Mindful Astrology: The Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign To Learn From

Every person has a mixture of light and dark within them, and a glimpse at your zodiac sign can help you identify exactly where those strengths and weaknesses lie. "According to astrology, everything in the universe has an equal but opposite counterforce," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. "But a dark side isn't just the opposite extreme of a positive trait — it's anything below zero or the acceptable baseline of social norms. Most of the time, our dark side is what sets us back personally or what can unfavorably affect those around us directly or indirectly."

While setbacks and obstacles seem less than ideal, the worst sides of an individual don't doom them to unhappy, difficult lives. "Consider your sun sign like an assignment you're given by the universe, and you're figuring it out as you go along," astrologer Madi Murphy tells Well+Good. "It'll continue to throw you curveballs, or you'll continue to feel as if you're stuck in old patterns until you learn how to manage its unique obstacles. While your sun sign is your most brilliant, full expression of self, it's a lifelong journey to become that." With this in mind, recognizing your sign's unique faults and negative personality traits can help you navigate life more easily. It can even help you overcome the aspects of yourself that are holding you back from living your best life.

Aries have fiery tempers and impulsive natures

Aries are known for their strong leadership skills, creative spirits, and passionate natures. They are courageous, driven, and determined people who harness their high energy levels to pursue their dreams. However, alongside their many positive attributes, Aries have negative traits that can cause friction in their lives.

For starters, Aries are known for being incredibly impulsive. "Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and impulse, Aries are no stranger to making rash decisions and jumping into new ventures without looking back," astrologer Rachel Clare explains to BestLife. This means Aries sometimes leap into situations they regret. They also never give up and are strong-willed to the point of being aggressively domineering. This trait is admirable in some circumstances, but can lead to unrelenting competitiveness and insensitivity towards others if not kept in check.

Aries can also struggle to keep a lid on their fiery tempers. They anger easily and often feel frustrated by slower-moving individuals. However, as astrologer Lisa Barretta tells Bustle, understanding how to manage their tempers can actually help Aries thrive. "Acknowledging the fact that you have a short temper gives you the opportunity to control it. It is good to let [off] some steam every now and then. But [be aware] that every time you get upset you compromise your own energy levels... The energy expelled from a burst of temper can linger for days, if not weeks, and really affect a lot of things going on around you."

Taurus overindulges and may struggle to express themselves

Slow and steady Taurus are diligent, dependable, and consistent Earth signs who hate change. No sign is more stubborn and set in their ways than these graceful bulls, and they never do anything that they don't want to do. Taurus can be so stubborn that they move at the pace of a snail, annoying people around them who move at more adaptable speeds.

Beauty and materialistic goods bring Taurus a lot of pleasure. While this is not inherently a bad thing, these traits can stray into greedy territory if they let this impulse run wild. It isn't uncommon for Taureans to overindulge in the finer things in life, surrounding themselves with luxury items, gorgeous furnishings, one-of-a-kind artwork, and stunning fashion whether they can afford it or not. Although they have exquisite taste, these items bring them a level of comfort few other meaningful connections do, even if they aren't necessary or wise to purchase.

Expressing their emotions is also a struggle for Taurus. They are intense and quick to build pent-up rage, but they tend to keep these feelings buried deep inside where they cannot be judged by others. When they feel threatened or attacked, Taurus may lash out with passive-aggressive behaviors or retreat into the silent treatment. In order to combat these negative traits, Taurus must engage in self-soothing activities or in personal projects that give them plenty of opportunities to express their inner feelings.

Gemini loves to gossip and is prone to overthinking

Gemini is a complicated sign that excels at communication and toes the line between introverted and extroverted behaviors. They typically fit in anywhere and get along with just about everyone. However, their cleverness and need for information can stray into more negative gossip territory. "There's a very thin line between being duplicitous and being two-faced that the Gemini [may know] how to skate between very well, but sometimes they slip or just get reckless," astrologer Cindy Mckean explains to Bustle. "While Geminis are great communicators, they sometimes have a tendency for gossip. But since most Geminis understand how this can burn bridges, they tend to avoid this unless their dark side gets the better of them."

Overthinking is also a major difficulty that Geminis struggle with. They change their minds often, which can indicate a lack of transparency or flakiness that makes them seem unreliable. "Gemini can have a strong mind," astrologer Noush Joon shares with Well+Good. "However there is a lot going on in there. If we were to metaphorically dissect their brains, it might reveal a chaotic circus of thoughts spiraling into one another." 

Most Geminis are aware of their inconsistent behaviors, attributing their shifting perspectives to high standards and a penchant for boredom. While they love to be in the know and are often compelled to share that knowledge with everyone they know, Geminis may need to learn when to keep quiet and how to commit to plans.

Capricorn is a guarded workaholic

Although Capricorn possesses a relentless drive and a serene, analytical objectivity unmatched by any other in the zodiac, their guarded natures and tendency towards pessimism in times of trouble can make their lives more difficult than they might like. Their passion and determination often classify them as a workaholic, while their natural authority can come off as intimidating or bossy. These ambitious mountain goats can also be a bit rigid in their ways of thinking and doing things, mainly because they want to ensure nothing gets in the way of their goals.

It can be difficult to gain the trust of a Capricorn. They aren't inherently mistrustful of other people, but they operate from a place of shyness and reserve. Capricorns prefer to protect their hearts until they can be sure they won't be kicked around by someone else, and they tend to keep their emotions under lock and key, which means they are also hard to read. To serious, hard-working Capricorns, most emotions are messy and inefficient. 

Regardless of their endeavors, Capricorns also value achievement and success above all else and can fall victim to negative self-talk and destructive behaviors if they feel they aren't living up to their highest potential. It is important for Capricorns to remember that they can't get by without the help of others, and that it's okay to not always give 110%.

Sagittarius is impulsive and wary of commitment

The call of adventure is a Sagittarius' siren song. They love to travel and explore so much that they put blind faith in anything that takes them to a new place or experience. While their open hearts, adaptable spirits, and optimistic approach to life open plenty of doors for Sagittarius, their desire for freedom above all else makes them wary of commitment. They don't like the idea of being tied down to a single place or person, which makes long-term relationships and marriage difficult concepts for them to appreciate.

Sagittarius may struggle to maintain strong relationships, in part because they don't want to commit to anyone romantically or otherwise, but also because they are wildly impulsive. This habit serves them well when they are jumping headfirst into new hobbies or hopping a plane to their latest destination obsession, but being constantly on the move can make them seem like unreliable friends. Being impulsive also means that sometimes Sagittarius don't think before they speak. They never intend to hurt anyone's feelings, but they can accidentally offend others with their rebellious judgments of others' lifestyles and idealistic opinions that aren't always grounded in reality. For Sagittarius, learning how to balance their desire for adventure alongside being there for friends and family will help them lead incredibly fulfilling lives.

Libras are indecisive and avoid confrontation

Nothing makes a Libra happier than harmonious living. Represented by the scales, these individuals seek a life of peace, grace, cooperation, and optimism. However, not every day can be full of beauty and fairness, which frustrates Libra to no end. They also despise confrontation. A Libra will do everything in their power to avoid arguments or difficult conversations with others, even if it means suppressing their own emotions and ignoring their needs. On their worst days, Libras may resort to passive-aggressive behaviors.

Libras are diplomatic, but their desire to remain neutral and their methodical processes mean they are sometimes indecisive. They can see every side of an issue with ease and have no trouble communicating that to others. However, they don't always know what they want as a result of being able to view numerous perspectives at once. "The truth is that the perfect way for Liberty to exist is being balanced," astrologer Narayana Montúfar tells USA Today. "[This means] being able to make decisions without taking forever or without hiding and being able to say when they're upset or when something's wrong."

Virgos are hypercritical hypochondriacs

Virgos are observant, modest, and humble people but they aren't perfect. "[Virgos] make great critics, such as art critics or editors, because they pay close attention to details," astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss tells Well+Good. "They notice things other people don't." Weiss also notes Virgos can also be hypercritical. "Someone may feel their Virgo colleague, friend, or partner is nagging them too much or being overly critical, but they should keep in mind it comes from a well-intentioned place," she says.

It can also be difficult to get a Virgo out of their head and into the present. They are slaves to the inner workings of their constantly whirring, thinking, and problem-solving brains. They are meticulous planners and perfectionists, which doesn't always mesh well with their hypercritical natures. They often hold other people to their own high standards and feel disappointed when other people can't live up to them.

Virgos are also very health conscious. They care deeply about their mental health and physical wellness, but they have a tendency to fall victim to anxious self-diagnosis if something feels off. "... they tend to notice every little change in their bodies," astrologer Kelly Grayson tells BestLife. Adopting mindfulness practices and self-awareness around their more critical behaviors can help Virgos learn to relax and thrive.

Aquarius is emotionally detached and bores easily

Aquarius are intellectual, eccentric, and energetic air signs that see the world as a place with infinite possibilities. Their imaginative brains are a constant whir of ideas and thoughts, which means they bore quite easily. Aquarius also rarely just hangs out and relaxes. They want to be up and moving, fixing problems and creating positive solutions that will make their idealistic worldviews come true. This on-the-go attitude can rub more passive personalities the wrong way. Aquarius also seeks out stimulating conversation on topics that interest them to keep the boredom at bay, but they are unlikely to listen to anyone talk about something they view as pointless or unnecessary.

Emotions in general are difficult for Aquarius to contend with. As passionate people, they have plenty of feelings, but they hate being vulnerable or welcoming outsiders into their private inner worlds. It is unlikely an Aquarius will come off as anything but cold or aloof to new acquaintances as a result. They are also highly independent people and can at times become inflexible or unreliable. Loved ones of Aquarius must learn to accept their dominating personalities and free-thinking ways in order to earn their trust and see the person behind the emotionless mask.

However, Aquarius are also highly misunderstood individuals. Although they struggle to express their emotions, require constant mental stimulation, and value their ideals above their relationships, they are also innovative, progressive people with kind hearts. 

Scorpios are mistrustful and a bit obsessive

Among Scorpios many positive traits are their curiosity, patience, and emotional intelligence. These clever, unconventional beings are also unafraid of the parts of life that frighten others away. Scorpios seek to understand the darkness to avoid feeling vulnerable or unprepared, two things they avoid with the same passion they put into their work and relationships.

Despite their fearlessness, Scorpios are naturally suspicious of others. "You might think, 'Life is hard,' or 'Life is dark,' and then subconsciously, you start to look around for the people and situations that affirm that," Madi Murphy explains to Well+Good. This negativity bias makes it easy for Scorpio to see everything through a pessimistic lens. It can be hard for Scorpios to believe that people have the best of intentions, and their mistrustful attitudes make it hard for them to relax, and enjoy the company of others and the beauty and little joys that life can bring.

Scorpios can also fall into intense obsessions if they aren't careful. They are naturally very protective of the people they care about and can become vicious and vengeful when those people are hurt. In romantic relationships, their obsessions quickly become intense. So much so that they can experience feelings of neediness and jealousy if their partner doesn't overtly exhibit the same intensity. A Scorpio's darker side can be intimidating, but remembering how compassionate and empathetic they are can help their loved ones navigate obstacles that arise.

Pisces find pleasure in melancholy

Dreamy Pisces are boundless, charming, and compassionate individuals who make for loyal friends and deeply romantic partners. However, the emotional nature of Pisces combined with their tendency to let people take advantage of their gentleness, often means that Pisces expends a lot of energy feeling somewhat morose. While existing in these perpetual shades of melancholy might upset other signs, Pisces actually loves it. They take odd pleasure in feeling their feelings, especially when they are sad ones. To them, this penchant for intense sorrow and their ability to feel pain also makes them feel alive.

Pisces also keep secrets. They don't do so to be manipulative or deceitful. On the contrary, keeping secrets is a way for Pisces to exert some control over their fluctuating emotions and establish some semblance of personal boundaries. By holding their cards close to their chest, they avoid experiencing vulnerability and successfully divert unwanted attention away from them. Although this secret keeping is rooted in self-preservation, the secrets Pisces keeps may prohibit others from truly knowing them and have a negative lasting effect on their personal relationships.

Cancers can hold a grudge forever

Cancers are often described as highly sentimental people with big hearts. Although they are wonderful caretakers, big dreamers, and devoted parents, friends, and partners, Cancers can hold a grudge like no other. They don't particularly enjoy holding grudges, but that doesn't stop them from letting their resentment and frustration simmer for years on end. They tend to dwell on every perceived slight and take minor offenses to heart. Astrologer Emily Newman tells BestLife, "They seek to forgive you but cannot let their guard down. They will always attempt to shield themselves from the person who has harmed them."

Emotional expression doesn't come easy to Cancer either. Thanks to their planetary ruler, the moon, Cancers are highly emotional creatures but they rarely know how to control their surging feelings and anxieties or what to do with them. Feeling really high and really low on and off throughout their day is exhausting to them, and the resulting moodiness this inspires can be hard on both Cancers and their loved ones.

Leos are opinionated and egomaniacal

Ruled by the brilliant and fiery sun, Leos are outgoing, determined, and confident people who thrive in the spotlight. These traits make Leos bold and are contributing factors to their naturally high self-esteem. However, it may also make them seek out attention and fuel their already substantial egos. "At their worst, Leo can become vain and egotistical," Cindy McKean shares with Bustle. "They will sulk and be sour if they feel like they didn't get enough attention. Some may demand to be the center of attention unapologetically and proclaim they're the best." Leos aren't afraid to put themselves first, but they may come off as selfish or snobby to people who don't share their pride or strong sense of self-worth.

Leos are also a tenacious bunch with strong opinions they aren't shy about sharing. While it's never wrong to voice an opinion or express a personal boundary, Leos tend to take things to a whole other level. Once they've formed an opinion on something they aren't likely to budge on it or consider anyone else's point of view. Leos will also fight tooth and nail to prove they are right out of pure stubbornness. Although these regal lions rarely change their minds and may occasionally fall victim to their own sense of self-worth, it is important to remember that their kindness, generosity, and insatiable thirst for life balance out their less positive traits.