The Best Crystals For Manifesting Your Desires

The Law of Attraction (LOA) taught us that what we think about is what we draw into our lives, whether we're thinking positively or negatively. It's through thinking of and focusing on the things in our life we want (or don't, in some cases) that we manifest. At its core, manifesting is coming up with an idea and then making it a reality. To manifest something, you need to do more than think about it, but it's those thoughts and that focus that will help motivate you to make things happen.


Intention helps you manifest your dreams and goals, but there are some outside influences that can help you get what you want. From manifesting more money to new love and beyond, crystals can aid you in fulfilling those wishes. Let's take a look at how to use crystals to manifest your goals and which ones you might want to have on hand depending on your intent — for a more potent manifestation, consider using multiple stones together.

How to use your manifesting crystals

If you've worked with crystals for healing purposes before, you know that different crystals have different focuses. Most crystals have a myriad of benefits, from drawing in luck and money to helping heal a broken heart. You'll want to find one or more crystals that somehow relate to what you'd like to manifest. To draw more love into your life, pink and green stones are great options. To manifest money, green and gold stones are good choices.


Once you have your chosen crystals cleansed and charged, it's time to set your intentions. You can do this by writing out what you're hoping to achieve (we suggest journaling and offer some helpful tips to get started) — you want to write it as though it's already happened if you want to combine LOA into your manifesting practice. Do this the same as you would an affirmation — "I am in love, happy, and content" or "I have the money I need, and my life is fulfilled." In your journaling, get as specific as you can about what you want to manifest, such as dollar amounts in cash or true love that leaves you feeling content and whole.

Your next step is to meditate with your crystals, keeping your affirmations and goals in mind. Keep your crystals around you at all times as a reminder to focus on your intent, whether you keep them in your home, in your pocket, or wear them as jewelry.


Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline may not be much to look at as a crystal, but it is a much-loved stone by those who work with healing crystals. This is a very positive stone that can give you more energy — which is great when trying to make things happen. 


Pick black tourmaline as your manifesting crystal if you're looking to bring more positivity into your life and release unwanted negative people and situations. Set your intention for more positivity in whatever areas of your life you need it, and then place your crystal in areas where it will benefit your wishes — such as at the office if you need more positive energy at work (and who doesn't, right?). If you need more self-confidence in your life, this crystal is good for that as well. To get that increased confidence, it's best to wear your black tourmaline once you've used it to set your intentions. 

Rainbow fluorite

Fluorite comes in a rainbow of colors and is sometimes called rainbow fluorite when the crystal has more than one color, such as a mix of blue, green, and purple. Rainbow fluorite is ready to make your wishes come true just like wishing on a rainbow. Those who use this healing crystal see it as a path to everything you hope for, which is why it is a magnificent choice for manifesting everything you want. 


The different colors in this crystal connect to different chakras — green for the heart chakra, purple for the crown chakra, blue for the throat chakra (which represents communication), and indigo for the third eye. That makes it pretty powerful and is why you can use it to manifest anything you want, whereas some stones are focused on only one thing. This is also an excellent choice if you're looking to manifest something on a spiritual level, whether it's being more open to psychic abilities or becoming more empathetic.


Shungite is a popular stone for its ability to purify. It's also believed to protect the user from electric and magnetic fields, or EMFs, and radiation from cell phones — you can even buy shungite stickers to put on your phone. When it comes to manifesting, shungite's powers seemingly come from its properties of removing negativity and helping us fight exhaustion. To manifest your intent, you definitely need positivity and energy.


You can get the benefits of shungite by keeping this cleansing stone with you, even with those phone stickers. A chunk of stone carried in your purse or pocket after you've set your intent will aid as a reminder of what you're striving for. Because it's known as a stone of miracles, consider shungite for manifesting good health, to ward off illnesses and pain, and to block out negative energies. Because it's a black stone, shungite is also good for balancing your root chakra, which links us to the earth and can help boost monetary intent.

Petrified wood

Petrified wood is exactly what it sounds like — it's wood that has been around so long it has turned into a stone. Petrified wood is actually classified as a fossil. This stone is magnificent for manifesting because of its connection to the earth and its being considered as ancient. Something that has found a way to last for thousands of years pushes us to keep moving and not let anything stand in our way.


When it comes to manifesting, a benefit of this stone is that it reminds us that things take time to happen. Just because what you're wishing for is coming slowly doesn't mean it isn't coming at all. Use petrified wood to manifest your inner wishes, from love to dreams. If you're battling anxiety or depression, petrified wood can help you manifest more calm into your life. It can also be used to manifest new friendships and help ensure you take the time to get to know each person better.

Tiger's eye

Some consider Tiger's Eye to be the stone of manifestation because of its ability to give you extreme focus on what's important to you and to let go of any fears that may be holding you back. Clarity and the release of anxiety are important when manifesting your dreams. Tiger's Eye amplifies your energy as well, so it can push your intent even further.


Use Tiger's Eye during meditation to boost your courage and to help with protection — in fact, this is what happens to your body when you meditate every day. You can also use it to help balance your sacral chakra, which, when off balance, can leave you feeling as if you're up against a wall or stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tiger's Eye is also excellent to boost creativity because of its yellowish hues, so keep it around you when you're trying to start a new creative project or get a creative position at work. 


Hematite is another manifestation stone that can help you get anything you dream of if you set your intentions to it. It's another energizing stone that will push you to be bolder when getting what you want done. This chilly crystal gets your blood pumping, so it's hard to sit still and not chase after your goals when it's in your hands.


If your wish is to let go of something, because, to be honest, we sometimes want to manifest better lives for ourselves free from addictions and negativity, hematite is known to help us let go of things that no longer suit us, from cigarettes to toxic relationships. Wear a cooling hematite bracelet for protection and to help you persevere to fulfill your list of goals. Manifesting is all about intent, so whatever intentions you put into your hematite stones will be amplified by this strengthening healing crystal. For an even bigger boost to your manifestations, combine hematite and bloodstone.

Green jade

While it's available in colors other than green, green jade is a very popular stone, especially if you ever spend any time in Asian markets. You can find this crystal carved into all sorts of shapes, from dragons to Buddha. Green jade is a lucky stone and very much connected to the heart chakra. If you want to manifest more love in your life, whether you're looking to rekindle the fire of a current romance, find new love, or bring your family closer together, this would be the perfect crystal to aid you in your intention setting.


With green jade as your intention stone, all things are possible, and you can expect good luck to come your way — as long as you work for it and keep your thoughts positive, of course. To add to the benefits of the crystal, think about finding one carved in a lucky shape — the money frog is great for monetary manifestations, and the dragon will give you extra strength to achieve your dreams.


Perhaps you've heard of fool's gold, another name for pyrite, as it looks like a chunk of gold. Because of this resemblance, many use pyrite in magical workings, such as manifestation, to draw in money. However, cash isn't the only thing you can manifest if you set your intentions on this crystal.


Consider pyrite your warrior stone because of its connection to the solar plexus chakra. Having this chakra out of balance can cause issues with self-esteem — meditating with pyrite can help you clear blockages and open yourself up to manifest your intentions. Use pyrite to manifest money, happiness, or anything you'd like to have an abundance of, as this crystal is all about things happening in abundance. Its connection to happiness isn't just the monetary aspects of the stone but also the gold color that gives us warm and comforting feelings. Keep pyrite in your wallet to attract more money, in your pocket for happiness, or with anything else in which you wish to gain in abundance.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz resembles clear quartz, but it has a brown smoky coloring. The brown is sometimes dark, sometimes light, and doesn't always cover the entire stone, so you may see clear patches as well. Like clear quartz, smoky quartz is a grounding and clearing crystal that helps to clear your path to the things that are most important. Because of its brown shade, it also has a deep connection to the earth, which gives smoky quart a monetary aspect as well (when it comes to the elements, the earth is all about material possessions). 


Set your intention with smoky quartz to help remove any fears you have regarding reaching your goals. Its stress-reducing and motivational benefits will also propel you toward your wishes coming true. If you're looking to manifest healing energy, smoky quartz is also often used for healing injuries and illnesses because it helps keep you positive and calm.


Orange crystals are linked to your sacral chakra, which is where our desires come from. That said, carnelian is a fiery and fierce choice among orange crystals. Often, you can find carnelian stones with whites and reds in them as well, which also connect to the grounding root chakra and the mind-opening crown chakra. 


One of Carnelian's many healing benefits is its aid in fertility. If you're attempting to manifest a larger family, this stone is a must in your toolkit. It's also a good stone for creative endeavors and boosting confidence. To get more out of the manifesting benefits of this crystal, you can combine it with pyrite to bring in more money, Tiger's eye to be successful at creative ventures, and rose quartz for love. Put the combination of stones in a satchel to carry in your pocket, use them on an altar where you repeat mantras each day, or keep them around your home as decor and as a constant reminder to give your intentions the attention they deserve.

Clear quartz

Even if you're not sure yet exactly what you want to manifest, clear quartz is a great stone to have around. It will help give you the clarity you need to make decisions. It is also beneficial to use with any of the other crystals on this list, as it's a natural cleanser and boosts the energy of the other stones. As an amplifier, any intentions you set using clear quartz will be multiplied, so when you're really serious about making your dreams and wishes come true, this is an ideal crystal.


Because it's clear, it is a versatile crystal that looks beautiful, like ice, in jewelry. Whether you wear it or keep it in your pocket, clear quartz will help ward off any negativity that may get in the way of focusing on your intentions. As an emotionally stabilizing crystal, quartz is also a great addition to pink crystals when manifesting love and green ones when trying to earn more money or get a promotion at work.


As its name would suggest, moonstone has a strong connection to the moon. Therefore, it also has a strong connection to feminine energy. This is the crystal you want to grab if you're a woman looking for love, or if you're hoping to win over the love of a woman. It's also an intuitive stone and would pair well with any other crystals you're using for manifesting to help you connect better with the powers that be. When you're working to manifest the things you want, all of the extra intuitive power you can get will be beneficial to your end goal.


When using moonstone to set your intentions, get the moon involved in your ritual. To increase something you already have (such as getting a promotion or rekindling love), place your crystal outside during a full moon with a piece of paper stating what you want. If you're looking for something completely new — new romance or a new career — place the crystal outside during the new moon, with your intentions written on a slip of paper underneath it. The full moon is perfect for letting go of things (like that old pay rate), while the new moon is a time to set intentions for new goals in your life.

Black obsidian

Yep, we're giving you one more protective black crystal to consider when it comes to picking stones to help you manifest your dreams. Black obsidian is the most common stone for protection next to black tourmaline. Black crystals chase away negative energy and keep dark forces away. This means that using a crystal such as this may help you keep others from getting in the way of setting your intentions and reaching your goals. After all, toxic people have no business being around when you have black obsidian in your arsenal.


To manifest your dream life and find your soul's purpose, this crystal is a good choice. Balancing your root chakra with the aid of obsidian will help to manifest better health. In fact, this crystal can clear negativity from your aura, helping balance you from head to toe and opening you up to getting more of the good things you want in life when you set your mind to them.