If You're Getting Ghosted, It's Probably From One Of These Zodiac Signs

Back in 2016, a survey conducted by online dating giant Plenty of Fish revealed that nearly 80% of 18- to 33-year-old daters had already been ghosted. Ghosting, of course, is cutting off all contact with a romantic interest and disappearing from their life with no warning or explanation. Today, the practice is a normalized part of participating in the online dating experience, along with equally shady others like haunting, submarining, benching, breadcrumbing, and situationships (via The Manual).


You may have noticed that everyone in the online dating community seems to be complaining about being ghosted, but no one seems to ever admit to ghosting others. So, who is out there performing these disappearing acts? How can you spot a potential ghoster before it's too late? As it turns out, astrology just might play a role. Here are the sun signs most likely to ghost you, according to their most common attributes. 

The zodiac sign most likely to ghost you

You might suspect that aloof Aquarius or two-faced Gemini would be the most likely to leave you on read and roll out. However, the sign with attributes most compatible with ghosting is actually fiery, bullheaded Aries. The ram can be a bit of a bull in a china shop when it comes to romance. They tend to come in hot, then disappear and leave a shattered mess behind before you know it. Aries is a majorly rebellious sign, and bucking commitment is exactly on brand. The sign's fiery impulsiveness can also result in them walking away during a moment of intense emotion and never looking back (via Co-Star).


Start paying attention to the signs of the potentials you're communicating with and see if the Aries theme fits. If it does, maybe take a break from the headstrong ram for a while. If not, perhaps you'll spot another astrological pattern that can help you on your way. If you're an Aries yourself, keep in mind that you could be falling victim to Aries-on-Aries selfishness, as detailed by Astrotalk. Two rams butting heads will certainly never get anywhere other than ghosted. 

Runners up

Aries may be the sign most likely to ghost you, but it isn't the only one with flight tendencies. Remember those suspicions about Aquarius and Gemini? They were far from unwarranted. Gemini, the twins, can struggle to land on one personality, let alone one relationship. This airy sign is the Good Time Charlie of the zodiac, showing up only as long as there is a party to be had. Basically, as soon as the fun wraps up and things turn serious, you're likely to end up ghosted (via OurMindfulLife).


Aquarius, though represented by the water bearer, is quite possibly the airiest of all air signs. This is one sign you can count on to drift in and out of your life like a cloud. Emotions are incredibly uncomfortable for Aquarians, which makes ghosting a lot easier than facing the feelings that come along with breaking off a relationship. If you've had your fill of fire and air in the dating scene, consider seeking out water and earth signs for a while. According to Pinkvilla, Scorpio and Cancer are excellent bets for passionate, emotional support, while Capricorn and Taurus are all about long-term stability and loyalty.