Why You & Your Partner Should Invest In A Date Night Jar To Shake Up Your Love Life

"What do you want to do?" 

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" 

Do you and your partner fall into this cycle of indecision when planning your dates? While going on dates is fun, the planning aspect doesn't always feel that way. It seems easier to come up with date ideas when you first get together, but as time goes on, it feels like you've run out of ideas. If you can relate, a date night jar could definitely help you go on more dates that are anything but boring with your one and only.


A date night jar is a fun, customizable project you can do with your partner to help you choose an idea for spending time together. All you need is a jar, markers, and either some popsicle sticks or pieces of paper to write on and place in the jar. Fill the jar with the things you both love to do together, and maybe add some new things you've been wanting to try. Then, when it's time to decide, you'll have lots of options in store, and you can let the jar choose for you. 

Customize and create memories together

This trend has grown popular on Pinterest and TikTok, with hundreds of couples sharing how they made their own. The best part about the date night jar is that you can make it personal to your relationship. Plus, making one together is a fun little date in itself.


You can color-code the date options and categorize them however you want. For instance, the yellow sticks in the jar can be "outdoor dates," while the green sticks are "at-home dates" If you want to get really creative, you can have a jar for every season, so that weather doesn't get in the way of your fun. Categorize by location: outside, inside, restaurants you like, and new spots you want to try. Price is an important factor when it comes to dates, so maybe you want to categorize by free, affordable, and more expensive dates for when you want to splurge a little.

You can factor in the mood you both are in, as some days you might be feeling more laid back versus the days you're more energized. Or you can take planning into account, dividing the dates by "minimal planning" versus "a lot of planning required." The jar can even work for long-distance couples if you want to plan virtual long-distance dates together when you're apart.


Less stress, more connection

If you've noticed an uneven amount of emotional labor between you and your partner, creating a jar may can create more balance. When one partner does more planning than the other, it can become tiresome and upsetting to know that the other partner isn't putting in the same effort. When you have a lot of options that you both decided together, this eliminates any unwanted tension and indecision.


Going on dates with your partner offers space for connection, romance, and time away from the stress of life. It's a chance to give each other undivided attention, away from phones, work, kids, and household duties. So why not make it easier with a date jar and take the weight off each other's shoulders? Have fun with it, and throw in some things you two have never done before. Doing new things with your partner will freshen up the relationship and strengthen your connection.