Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Using Dating Apps

Dating apps have become one of the easiest ways to get to know potential romantic partners. In this day and age, it's not the easiest thing ever to introduce yourself to people face-to-face. A lot of folks fear the pain and discomfort of rejection, which prevents them from ever approaching anyone they fancy in person. Others don't want to be labeled creepy or aggressive in their approach, so they refrain from introducing themselves to others altogether. Dating apps take away a lot of those issues since you only interact with people through a screen to start. 

On some dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, you can only exchange messages with others after you swipe "yes" on each other. Dating apps like OkCupid and Plenty of Fish leave the door open for anyone to message you without proof of mutual interest. But the truth is, determining which dating app is right for you is only the start.

While you may think the entire experience lies in the hands of the specific app you use — think again. Astrology is also a factor, even if you don't have to worry about the awkwardness of unwanted conversations on dating apps in the same way you'd have to deal with that in the real world. Since the zodiac signs view the concept of love through different lenses, each one should use dating apps in ways that individually benefit them and their unique romantic style. 

Aries: Initiate conversation first

If you're an Aries, you should be initiating conversation first on dating apps. Don't wait around for the other person you've matched with to send a message first if you already know you're interested in them. Aries is the first sign on the zodiac chart, which means they lead the way when it comes to their ambition, determination, and leadership skills. It simply doesn't make sense for an Aries to sit around waiting for messages from potential matches when they already have loads of exciting conversation starters to naturally work with. 

When an Aries is left to sit and wait for incoming messages to pop up, it leaves them feeling annoyed and aggravated. Instead of going through this negativity, Aries can initiate conversations and get the ball rolling with whoever they're attracted to. Since it benefits Aries to start conversations, a dating app like Bumble (which forces female users to send first messages) is a wonderful option. 

Even if Aries spend time using other dating app options, sending that first icebreaker is the best way to go. They are fully aware that there are plenty of fun ways to start conversations that go beyond basic and boring "hey," "hi," or "hello" messages. Asking matches about their favorite place to go on vacation, the greatest goal in life they're trying to achieve, or if they have any very philosophical views to break down are some great starting points.

Taurus: Avoid letting good connections fizzle

One thing Taureans need to keep in mind when using dating apps is that they shouldn't let good connections fizzle. Taureans are understood as being pretty stubborn and set in their ways. Once they decide they feel a certain emotion about something, they like to settle into their beliefs without changes or alterations. For these reasons, Taurus has to go out of their way to avoid letting awesome connections fizzle.

This is crucial because it's way too easy for potential relationships to lose their traction on dating apps. During the conversation phase on dating apps (before you've met anyone in person), it can be challenging to maintain shared interest and keep the conversations flowing. Taureans can avoid losing out on fabulous blossoming relationships by arranging in-person plans as soon as it's an appropriate time to do so.

Instead of responding to messages with one or two words, Taureans should get creative with their replies and always incorporate an open-ended question for the other person to explore. The more inquisitive a Taurus can be on dating apps, the better. As soon as a conversation starts drying up with someone you really like, you have to go out of your way to keep things alive by bringing up captivating topics or funny anecdotes that will pull out a response from the other person.

Gemini: Be honest and authentic in your dating profile

Since Geminis are represented by the symbol of twins who shift personalities quickly, the best piece of advice for Geminis on dating apps is to be as honest and authentic as possible while writing up every dating profile. As you're building up your dating profile to showcase the highlights of who you are as a Gemini person, refrain from over-exaggerating about anything, including your height, job title, or travel history.

Try not to fill your profile with things you believe will impress potential matches on the other end. Instead, this is a great time to be open, honest, and vulnerable. While it makes sense that you'd want to come across as an impressive human being on your profile, you don't want to claim too many things that you aren't actually able to back up.

You might think you're making yourself sound like a well-rounded person by spouting a false claim that you enjoy hiking seven days out of the week, but if you match with someone who genuinely loves hiking every day, you'll have to pretend you're actually on the same page. The more genuine a Gemini is on a dating app, the more successful their romantic connections will be.

Cancer: Pay attention to astrological compatibility

Cancers should pay attention to astrological compatibility when using dating apps to meet potential partners. This is hugely important for Cancers because they are known for being some of the most emotional members of the zodiac chart. Cancers should always listen to their heart, intuition, and gut responses in every decision they make.

After all, they often see the best in others, even when it isn't deserved. Cancers can better protect themselves from getting hurt on the battlefield of love if they're dating people with whom they're astrologically compatible. Dating apps make it really easy to take note of everyone's zodiac signs since there's usually a place where you can type in your birthday when you're creating your profile.

Even if you don't already know what your zodiac sign is off the top of your head, most dating apps will calculate it for you. From there, you can either make it visible or keep it hidden on your profile. Whether or not a Cancer keeps their own sign hidden, they should always pay attention to the zodiac signs of people they're matching with.

Leo: Keep an eye out for networking opportunities

Dating apps are an excellent place for Leos to find love, but they're also a great place for Leos to pursue networking opportunities. Leos are social individuals who thrive because of their ability to easily chat with others without awkward tension or strain.

It's not challenging for Leos to meet people in the real world by neglecting dating apps altogether, but if they do choose to lean on a dating app for help, they should keep their minds open for multiple benefits that will come their way. A Leo has the chance to meet the love of their life, their next best friend, and a like-minded business partner while using one dating app if they see fit.

Bumble is a great app to download for Leos since it allows users to create multiple profiles based on what they're specifically looking for. Bumble itself is plainly for dating, while Bumble BFF is for platonic friendships. There's also Bumble Bizz for people who want to talk business and further their careers. For these reasons, Bumble is the ideal download for Leos.

Virgo: Don't get overzealous about planning meetups

Virgos are widely recognized for being one of the most analytic, highly intelligent, and organized of the zodiac signs. When planning things out, Virgos are some of the most trustworthy and reliable people ever. You'll never catch a Virgo going on vacation without a solid itinerary filled with fun activities and excursions that fit into their schedule and budget.

Virgos are also considered super reliable in planning things out in the workplace. Bosses and managers know they can rest easy with a Virgo in charge of completing a project or making something happen. Although Virgos are great at creating solid plans that make sense for everyone involved, they still shouldn't get too overzealous about planning in-person dates with matches on dating apps.

It's alright to plan a few dates here and there, but it's also beneficial to let other people take the lead in this area to show how interested they are. This is especially true if you are already overloaded with tons of projects and plans. We know you don't do well with surprises, Virgo, but sometimes the little surprises are the best part of dating! 

Libra: Keep your options open without getting attached too early on

Getting attached during the process of online dating isn't healthy for anyone. It's easy to get ahead of yourself and jump into internal wedding planning when you come across a profile of someone who piques your interest. This is especially true for the loyal Libras, though, who should keep their options open without getting too attached early on. 

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you don't need to approach dating with a scarcity mindset — although it's tempting for you to do, Libra. Just because you've matched with someone who meets your basic criteria doesn't mean they're the only person out there who will meet the criteria. It also doesn't mean the chemistry you'll share when you finally meet in person will be on point. For these reasons, Libras shouldn't get too swept up within the first few messages with someone new. 

One of the ways you can protect yourself from getting too attached at the beginning, is by involving yourself in multiple ongoing conversations with different people at one time. This way, you're not directing all your attention in one place or putting all your eggs in one basket. Until you've reached the point where you agree to a committed relationship with someone, you're allowed to play the field.

Scorpio: Be willing to delete your dating apps as soon as you commit to someone

One unfortunate character trait of Scorpios is their struggle with being totally loyal in relationships. In fact, they are probably the zodiac sign most likely to cheat. This obviously isn't the case with every Scorpio, and plenty of people from different zodiac signs deal with loyalty issues on a greater scope. Since this is commonly called out concerning Scorpios, though, a great piece of advice for this water sign is to delete all dating apps after agreeing to commit to a monogamous relationship. 

Dear Scorpio: If you and the person you're dating openly agree to keep things casual and enjoy an open relationship resembling polyamory, feel free to keep your dating apps on deck. If you've decided not to date anyone other than one specific person, there's really no reason to keep dating apps downloaded.

Tons of people who want to continue swiping on dating apps after they've already gotten into relationships go about their business in a very shady way by turning off notifications and keeping apps hidden in secret folders. Avoid this altogether by deleting your dating apps when you get into a relationship. Remember that everything that happens in the dark comes to light eventually.

Sagittarius: Cut things off when you notice lackluster effort

Depending on how seriously you're taking your pursuit for love right now, there's no time to waste on lackluster connections. This is a message Sagittarians need to hear with their volume turned all the way up. Sagittarians try to see the best in others and sometimes assume their love matches are automatically willing to put in as much effort as they are.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as vivacious or excited to pursue long-lasting relationships as Sagittarians in the midst of falling head over heels in love. Don't get caught up trying to convince someone of your worth or trying to show them you're worth fighting for, Sagitarrius.

If the other person isn't already clear on how awesome you are, it's not your job to help them figure it out. It's your job to cut them off, let them go, and move on with someone better who's already on the same page with you about everything. Any Sagittarius who lets the light of their fire burn out by wasting time with lackluster matches is making a huge mistake.

Capricorn: Don't get hung up on ghosters

Getting ghosted could happen to just about anyone, regardless of where you fall on the zodiac chart. And while getting ghosted certainly isn't something that Capricorns deal with on their own, it is something they need to learn not to get hung up over. When ghosters decide they no longer want to pursue a connection on a dating app or otherwise, they'll simply disappear — they'll go MIA without explaining themselves or saying goodbye. 

So, remember Capricorn: When a ghoster disappears on you, it's not your job to try and chase them down or find out what happened to them. If they wanted to continue pursuing a relationship with you, they'd actively be conversing with you. Their silence is a message in and of itself, and it's not one to try to argue about.

Capricorns are generally friendly, loyal people. They aren't one of the zodiac signs who would typically ghost others, so they don't expect something so cruel to happen to them. If it does happen, though, Capricorns must immediately forgive and forget. Dwelling over feeling rejected doesn't do any good for anyone. After all, there are more fish in the sea!

Aquarius: Avoid wavering from your set standards

When you date with a scarcity mindset, it's easy to waver from the set standards you have in place. Aquarians should know ahead of time before getting started with online dating that they should never waver from their standards, no matter how high they think their standards might be. We know you're optimistic, Aquarius, and you may think you can use your humanitarian efforts to change someone into being who you need them to be — but don't.

For example, let's say that you've decided you only want to date college-educated partners who don't have kids yet. Don't deviate from those standards because you think there's nobody else better out there, and you can make it work. Every time you ignore the standards you have to give someone a chance, you're taking away from the possibility of finding an ideal partner you can enjoy a long-lasting future with.

If you deviate from your standards and settle for someone who doesn't quite make the cut, you'll end up feeling resentful of them down the line if you do end up in a relationship with them. This situation is unfair to everyone involved. Simply stick with the standards you've set for yourself before taking things too far with any matches.

Pisces: Don't solely rely on dating apps in moments of loneliness or boredom

Dating apps are wonderful for people who are ready to put themselves out there and find love. By that same token, they can also be a crutch for individuals who prefer distracting themselves from loneliness or boredom. If you're a Pisces, you're probably incredibly in tune with your emotions.

As a water sign, Pisceans feel just about everything, allowing them to be far more empathetic with others. Pisceans have also been known to get down in the dumps every once in a while since they can be pretty pessimistic when things don't go perfectly well in their lives. If this sounds like you as a Pisces, do your best to avoid relying on dating apps in moments when you're feeling lonely or bored.

It's lovely to find ways to distract yourself from negative emotions, but it's also essential to feel all your feeling as they come instead of trying to suppress them. It's also better to seek out healthier ways to fight back against your loneliness and boredom beyond dating apps.