Everything You Need To Know About Asteroids In Astrology

When you get your natal chart done, it is filled with so much information, and depending on how detailed it is, you're likely to find a few asteroids on it. At the least, you'll see your Chiron and Lilith signs. The asteroids, by name, are connected to the archetypes of the Greek and Roman pantheons — which is where many of their meanings come from in astrology readings. There are more than 12,000 asteroids out there, but we're not going to look at all of them!

As archetypes, the asteroids symbolize what will happen in our lives in conjunction with the former lives of these mythologic symbols. What each of these archetypes went through in their stories is what the asteroid in your chart relates to, from love to health, and helps you discover who you really are inside. Take a look at the importance of asteroids, how to find yours, and what 14 of the most prominent asteroids mean in our birth charts.

Why asteroids are important in astrology

Asteroids include minor planets, also sometimes referred to as dwarf planets. Some of these planets are located in a place called the Kuiper Belt, which is given two distinct areas — an inner belt that is sometimes called the underworld and an outer belt considered to be the universe's creation. You'll understand more about this as you learn about the different asteroids and what they mean in your life. Though not all asteroids are in the Kuiper Belt, most of them are found in what is called the asteroid belt. But what makes these leftover planets of the past so important in astrology readings?

Just like the major planets connected to our astrology signs, which tell us what could happen in our lives, these minor planets give us more details on things like our relationships and emotions. The more you understand the different aspects of these asteroids, the more you'll understand the struggles and successes you've had in life that have made you who you are.

How to find your asteroids

The one way to find out which asteroids were where at your time of birth is through a natal chart reading.  Because there are thousands of asteroids, as we mentioned, not all of them will show up on your chart, though you can do some research on your own to try to figure out more of them. Imagine what our charts would look like if we tried to fit every single one of them on there!

Rather than sticking with just the ones you've likely already heard of, we've delved a little deeper to give you a few more to research for your charts. The more well-rounded your natal chart, the more you can know about who you are at what your life purpose is. AstroSeek has an online calculator that lists some of the asteroids other natal charts skip, so this may be a great addition to any birth chart you've already done if yours is missing some.


Chiron is kind of a big deal when it comes to astrology and is based on the Titan centaur. We're starting with it because it's an excellent asteroid to look at when you're going through shadow work. Chiron's placement will tell you what you need to focus on when it comes to healing old wounds and past trauma. 

Depending on which house your Chiron falls into, you can learn to find forgiveness for yourself and develop more empathy, not only for yourself but for other people in your life. Chiron in Aries struggles with self-worth. In Taurus, the feeling is of neglect. Geminis feel unseen, while Cancer feels abandoned. Creative Leo is self-critical, and Virgo struggles with their health. In Libra, Chiron is about codependency. Scorpio struggles to control their anger. Sagittarius is too straightforward, while Capricorn is controlling. Aquarius deals with Chiron through disconnection from self and community. Pisces lacks energy. All of these negatives can be dealt with by understanding how you found yourself in these negative aspects and using shadow work to move through them.


In astrology, Vesta tells you exactly what is most important to us. Vesta was a virgin goddess, whole unto herself, in a sense. She was the goddess of the hearth and home.

Depending on which sign Vesta falls into on your chart, this asteroid tells you where your focus lies, from Aries' ambition to Pisces' need for spirituality. If your Vesta is in Taurus, sensuality matters greatly to you, while in Gemini, learning is important. Aquarius is passionate about creativity, Capricorn looks for commitment, and Sagittarius wants to explore the world when Vesta is in any of them. The emotional Cancer looks within, while creative Leo looks to express themselves more through this placement. Scorpio finds themselves at home in the taboo. Libra in Vesta is focused on beauty, while Virgo looks for a higher calling in life. No matter which sign you have in Vesta, look to this as a place to offer you more drive in fulfilling your dreams.


Juno was a Roman goddess who fought for more equality for women and is often linked to marriage — which is why June is such a popular month to get married. Juno in your natal chart indicates your relationship desires, like why you get into them and what you need from them.

For those with Juno in Pisces, remaining mysterious is important. In Aries, much like the placement of the sign as first in the zodiac, they want to be number one. Aquarius wants to be seen as your equal, as does Libra. Virgo also wants equality, but in what each person is putting into the relationship and work. Tauras worries about losing themselves and their belongings in a relationship. In Gemini, the concern is not having your ideas noticed, which is much the same as Sagittarius' need to have their opinions accepted. Capricorn wants respect, and Leo doesn't want to be thought of as thoughtless. Cancer gets very attached, so relationships are most important to them. Scorpio doesn't like being tricked.


You can look at Ceres as your self-care dwarf planet. This asteroid is here to show you where you need to focus your energies, both inward and outward, including how you care for those around you (and sometimes what you need from them).

Self-supportive Aries know how to help themselves. Gemini requires a focus on their mental aspects, while Cancer requires extra emotional support. Pisces focuses on the needs of others. Capricorn in Ceres means you're goal-oriented, but in Libra, it means your goal is happy relationships. Scorpio is focused and giving. Sagittarius needs their time alone to refuel in order to care for themselves, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, Leo needs attention. In Aqaurius, Ceres means you love to embrace your uniqueness. Virgo lives by their calendar to stay on beat. Tauras is the most comfortable sign in this space, as Ceres is one of its ruling planets.


Pallas is most often referred to as Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. In this, Pallas shows us where to be more wise and creative in better understanding the world around us. 

In Pisces, the creative wisdom of Pallas is to use your intuition, and in Aquarius she wants you to think about what the future holds. Capricorn should use skills of manifestation to solve problems. Scorpio looks deep for the truth, while Libra can see both sides of the coin. Sagittarius needs to look at the big picture. Virgo uses communication as a tool, and Leo uses their own unique self-expression. Aries, as usual, is all about action. Cancer's biggest tool is empathy and the use of their emotions. Taurus has a keen perception, which allows them to see the beauty in even the most desolated things. For Gemini in Pallas, it's important to use both what you've learned and what you intuitively know.


Most of us know Eros as Cupid, the little cherub flying around and shooting arrows at people to make them fall in love. A symbol of Valentine's Day in the modern world, Eros in your chart will show you your desires. Though not always focused on the sexual aspects of our lives, Eros also looks at romance and our emotional nature.

If your Eros is in Taurus, you have a tendency toward possession, but in Aries, it means you may rush things when it comes to matters of the heart. Pisces adapts to their relationships, while Capricorn desires to be in control of things. Aquarius likes things to be spicy and unique. Cancer in Eros means it's important to focus on emotions when it comes to romance. In Gemini, there is a curiosity. Leo wants someone who desires them and them alone. Sagittarius wants to have fun in the bedroom, while Scorpio wants to get to know you on a deep level and make things all about passion and intensity. Virgo may overthink things, but that's their intellectual side taking over. Libra loves flirting, but also wants to get what they give.


The story of Psyche is very similar to that of "Beauty and the Beast" — Psyche was a beautiful woman held captive by Eros, who cloaked himself so she couldn't see him when he visited her at night. During the day, like Belle, she was free to do as she pleased in her giant castle of a prison. In astrology, your Psyche placement is all about our life's journey and coming of age, much like Psyche's journey to womanhood and finding love.

People with Aries in Psyche are self-aware, they've learned not to live on arrogance. Gemini are open to continually growing and learning about themselves. Psyche puts Leo on a path to learn more about their ego and find balance. Libra has no limit to their growth potential when in Psyche. Sagittarius is self-aware, as is Aquarius, but must learn better ways to communicate this with others. Capricorn focuses on their own inner truth, while Pisces' inner focus tends to lean toward their insecurities. Scorpio's mission in Psyche is to gain as much knowledge as possible. Virgos can self-reflect without getting lost inwardly. Cancer is more interested in others' journeys than their own, and Taurus searched for something solid.


Hygeia is one of the daughters of the God of Medicine (where the symbol we see with the entwined snakes on medical stuff comes from), and, as her name would suggest, is focused on preventative care, such as hygiene. Where your Hygeia placement falls will show you how to better care for yourself.

Pisces focus on inner healing, which can include an interest in meditation and energy healing. Aquarius takes ideas from others to see what works and then integrates them into their own health plan. Sagittarius enjoys exploring healing modalities from around the world, while Capricorn wants to see their wellness progress as it happens. If your Hygeia is in Scorpio, you prefer taking risks to find things that make you feel good. Virgo focuses on wellness, sometimes too much. Libra, however, finds ways to balance their drive to be well. Aries are likely to focus on illnesses they've experienced in others. Leo tends to lean into creativity as therapy. Cancer finds wellness through their alone time and spending time at home. Gemini is focused on mind and brain health, while Taurus wants nothing but the best in wellness supplies and treatments.


Sappho was a poetic lyricist from the island of Lesbos in Greek mythology. In your natal chart, Sappho shows how you make friends and woo people, as well as who you're most attracted to. You don't have to be a poet, though.

In Pisces, Sappho urges you to use your creativity to show people your emotional side, because you prefer people who are emotionally as deep as you are. Aquarius finds intelligence sexy and tends to put themselves in social situations where they can garner attention. Capricorn finds it hard to trust others, and while they're focused, they want someone who is harder to read. Sagittarius is adventure-seeking and is most likely to make friends and find love while exploring. Scorpio is all about the intensity of the hunt and the people. Libra wants to help people find justice, which can lead to finding friends through their helping nature. Leo can create a world all their own in their head but want people who are as creative and outgoing as they are. Taurus is attracted to self-confidence and exudes it to attract people back. Cancer isn't afraid of emotions and will share their feelings with others. Gemini attracts people by being the life of the party but isn't looking for wallflowers. Aries like their independence but look for outgoing folks for friendship and love.


Eris is all about rebellion, as she is the Greek goddess of rivalry. What do you stand up against? Let's take a look based on Eris' placement in your birth chart.

To discern this asteroid's meaning, you want to look at the sign's traits, such as water signs Cancer and Pisces being emotionally inclined. In Eris, these two are likely to be passive and even resentful of those who go against them. Scorpio, however, is more likely to take their fiery edge to seek revenge. Earth signs, who often focus on the material side of things, may be jealous of those who have more than them (this includes Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus). The fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo) are more likely to let their passions take control and be very loud and vocal about what they think is right or wrong. The air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), who often have their heads in the clouds and are lost in their own minds, may go even further into themselves and simply shut people out completely.


Want to know how important spiritual growth is to you on a deeper level? Look no further than your Sedna placement. Unlike many of the other asteroids in this list, Sedna's namesake is from Inuit mythology, rather than Greek. She is the Goddess of the Sea, which has a lot to do with her spiritual and emotional connection. However, there is a rebellious and dark side to this placement as well, Sedna having been married off, but finding contentment in her odd situation nonetheless. 

To understand the placement of Sedna in your chart, look back at Chiron and find the more emotional side of each aspect, such as Aries struggling with their worth — Sedna says they need to find how to get to the emotional pain point of what makes you not feel worthy of what everyone else deserves. For all 12 signs, some deep diving into shadow work would help you connect better with your emotions.


Haumea is all about our nature and how we experience life. Derived from the Goddess of fertility in Hawaii who gave life to a few children, per mythology, it makes sense that this asteroid placement would reflect our innermost personalities.

Aries is a big achiever in this placement. Libra's focus tends to be on finding the perfect partner, in life or work. Taurus is able to find the wealth they seek. Scorpio has a tendency to use manipulation to get what they want. Gemini needs to ride on another's coattails to find success. Sagittarius seeks adventure and knowledge. Cancer finds joy focusing on family. Capricorn will find success in all because of their drive. Leo's successes are noticed by others. Aquarius sets out to find experience in helping others. Virgo must overcome challenges. Pisces, as they often do, focuses inwardly on spirituality. These focuses and drives show what is most important to you.


In mythology, like Chiron, Pholus is a centaur, but he also has a darker side, so he is not someone you want to cross. That's an important piece of knowledge because Pholus in its planetary position can have a lot to do with spiritual issues in your life.

Like in Hygeia, Pholus in Aries is affected by what happens to the people around them. Libra are affected emotionally by others. In Taurus, it can mean a struggle with finances that has a domino effect. Scorpio's quest for knowledge can lead to painful hidden truths. Gemini is always moving, which can have positive and negative effects on their lives and friendships. Sagittarius' need for adventure can lead to chaos. Cancer can suffer from toxic relationships with those close to them. Capricorn can get too engrossed in their desire to succeed. Leo is focused on creativity, but it can become a toxic hobby when it pulls them away from others. Aquarius strives for change, but sometimes too much. Virgo is accident-prone. Pisces' need to share emotions can lead them into toxic environments.


Chariklo looks at healing and grace and was married to Chiron in mythology. Her placement on your chart is all about where we need to find more balance in our lives, especially with the use of boundaries.

In Pisces, Chariklo says you need to set spiritual boundaries. In Aries, you need to work on your temper. Aquarius struggles with setting boundaries for people, Gemini and Virgo need them at work, and Cancer needs them with family. Taurus needs to use more grace. Capricorn should focus on silence, rather than always speaking out. Sagittarius needs to let others know where they stand on their beliefs, rather than changing to appease others. Scorpio's passion for intimacy needs attention, not letting others change their needs. Leo can have fun, but they need to focus on how many risks they're taking. Libra needs to stay in control in relationships, not letting others overpower them.