your life when used in meditation.