The Wise Zodiac Signs You Should Always Ask For Advice From

Finding a friend you can turn to for advice in times of trouble is something special, and naturally, some friends are better at offering solutions than others. Because someone's zodiac sign is believed to play a role in influencing their personality type and leave them naturally more predisposed to having certain strengths, it's no surprise that someone's sign can play a major role in how effective they are at listening, communicating, and offering advice should you have a problem.

Though it's easy to find people belonging to every zodiac who are wise beyond their years, certain signs are better to go to than others when you're in need of a major vent session and looking for second opinions regarding any type of issue you may be having. With that being said, if you have friends belonging to any of these signs, consider opening up to them next time you are in need of advice.


Often considered to be among the most intelligent of all the zodiac, your Gemini bestie will always come knocking with the sagest advice. Their quick-wittedness also allows them to think on their feet, making them highly adaptable and ready to problem solve. This is especially handy if the tea you need advice about is particularly hot, as a Gemini won't judge but will instead work to come up with quick, effective, and smart solutions. If you need physical proof of a Gemini's wisdom, researchers compiled a list of the zodiac signs of all past winners of the Nobel Prize and found that Geminis have won the award more often than any other sign (via Women's Health).

Geminis are ruled by Mercury. Astrologer Rachel Lang notes this as being the planet of intellect and communication, explaining to Well + Good that it "symbolizes how we order our lives through routines, daily practices, and habits." This makes Geminis reliable sounding boards when you need someone to listen. Their ability to eloquently express their thoughts also helps them to offer you insightful advice.

Though the twin sign often gets a bad rep for being two-faced, that's largely due to them being able to talk to anyone and try to see from the point of view of others. Their ability to communicate and their emotional intelligence allow them to empathize while helping you come up with the best solution to any problem you may have.


With Libra being represented by scales and being associated with having a balanced and well-thought out approach to solving problems, it's no surprise that their friends often come to them for advice. "Their air element represents intellect, communication, and a desire for knowledge, making Libras wise in their words and decisions," professional astrologist Rachel Clare told Best Life.

Though Libras are known to be witty, they prefer to deeply think about a situation before responding. If a Libra is offering you advice about a problem you may be having, you can be sure they truly thought it over and weighed all the options before presenting to you what they believe to be the best one. For this reason, advice from a Libra is truly valuable. "Libra represents stopping, observing, contemplation," astrologer Judith Hill shared with Refinery29. This is reflected in their natural tendency to deeply analyze a situation, making them excellent friends to go to when you need rational, well-thought-out advice.

Their desire for harmony, peace, and balance makes them especially great at giving advice about mending relationships or resolving drama. If you need advice regarding a problem in any of your platonic or romantic relationships, you can count on Libra to mediate and offer unbiased, fair suggestions as to how to bring about peace. Their desire for harmony allows them to connect and relate to many different types of people, making them a common go-to for advice among different friend groups.


Aquarius is among the most emotionally intelligent signs, and they are known to have a predisposition for deeply understanding the feelings of those around them. Their keen sense of intuition not only helps them work though and resolve complex issues, but allows them to be decisive and honest. This makes them great friends to turn to when you need a non-sugar coated opinion. An Aquarius isn't afraid to tell it like it is if it means helping you resolve an issue, even if it's tough to hear.

Their love of problem solving and helping others means they're always ready and willing to offer a listening ear and a helping hand if you are going through a problem. It's no surprise so many Aquarians end up working in the humanitarian industry in some capacity, per So Syncd. Their desire to help people makes them valuable friends to have close by when the going gets tough, and their creativity and ability to think outside of the box when it comes problem solving can be particularly beneficial if you haven't been able to find a solution to a persistent problem using current methods or ways of thinking.